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The 2016 Pantone® Color of the Year

Will the maritime-inspired Snorkel Blue take the cake and be named 2016’s Color of the Year? Or maybe the sunny-toned Buttercup? Or maybe we’ll stay in the reddish-hued family with fiery Fiesta. With so many brilliant options, how will Pantone choose just one? We asked some of our gem-savvy folks for their 2016 predictions:

Ramona, CRM & Customer Insights Director

I’ve been pulling for Cerulean Blue to make a comeback since 2014. Snorkel Blue comes close to that vibrant shade. To me, this oceanic blue represents an evolution of blue from the Fall 2015 hue of Biscay Bay and Spring 2015 color – Classic Blue.

pan1 pan2 pan3

Popular colors are a reflection of consumer concerns and ideals.

As a color – blue represents loyalty and stability. It’s a hue that usually rises in favor during election years – generally when people feel things are unstable; they seek colors that reinforce security. Blue is also the color of water and the sky – with recent attacks and acts of violence in the news; blue represents safety, escape, and a connection with the soothing elements of nature. Blue refreshes, revitalizes, and recharges us.

My second pick is Rose Quartz. Evolving from Spring 2015’s Strawberry Ice and Fall’s Cashmere Rose – this dusty pink hue resonates with consumers looking for a sophisticated yet nostalgic color. This pink plays well with other colors and has the ability to create various palettes that appeal to shoppers. Combined with gray hues, it can look urban-chic. When paired with dusky shades of lavender and blue, it reads romantic. Mixed with greens, beiges and tans, the result reflects a naturalistic palette.

 pan4  pan5  pan6

While I’d prefer to sell more Sapphire – the jewelry industry would benefit from either color!

Gary, Gemstone Product Manager

I have a feeling blue will be making a comeback in 2016. Back to basics and blue is the timeless classic. Also, for my second choice is buttercup, a bright youthful look.

 pan7  pan8

Mandy, Gemstone Assistant Product Manager

I’m thinking blue too. Plaid is back and being a teen from the 90’s, you weren’t cool unless you had a black and blue plaid flannel shirt. (And a pair of combat boots.)


Stanley, Diamond and Gemstone VP

I think that all indications, including Pantone’s own trends, point toward a deeper, richer blue. Something more like Classic or Snorkel Blue.

 pan10  pan11

What’s your take on the new king (or queen) of color? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and we’ll keep you posted!





Randi Bourg

Former Staff Writer