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Top-Selling Jewelry Gifts for Men

Discover must-have men’s jewelry styles and trends that are sure to be at the top of anyone’s list.

As we get closer and closer to the peak of this year’s major holiday season, more customers are likely to look to you for all their gifting needs — jewelry trends, inspiration, and pieces that they know their loved ones will adore heading into the New Year and beyond.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a steady trend that continues to gain momentum: men’s and unisex jewelry. More than ever, men are embracing the art of accessorizing with staple pieces that give their overall look a timeless, thoughtful appeal. With Stuller’s curated assortment of the year’s most in-demand styles, you can take advantage of positioning all new men’s fine jewelry, bridal, and watch bands to help customers find the perfect gift (or self-purchase).

Read on as we jump into standout styles and trends that take your men’s jewelry offering to the next level this gifting season.

Fine Jewelry

Layering, stacking, mixing, and matching — if your customers are in search of the right accessory for their personal style or a loved one’s, help guide them to a strong variety of men’s fine jewelry designs that can rise to any occasion. From classic and timeless to bolder, accented options, take a look at trending styles that make it easier than ever to find the perfect gift.

Signet Rings

Signet rings are a great option for customers looking for sophistication and personalization when it comes to their jewelry selection. Offer designs that feature engravings, birthstones, and meaningful symbols, or go for all-new lab-grown diamond signet ring styles that shine as their most unique accessory.  


The art of layering is a trend that’s here to stay, and with more than 300 versatile chain styles to choose from, you can build a selection that inspires customers to find their unique set. For limitless opportunities, browse Stuller’s variety of chain by length, style, and metal type.


Pendants have always been a powerful way to express the wearer’s beliefs, passions, or personality. From spiritual symbols to minimalist designs, our pendant collection offers a range of options that allow men to showcase their individuality. Inspire customers to turn pendants into a wearable story with our newest designs.

Wedding Bands

Traditional and Contemporary Styles

From classic wedding bands to modern designs and materials, it’s important to keep in mind the significance of diversifying your bridal and wedding band business — especially for the holiday season. Additionally, today’s customers are looking for a memorable experience when it comes to designing and choosing their pieces, and wedding bands provide the perfect opportunity. Looking for a one-of-a-kind, custom wedding band shopping experience? Show your customers a world of opportunity with Stuller’s interactive Band Builder platform and build their dream wedding band side-by-side with them.

Patterned wedding bands and new inlay designs are also gaining popularity. Try a fresh twist on the traditional wedding band with contemporary metal bands and masculine, wood inlays that provide meaningful and stylish choices for today’s grooms.

Bolder and Brighter Options

For those who prefer something a bit bolder, we offer wedding bands with accented diamonds or lab-grown diamonds for an added touch of luxury and elegance to the occasion.

Watch Bands

A classic accessory for any man on their list, watches can truly make a statement with a wide array of styles, sizes, colors, and textures. With Stuller’s premium watch band selection, customers can choose from bestselling stylish leather bands and durable nylon to stainless steel. Whichever they choose, a new watch band makes for an easy way to add something special to their everyday look.

Pro Tip

If you’re looking to increase foot traffic this season, consider offering watch services alongside your selection. From watch sizing to battery replacement and band adjustments, providing an extra layer of convenience to your customers with in-store services builds trust for a lasting impression.

Your Holiday Business Partner

Whether you’re seeking the latest in-demand styles or classic additions to your offering, Stuller is here to be your ultimate one-stop resource for a hassle-free, successful holiday selling season. We hope today’s top picks in men’s fine jewelry, bridal, and watch bands give you a confident starting point to merchandise gifts your customers will love!

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Claire Lyon

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