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Ten Facts About the 2021-2022 Bridal Catalog

Bridal 2021-2022 is the greatest companion for your bridal business.

Stuller is excited to release Bridal 2021-2022 — an all-in-one resource for helping each couple start the next chapter of their love story. Within its pages, you can find everything from engagement rings to wedding bands covering styles from classic to contemporary. Our hope is that this 792-page catalog is a jeweler’s go-to source for bridal products. 

Rescheduled Dreams Are Coming True 

At the beginning of 2021, we proclaimed this year to be Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™. We did this in preparation for the increase in activity we knew the wedding industry would be experiencing this year. With couples finally getting the chance to say “I do” after a year of the unexpected, Stuller stands proud to be your bridal business partner. 

We look forward to helping you grow your business and helping couples have their rescheduled dreams come true using the contents of Bridal 2021-2022

Catalog Highlights 

With so many exciting things coming your way in this new catalog, we wanted to give you insider information on what to expect. Here are ten facts about Bridal 2021-2022 to keep in mind when using your catalog.

  1. This is the first bridal catalog to be released since 2018. It features a reduced page count, enhanced education materials, and updated visual imagery. 
  1. More than 800 NEW series are featured, making up 34% of the catalog. 
  1. Bridal 2021-2022 offers a wide selection of on-trend, diamond-accented engagement rings. See pages 321-524. 
  1. Look for 3C badges throughout this catalog to identify items that can be easily and quickly customized with their flexible designs. 
  1. Semi-set engagement rings and fully set eternity and anniversary bands — set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds — feature exceptional quality at a value consumers will appreciate. See pages 553 and 662. 
  1. ever&ever® is a complete bridal program featuring high-quality, customizable prototype rings — each a flexible 3C design. Learn more on page 88. 
  1. Keep an eye out for this popular trend! Celtic-inspired designs are increasing in popularity in bridal design. These can be found on pages 51, 370-371, 686, 733, 735, 745, and 751. 
  1. For the groom, Stuller offers a variety of classic wedding bands with many personalized options. See pages 710-730. 
  1. DID YOU KNOW? This is the first catalog to feature tantalum, which is durable, strong, crack resistant, and the only contemporary metal with the ability to add a custom finish. See page 763. 
  1. Fun Fact: According to a survey from The Knot, the average amount spent on an engagement ring in the United States is $5,500.

You can view digital PDFs from the catalog at

Send Us Your Selfie 

stuller bridal selfie contest

To celebrate the launch of Bridal 2021-2022, we are giving away a $1,000 Stuller account credit for use on any of our bridal products. The prize will be awarded to a randomly chosen customer who has posted a selfie of themselves with their bridal catalog on Facebook or Instagram and has an account in good standing. We will announce the winner on August 2, 2021 in Stuller’s Instagram stories (@stullerinc). 

To enter: 

  1. Take a selfie or group selfie with your copy of Bridal 2021-2022
  1. From July 16 to July 30, submit your entry by posting the photo to Facebook or Instagram using #YearOfTheWedding or by sending the picture to

Click here to view the official contest rules.

Happy Selling!


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