5 Looks to Love From the 2020 CMA Awards

Last night’s Country Music Association Awards was truly one for the books and proved to be a star-studded close of the 2020 award season. Held in Nashville’s Music City Center, this year’s CMA’s stood out against other award shows this year because it is the only award show to be held mostly in person. Although with a substantially reduced and intimate audience, the show gave a feeling of almost normality with show-stopping performances, live applause, and stunning looks.

This year’s attendees definitely dressed up for the occasion and inspired us with how they chose to accessorize. Let’s take a look at our top 5 favorite pieces from this year’s CMA’s and find Stuller products that can help recreate these fashion statements.

Reba McEntire’s Hoop Earrings

Reba McEntire CMA Awards 2020
Photo by ABC | US Magazine

A seasoned CMA awards host and a legendary performer, Reba naturally knows how to capture attention when she enters the room. From her tribute performance with co-host Darius Rucker to her multiple fashion ensembles, Reba certainly left her mark on us. One of her prominent accessories we loved was her golden hoops she paired with her unique and stunning beaded black collared dress. Just like Reba, they are classy, yet stated.

Grab attention like Reba with a pair of inside-outside hinged hoop earrings (61378).

Maren Morris’s Ring Stack

Maren Morris CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Terry Wyatt with Getty Images | Billboard.com

Maren Morris was the big winner at last night’s CMA awards taking home Single of the Year, Song of the Year, and Female Vocalist of the Year. As a new mom, she was certainly eager to finally be out of the house and dressed to impress – and we loved it! What caught our attention was her glittering dress she wore while performing her award-winning song “The Bones.” Complementing the dress was an excellent selection of stackable rings.

Be bold like Maren and add to your stackable collection. Make a statement with an accented stackable ring (124453) or choose a more subtle diamond stackable ring (653716).

Justin Bieber’s Gold Watch Band

Justin Bieber CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Dustin Downing/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock | People Magazine

Country music is not the first genre of choice when you think of Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, he was nominated for three CMA awards for his collaboration with artists Dan + Shay on their hit song “10,000 Hours.” While not in attendance for the in-person award show, the trio performed from the Hollywood Bowl to no audience. The performance was phenomenal, and we are glad they could make it. Bieber dressed up his normal casual urban streetwear with high waisted dress pants and a gold watch. We loved this look because it is a perfect example of trending fashion among the younger generation.

Accessorize like Justin Bieber with an extremely cost-effective spring-end adjustable link watch band (59-0103).

Carly Pearce’s Emerald Drop Earrings

Carly Pearce CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Jamie Schramm/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock | US Magazine

Recipient of Music Event of the Year for her song “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” Carly Pearce showed up ready to make an impression. In a floor-length green dress with a slit up to the thigh, she accessorized with a matching pair of emerald drop earrings. She said she styled that look with her mom, which definitely warmed our hearts.

Experience blissful happiness like Carly Pearce with a round bar earring mounting (22137) set with emeralds or your gemstone of choice.

Ingrid Andress’ Matching Necklace and Bracelet

Ingrid Andress CMA Awards 2020
Photo by ABC | US Magazine

CMA performer Ingrid Andress brought us and herself to tears performing her song “More Hearts Than Mine.” But it was actually her red-carpet look that caught our attention first. Sporting a deconstructed Tom Ford suit, she paired it with matching diamond necklace and bracelet. These pieces truly pulled her outfit together.

Add a piece that could bring someone to tears like Ingrid Andress with a diamond necklace (68226) and matching diamond line bracelet (BRC445).

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Watches provide the wearer with versatility and adaptability when it comes to today’s fashion accessories. Your customers keep these products in high demand and we gladly provide a helping hand in meeting that demand.

watch bands, tools, and batteries brochure

We are happy to save you time with Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries — our first comprehensive brochure of everything you need to provide excellent care and service for your customers. Complete with eye-catching and detailed photographs as well as an easy-to-use design, Watch Bands, Tools, and Batteries is the only resource you need for a versatile inventory to fit every need.

To give you a sneak peek at everything this brochure has to offer, enjoy these highlights of the latest additions.

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Leather Watch Bands

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Mesh metal bands are a rising trend for both regular and smart watches. These sleek and modern styles are perfect for the young contemporary in both casual and professional fashion. With so many consumers having multiple watches for work and play, these mesh metal bands work great for watches of all occasions. See pages 25 and 32 for our offerings on this very popular item available in rose, stainless and black. 

Metal Watch Bands

Think Smart with Smart Watch Bands and Adapters

Smart watches are definitely on the rise and your customers will want options when it comes to look and feel. With an adapter, the smart watch band can become a statement of personality and taste with limitless options. This trend connects with the idea of providing the customer with a unique piece fit for them. You can enjoy our plethora of options on pages 32-35.

Smart Watch Bands

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Made of a breathable nylon material, NATO® watch bands should catch the eye of the active and sporty customer. Recently, we’ve expanded our line of these versatile watch bands to include styles in basic neutral tones that can go with any fashion choice. Featured on pages 30 and 31, your customers will enjoy the new variety being offered in these highly sought-after watch bands.

NATO Watch Bands

Other than new trends and an updated look, you’ll continue to find everything you need when it comes to watch repair tools and battery kits. We hope you enjoy this new direction of our watch bands, tools, and batteries and look forward to providing you nothing but the best.

The Not-So-Simple Guide to Buying Stylish Jewelry for Men

Stylish Jewelry For Men Blog Header

Gone are the days where a man’s jewelry selection is limited to a single wedding band and nothing more. Your customers may have heard that jewelry isn’t really a guy’s thing. Well that, my friends, is nonsense. Vikings wore jewelry. Kings wore jewelry. In fact, pretty much every significant man in history wore silver and gold. So don’t let naysayers be a discouragement. Guys wearing gold is a tell-tale sign of a confident, distinguished, well-dressed male.

Strangely enough, when it comes to stylish jewelry for men, the only rule is that there are no rules. So rock that right-hand ring like a grizzly guy. From fathers to bachelors, from hipsters to old-timers and everyone in between, men should never feel out of place while wearing their favorite piece of jewelry. Heed my fashion advice below if you will, but also take it with a grain of salt. Because after all, fashion rules are made to be broken.

Stylish Jewelry For Men Watch Two-Tone Band

Here are a few tips on how to sport stylish jewelry for men


Watch Out!

Going on an interview? Wear a watch. Have important meetings scheduled for the day? Wear a watch. Wondering how much longer until lunchtime? Check your watch. From nobles to shipmates to railroad conductors, timepieces are essential accessories for guys on the go. Watches are an ideal entry-level way to incorporate stylish jewelry into any wardrobe.

Try This:

Collect multiple watches. Wear a smartwatch for daytime activities. These puppies will track your exercise and wellness while keeping you in touch with your emails, texts, and important calls. Adding a SmartWatch Adapter to multiple watchbands lets you swap between different color and textured watchbands. Also, every guy needs a classic chronograph counterpart. Wear a traditional analog watch with a suave cowhide band on dinner dates and nights on the town.

Steer Clear:

One minute you’re checking your phone for the time, and an hour later you’re stuck scrolling through Facebook. Stop looking at your phone for the time! Get in the habit of wearing a watch like the real gentleman you are. And large-faced watches are out. Try wearing a low-profile, sleek watch; it takes a big man to wear a small watch.

Join the Chain Gang

Chains are the quintessential stylish jewelry choice for men. In fact, you probably already own one or two. They look great with a t-shirt and jeans, as well as button-down shirts and slacks. Silver is fine, but you should own a yellow gold chain too. There’s something about yellow gold jewelry that drives the ladies crazy.

Stylish Jewelry For Men Chains


Try This:

Keep a staple chain in your neckwear collection. Find what works best for you and wear the heck out of it! Add a standout pendant that holds meaning to you, whether it’s a cross, engraved dog tag, or unique token. Then, try wearing that necklace over your necktie to your next formal event—you’ll surely turn heads (in a good way).

Steer Clear:

Stacking chains are perfectly fine, but keep it simple Mr. T. I pity the fool who overdoes their chain game with too many chains stacked around their neck. And remember, the larger the pendant, the more gall it takes to pull it off. Maybe skip those gaudy pave’ neckpieces unless you’re scheduled to star in a music video.

‘Sup with Signet Rings

Signet rings are hugely popular right now. Celebs like Nick Jonas and Donald Glover are wearing signet rings left and right on the red carpet lately. These rings look great with decorative stamping, diamond and gemstone accents, engraved initials, or just plain with a special finish.

Try This:

Hear me out— signet rings work great as pinky rings. Sure, it’s an unconventional move. But it’ll be the first thing people notice when they meet you. So own it—go big or go home!

Steer Clear:

This rule is easily contested, but I suggest no more than two rings on the same hand at once (unless you’re stacking them—then maybe three rings on the same hand, max).

Try Texture

For thousands of years, we’ve treasured silver and gold for their beauty and rarity. And the enduring value of these precious metals further enhances their appeal. Go beyond the simple wedding band by trying these rings that celebrate metal’s texture, form, and finish.

Try This:

The top-left piece is a sterling silver cuff. This bracelet is a manly choice whose silver finish will patinate beautifully over time. Don’t be afraid to stack these rings too.

Stylish Jewelry For Men Texture Ring

Shop Stylish Jewelry for Men on Stuller.com

What type of stylish jewelry for men is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Then, tag us in your favorite pieces on FacebookInstagramPinterest!

Wow Your Customers With These Watch Polishing Tips

Watch Polishing Tips Blog Header

“Wow! My watch looks great!”


Don’t you just love to hear those words from your customer after you deliver their watch repair? A customer’s first impression of the services you’ve rendered often sets the tone for the rest of the season. A great looking polished and refined case and band seems to validate the cost of your customer’s watch repair. After all, the exterior of the watch is all your customer gets to see. So in turn, your customers ultimately determine the acceptability of your work by its final exterior appearance.

Of course, it’s most important that all technical aspects of the watch movement are correct. After all, a great looking case and band will not cover up poor technical workmanship. On the other hand, however, a precisely performed watch repair installed in an unpolished or dirty case makes the entire job appear halfway done.

Here’s how to light your customers’ eyes with these simple watch polishing tips—


Watch Polishing Tips Beau Allain Headshot

Meet Beau Allain —Certified Watch Repairman

Beau Allain’s Top Watch Polishing Tips

Remember, plated cases need to be cleaned in the ultrasonic and not buffed or polished. Here are a few of Beau’s top watch polishing tips—

  • Keep in mind that you never want to over polish. It affects the look of the watch, and you can’t undo it.
  • Before polishing a two-tone watch, determine if it’s plated otherwise you’ll polish off the gold plating. A high end, two-tone watch will be stainless and gold — either 14K or 18K — eliminating this concern.
  • I like to polish with a 11/2” muslin buff (17-6431). It has good tension and the width means I can apply the polish with one side, then remove the polish with the other side without changing buffs.
  • When you’re polishing a satin band, I like to start with a lower micron buff, then come back with a Bergeron Satin Wheel (17-8743).

Watch Polishing Tips Shawn Albert Headshot

Meet Shawn Albert — Tools Product Manager, Stuller

Shawn Albert’s Watch Polishing Tips

Keep it Crystal Clear

As a final thought, we find that people who do the best jobs in their professions do the little extra things better than anyone else. So here is an often-overlooked detail. How about the scratches on the watch crystal? Many times that part of the watch is neglected. And, after all, it is the place we look to actually see the time. Do you polish the crystal? It is the extra touch you can give to make the customer’s first impression one they will remember and tell their friends about. Try the Crystal-Kleer (Re-New-All) Plastic Renewer (47-3100) and the PolyWatch Scratch Remover (64-5100) as good scratch removers for all of those plastic crystals.

Using Merard Watch Masking Tape

Here’s a quick step-by-step for a smooth watch polishing process

watch polishing tips tools needed

Tools needed: 47-323134-2242 • 47-3225

watch polishing tips 3mm masking tape

Mask areas on the watch you don’t want polished

watch polishing tips buffing

Put that high luster finish on metal bands and cases

watch polishing tips difference polish left right side

Notice the polished (right) vs. unpolished (left) links

watch polishing tips wrist try on

Take that extra time that your competitors don’t with these watch polishing tips to make those cases, bands, and crystals pop! Then, you’ll be pleased when you hear your customer say, “Wow! My watch looks great!”

La idea para mostrar correas de reloj que debe usar hoy!

Parece increíble, pero ya casi es tiempo de que los niños digan adiós al verano y hola a un nuevo año escolar. Llega la hora de cambiar bicicletas por  libros y Candy Crush por calculadoras.

Pero sabe, envidio un poco a los niños. Ahora, me encantaría regresar a la escuela y aprender todas las cosas pequeñas y grandes que me falto aprender. Y si usted es como yo, entonces usted siempre está aprendiendo cosas nuevas. Con esto en mente, hemos creado una serie de videos que estamos llamando Stuller Hacks. Estos son simples ideas que usted puede incorporar en su tienda o en su mesa de joyero – justo a tiempo para el nuevo año escolar.

missing image

En este video, les enseñaré una manera creativa para mostrar las correas de reloj de una manera visualmente atractiva.




Pero ustedes son los verdaderos expertos; díganos algunas ideas creativas que tenga. Publíquelas en la sección de comentarios o envíenos un tweet usando #stullerhacks.

The Merchandising Idea You Should Employ Today

Alas, it’s nearly time for the kiddies to say farewell to summer and hello to a new school year. Time to trade the bicycles for books and Candy Crush for calculators. Sigh.

But, you know, I kind of envy kids a little bit. Right now, I’d love to go back to school and bone up on all the little (and big) things I missed. And if you’re anything like me, you’re a lifelong learner, too. With that in mind, we’ve created a series of videos we’re calling Stuller Hacks. These are simple ideas you can incorporate in your showroom or at your bench – just in time for back to school.

missing image


In today’s Stullerhack, I’ll show you a merchandising technique that’ll have your customers looking twice.