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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Good Luck Jewelry

Channel good vibes with these tokens of good fortune

We all know emotion plays a major role in buying jewelry. We see the beauty and we want it. Yet sometimes we need an extra impetus to buy. For instance, simply hearing about a gem’s power can tip the scales to make the purchase. Sometimes good luck is the charm read more…

Claim your love with Claddagh Ring

Claim Your Love With A Claddagh Ring

How to wear this Irish emblem of romantic identity

Legend Has It With St. Patty’s Day so near, let’s look at an Irish jewelry tradition — the Claddagh Ring. It traces its humble origin to Claddagh, a small sea-faring village in western Ireland. Said to be the oldest fishing community on the island, Claddagh sits on the banks of read more…

Saint Patrick and His Jewelers

How Patrick and His Holy Metalsmiths Spread Christianity In Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Day means vastly different things to different people. For many of us here in the U.S., it’s Saint Paddy’s, a wild, Guinness-infused romp—a sort of Irish-American mini-Mardi Gras. For the more devout, it’s The Feast of Saint Patrick, a day of reverence and churchgoing. But isn’t it time read more…

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Saint Patrick and the Luck o’ the Irish

Why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns, clovers, parades, food, beer, and even green fountains — these are just some of the things that come to mind when you think St. Patrick’s Day. But what’s the story behind the day we celebrate on the 17th of March every year? Who is Saint Patrick and what made read more…