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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Good Luck Jewelry

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Channel good vibes with these tokens of good fortune

We all know emotion plays a major role in buying jewelry. We see the beauty and we want it. Yet sometimes we need an extra impetus to buy. For instance, simply hearing about a gem’s power can tip the scales to make the purchase. Sometimes good luck is the charm that makes a sale. From lucky wishbones to evil eye jewelry and celestial symbols, good luck jewelry isn’t hard to find. When we wear these symbolic tokens, we channel the good fortune long associated with them, and in turn, we feel better about ourselves.

So maybe good luck jewelry does have special powers. Or perhaps, the good luck was there all along. Perhaps jewelry just brings out the best in its wearer!


Suggest these options for those seeking good luck jewelry–

Estate Jewelry

We reached out to the Jewelers Helping Jewelers community and heard from Megan Sherrer Neel from Lou’s Jewelry who kindly shared her story of good fortune:

“I know it’s not a traditional good luck charm, but I saved an old (really beat up) hand-engraved wedding band from going to the melter MANY years ago. It was an older lady’s and her son was selling most of her jewelry for scrap to pay her estate bills. He told the story of how she wore it for 60 years of marriage. I had it cleaned up and started wearing it stacked with my wedding set. Over the years, it’s been my little good luck charm for big sales, like closing on several 2-3 carat diamonds, untreated sapphires, and lots of colorful pieces. It’s not the traditional good luck jewelry charm, but it sure helps me out!”

Good Luck Jewelry Megan Sherrer Neel
As you can see, the band is worn and has been loved so much — that’s what I call wear!

Keep Bad Spirits Away

Evil eye jewelry is worn to ward off the malicious evil eyes of onlookers who cast their ill intentions. The eye offers protection and good luck, too. Turquoise supposedly protects against the evil eye as well. Even the hamsa hand symbolizes protection and enlightenment, helping to center perspective and calm the spirit. Invite positive vibes with this trendy good luck jewelry.

Lucky Jewelry Charms

Good Luck Gemstones

Good Luck Jewelry EmeraldsEmerald

The Irish have always had a special relationship to emerald. After all, Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle.” They believed emerald bestowed good luck and perhaps a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Choose this stone to make the most incredible good luck jewelry statement.

Good Luck Jewelry tigereyeTigereye

Tigereye’s golden warmth and rich luster are prized by those who seek the mysterious and unusual in their jewelry. Worn by both men and women, many believe this gem can protect its owner from harm and bolster clearer thinking.

Good Luck Jewelry CitrineCitrine

Also dubbed the “merchant stone,” we attribute many gifts to citrine. Some claim it protects against a variety of evils — from snake venom to wicked thoughts. Others say citrine promotes creativity and enhances personal clarity. Sounds like an ideal choice for good luck jewelry to me!


How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s day this year? Let us know in the comments down below! Ever wondered why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Learn here!

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