What’s the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

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The bride-to-be in your store has probably been planning her special day for a while now — perhaps even since she was a young girl. More often than not, she has a good idea of
the type of engagement ring she’s going after. She’ll bring along clippings from a magazine or share styles she’s pinned on Pinterest; heck, maybe she even has a sketch drawn on a napkin. No matter the case, ring shopping is usually primarily focused on the lady-in-waiting.

Best metal for men's wedding bands

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What About Those Disengaged Dudes?

Yet we know that most of the time, her beau hasn’t put much thought into his wedding band. Some dudes are completely uninterested in rings, and most are just unaware of the options available. There are all kinds, from the guy who’s eager to discuss each decision along the way, to the disengaged dude sitting in the corner with folded arms, staring off into space. Good news! The latter presents an opportunity for you, the trusted jeweler, to engage the groom-to-be and involve him in his very own ring selection. Inform him of all the choices when choosing his band. After all, he’ll be sporting it for the long run. 

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Get To Know The Guy

Each ring comes with its own pros and cons. Determining the best metal for men’s wedding bands starts with understanding his lifestyle. Consider what he does for a living. For example, some companies require their employees to wear tungsten bands because of the metal’s potential for fracturing under extreme pressure. Also, if working with electricity, he may want to steer clear of metals that have conductive properties, opting for a ceramic or stainless steel instead.

Also, ask him about what he does in his spare time. If he works on cars, steer him away from soft, precious metals like gold and silver and go for a stronger metal that is resistant to scratching. A swimmer may need a metal that can withstand harsh chemicals, like chlorine. Precious metals may be a strong fit for a coin collector who treasures value and rarity. An avid hunter should avoid a band with a bright polished finish which could reflect sunlight and scare away the game.

Best metal for men's wedding bands

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What’s His Style?

His wedding band is not only an expression of marital commitment but also an expression of himself. Urge the guy to choose a band that reflects his style. He may choose a classic band profile like half-round or comfort-fit, or he may prefer a more modern look like two-tone or hand-engraved. If he’s interested in personalizing his precious metal band, consider engraving the band for a unique touch. He may choose to add a special message or scripture verse in a brawny font or even in his own custom handwriting.

There are plenty of opportunities to engage the guy in the ring buying process. Remember, following the initial engagement ring sale, there are two more subsequent rings to be sold: the bride’s and groom’s bands. Even more important than any sale, however, is the opportunity to get to know your customer and build a lasting relationship with the happy couple. Take the time to create patrons who’ll turn to you for years to come.

Best metal for men's wedding bands

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So what’s the best metal for men’s wedding bands?

Well, it depends on the guy. Does he want precious or contemporary metal? Is he more interested in rarity and value or durability? Which band profile does he want? Engraving? Finishes? Get to know your guy, then walk him through the process to create his personalized band. Use the handout below to help your groom-to-be determine the best metal for men’s wedding bands.

DOWNLOAD this guide when determining the best metal for men’s wedding bands

Distribute this handout to the dudes that come into your store. Let them know they have the power to pick the band that perfectly represents their style. And let him take the reigns in determining the best metal for men’s wedding bands.

The Poll Results Are In!

You asked for it

Our latest blog poll asked what you’d like to read about next and the results are in. Visual merchandising speaks to your customers without using words. It starts with capturing your customers’ senses from the moment they enter your store. When done right, it can be the best salesperson on your team. Below are a few suggestions to help create an ambient winter wonderland within your store for the holidays.


The weather outside is frightful

Create a cozy and inviting showroom floor that welcomes your customers from the grips of the cold into the warmth of your store. Evoke their senses by adding holiday sights, sounds, and smells. Holiday scented candles and fragrances like warm sugar cookie or fresh apple cinnamon are sure to make your customers feel right at home. Soft traditional music and holiday videos create an familiar, inviting space for your customers.

Simple floral trimmings add life to a room and make for great holiday decor. Dark evergreen, deep red poinsettias, and textured ribbon add the perfect touch. Try adding woody affects like winter wreaths, pine cones, spray-painted tree branches, and rustic wood slices to give your displays a lively appeal. Then, you can easily swap out these accents after the new year for a brand new look.



Reuse and repurpose

If you’re like me, I’m sure you have no shortage of Christmas decorations lying around your home. The simplest way to set the scene in your store is to repurpose those old decorations. Old, faded, or chipped adornments from years past can be repainted in silver or gold as an inexpensive alternative that looks fabulous. Ornament balls, reindeer, and holiday candles make great decor to place in your cases for a festive touch. Empty jewelry boxes can be wrapped to look just like gifts waiting to be given to that special someone.


The finishing touch

Make the holiday shopping experience complete by putting the finishing touches on your customers’ purchases. Wrapping up their purchases can save your customers time, which they will greatly appreciate. So be sure to take that extra step. Stuller helps to make wrapping a cinch with jeweler’s rolls of gift wrap. Don’t forget to coordinate with elastic bows.

After your customer has chosen his perfect piece, follow with add-ons to enhance your customer’s overall experience. Our Klean Karats® Care Center features everything your customers need to keep their new purchase in top shape, until they come to see you again. It is available in fine, gentle, silver, and natural. The care center comes with cleaner, cloths, and our best-selling ring remover. Read more about which jewelry cleaner is best for you here.


Customize your showcase

Another way to introduce pops of color and emphasis to your showroom floor is through your product displays. Choose to accent your cases with key elements such as neck forms or earring stands. Neck forms are versatile, having two angles to accommodate both neckwear and bracelets. And as always, mixing the texture of your accents allows for depth and variety in your case displays.

A few of our favorite accent colors his holiday season:


Aubergine – A sparkling deep berry

Moon Glow – A glowing, snowy white

Spectrum – An enchanting wintry blue

Pecan Shell – An elegantly warm gold


Design your cases to carry you through the holiday season and past Valentine’s day. Rather than traditional red and green, opt for silver and gold accents. Choose jewelry boxes, ribbon, and tissue that can be dynamic and will blend into the next selling season. Displays in moon glow and pecan shell are versatile and can provide that perfect wintry feel, while still showing their style well into Valentine’s Day and beyond. Allow your décor to bleed from one season to the next, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on more important things, your customers.


Sign here

Make holiday shopping efficient by adding signage to your cases. This creates a distinction  by calling out product trends, such as engravables, two-stone designs, or stackables. You can also use signage to group products by price point. This will help your customers, as well as sales associates, find the perfect match, especially when looking for ideally priced gifts.


Arrange your products in a way that is easily navigable to make shopping a breeze. Separate your products by assigning each type to its own case located in different areas of your store. Grouping by ensembles will give you the power to cross-sell to your customers. By displaying coordinated combinations like a ring, necklace, and earrings, it’s easy to visualize just how great pieces look when worn together, fueling the desire for more jewelry. Groups of three are visually pleasing and are easy on your customer’s eye. Be sure to use risers to elevate your most popular styles, enhancing their focus and drawing your customers to the featured product of your choosing.


Loosen up

For a unique shopping experience, display a few diamonds and gemstones in your case using gem jars or loose stone towers. This builds a visual aspect and allows the customer to see the stone in detail and pair it with a mounting of her choosing. It also gives an opportunity for upselling, where your customer may buy an aquamarine ring today with the opportunity to replace the center stone with a sapphire or diamond later down the road.

Also, create an interaction with your guests and sell your stones with a story. Presenting loose gems to your customers opens an opportunity to sell with emotion. While handling diamonds and gemstones may become very routine for you, this might be the first time your customer has seen or held such a rare and precious treasure. A skilled presentation of the gem will intensify your customer’s desire to own one and will create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.


How do you attract customers through visual merchandising in your store? Let us know in the comments below!

Sell With A Story: Blue Zircon

December’s birthstone combines a gorgeous green blue color with a fiery brilliance akin to diamond. In fact for centuries, people confused colorless zircon with diamond. Today, unfortunately, many consumers think zircon is the same as lab-grown cubic zirconia. This error keeps them from enjoying zircon’s sparkling beauty. We offer hand-selected Black Box Gemstones® zircon and calibrated zircon in the shapes, sizes and shades you need to celebrate December birthdays and for any customer drawn to this teal hued beauty.


Aging gracefully

14kt Rose 8x6mm Oval Pendant Mounting for GemstoneHow long has zircon been around? For jewelry purposes, we can date it back to the Middle Ages and earlier. But zircon’s physical history stretches back beyond imagination, quite literally, billions of years. We know because in February 2014, an electric blue grain of zircon, no larger than a grain of sand, was found in the Jack Hills of Western Australia. Careful testing revealed that this tiny zircon dated back 4.4 billion years, making it the oldest mineral on the planet.

Way back when

Zircon crystallized from the boiling magma that characterized earth’s Hadean Eon or “hell time”, when our planet was only 165 million years old. In the midst of heat and chaos, some zircon crystals had the good fortune to capture a tiny few atoms of uranium-238, a radioactive element.

Enter U-238

missing imageUnder normal circumstances, we estimate the age of historically significant objects with
carbon dating. Alas, it can only measure 70,000 years into the past. With uranium-238, we enter a vast ancient realm. We know that half of uranium-238 atoms decay into lead after 4.47 billion years. To date the Australian grain of zircon, scientists measured the number of lead atoms versus the uranium-238 atoms. If they are equal, we can set the age at 4.47 billion years. It there are very slightly more uranium atoms than lead in zircon, we can date it to 4.4 billion years. Talk about aging beautifully.

A slight digression: Zircon and diamond

Colorless zircon looks more like diamond than any other natural gemstone. And zircon is denser/heavier than diamond meaning a one-carat zircon is smaller than a one-carat diamond. Zircon’s impressive dispersion of .039 is very close to diamond’s dispersion of .044. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get back to blue zircon!

 Top Shade
14kt White 2mm Round Eternity Band Mounting Size 7At its purest, zircon is colorless. But with impurities other colors emerge: a yellowish brown, orange, red, and very rarely in green and blue. Since blue remains the most popular color, more had to be created. As often happens with gemstones, heating proved to be the solution. It transformed brown zircon into blue zircon. However, not just any brown zircon will do. South East Asia is rich with the right balance of impurities to yield blue zircon.

Does it make the cut?

missing imageZircon has high birefringence so cutters must orient the table to the optic axis. If not, zircon’s natural facet image doubling will make its interior appear “fuzzy.” Round zircon is often given a “zircon cut,” a brilliant cut with an extra row of facets on the edge for greater brilliance.

Stone of Virtue

Zircon is endowed with some incredible powers of self-improvement. Its abilities are so good, it has been called a “stone of virtue” and so it seems to be.

Zircon can —

  • zirconReestablish or realign our ethics and morals with universal truths.
  • Enhance innocence, purity, and constancy.
  • Promote unions of the mind, body, spirit, or emotion.
  • Attract love.
  • Increase stamina and perseverance.
  • Secures safe passage and friendly welcome for travelers.
  • Heal injuries and sooth pain.

December birthdays can’t keep all this goodness to themselves. Every customer deserves these gifts!

Get Schooled

In honor of last week’s Schoolhouse Rocks Week, which featured semi-precious stones, we wanted to school you on some of the unique stories out there about some of those gems. Could be folklore, could be myth, could be true, but that fact is that everyone loves a good story. And, you never know, mentioning one of these could be the tipping point to closing a sale.


missing imageFound in Tanzania just thirty short years ago, this stone is one of the newest additions to the birthstone calendar. It has been said that this gem was discovered when a strike of lighting caught a field on fire. As the fire died down cattle herders noticed that the zoiscite crystals that were once brown now had a deep blue/purple tone.



missing imageIn our popular “Sell with a Story” series, Elizabeth writes of aquamarine: “During the 1980s when Russia and Afghanistan were at war, aquamarine prospectors would locate a good site and erect tents over it. The Russians would bomb the site, thereby saving the miners weeks of digging. How’s that for ingenuity at work?”



missing imageOn our Facebook page this stone was labeled most versatile because of its color-changing capabilities. Legend has it that Vikings used this stone as a mariner tool on their long journeys. Because of its properties they were able to tell by its shifting color exactly where the sun was located.




Cleopatra conjures up so many images: beauty, royalty, power, promiscuity, but it’s her missing imagelove of jewels stands out most. History has led us to believe that among all the jewels the Egyptian ruler loved, she treasured emeralds the most. Knowing this, visitors and suitors to the queen would gift her with what they thought were emeralds, but time has told us that, in fact, the gems were the illustrious green peridot.



Marrying Millennials

You know a demographic is just too big to be ignored when pro football teams start catering to it. This year, the San Francisco 49ers have begun tackling the challenge of coaching their newest recruits, Millennials, the generation of 18- to 34-year olds taking the world by storm. As a retailer, you need to take a play from the 49ers’ playbook and think about ways you can reach Gen Y. And we’re here to help. Last month, we shared five tips for getting Millennials in your store. Today, we’ll tell you how Ever&Ever, Stuller’s newest bridal offering, appeals to this high-spending group.


Millennials represent our present and our future, but this generation loves styles that hearken back to the past. Rather than asking granny to hand over her engagement ring, though, prospective grooms are looking for new rings with vintage looks that can be customized to meet their exact specifications. Ever&Ever offers an assortment of traditional styles that fit the bill.


Of course, young brides aren’t completely eschewing on-trend styles. Just as many want engagement rings that reflect the new and popular. Morgan Bares, Stuller’s Bridal Product Manager, explains, “The two-tone look is definitely in right now; we’ve seen it at all the major shows and all over Hollywood. New brides like the idea of mixing and matching metals to create something completely unique.” Fortunately, Ever&Ever offers the two-tone look that many contemporary brides are choosing.



No matter which style they choose as a starting point, Millennials aren’t content to buy off the shelf. They want an engagement ring that reflects their uniqueness. This is a generation that cares deeply about social issues, but it’s also the generation that made “selfie” the Oxford Dictionaries’ 2013 Word of the Year. Critics call selfies narcissistic; fans call it authentic. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying that Millennials have a clearly defined sense of self that they want to see displayed in their purchases.

That’s why customization is a must for this crowd. Ever&Ever offers 122 flexible 3C styles, each one representing 1,000 unique styles that you can create on Stuller.com. For the couple wanting even more than options than even Stuller.com can provide, these rings can be further modified with CounterSketch Studio® or through our CAD/CAM department. With a few clicks of a mouse, your Millennial couple will be taking a selfie with their newly customized engagement ring.

Social Media

But what good is a selfie without a way to share it with the world? Millennials are the most connected generation in history. They share the noodle bowl they ate for lunch on Instagram. They share vacation photos on Facebook. They pin e-cards on Pinterest. Of course they want to share this most momentous occasion with everyone they know. Ever&Ever shares pictures through their Instagram and Facebook accounts and encourages Ever&Ever brides to do the same.


With all the benefits of Ever&Ever and a complete package of consumer marketing materials, including ads, billboards, social media posts, emails, poster images and more, you’ll reach this key demographic in a whole new way.

What are Millennials buying in your store? How do you appeal to their preferences? Share your experiences in the comments section.

Get Millennials in Your Door Today

You know that the Millennials, sometimes called Gen Y, are an up-and-coming – and high-spending! – age group. These 86 million 18- to 34-year olds account for $1.3 trillion of consumer spending each year1. Yes, that’s trillion with a t! You also know you have to find ways to reach these guys, but trying to reach a generation that seems to never look up from their cell phones can be intimidating. Never fear: We’ve got five tips to help you reach Millennials in meaningful ways.

1. Look around. Check out other popular non-jewelry retailers who are attracting Millennials and see what ideas might work in your store. Are they hosting social events after store hours? Are they revamping their look? Are they posting new products and deals on social media like Facebook and Twitter? Yes? Then do it, too! Find a non-jewelry retailer who’s doing something new and follow suit. You’ll see new traffic and more sales.

2. Embrace technology. It’s here to stay. And Millennials expect to see it everywhere. Get on board by offering your customers technology-driven experiences. Stuller Showcase is a free tool that allows your customer to see and modify designs while getting real-time price information with your retail markup. CounterSketch Studio allows your customers to customize jewelry with a sales associate on your sales floor. Both are powerful tools that reach a demographic expecting both transparency and personalization.

3. Change your look. Is your store appealing to Millennial customers? Can they come in and “play” with the jewelry? Can they see the craftsmen at the bench? Can they interact with the technology? We know that Millennials don’t just want to shop; they want an experience. With fresh eyes examine your store. Do you have any of the touch points listed above in your store? If not, pick one of them as a starting point.

4. Establish trust. Forty-two percent of consumers would rather purchase their engagement ring from an independent jeweler. There is a trust factor with an independent jeweler, after all, and Millennials, especially, are more interested in a relationship than a brand2. And it’s Millennials who are getting married in droves right now. Are you capturing your slice of that $11 billion bridal-jewelry pie?3 Reassess your bridal offering to ensure that it’s current enough to appeal to their unique tastes and flexible enough to meet their need for personalization. Consider Stuller’s 3C designs or CounterSketch technology that will allow your customers to customize their rings.

5. Show you care, too. Millennials care. They care a lot4. About sustainability, about social causes, about their local communities. Show them you care, too. Start by selling sustainable and ethically sourced products. Use social media to tell them about your commitment to earth-friendly jewelry. Support causes that are important to you and to them by holding fund-raisers and selling products that matter. And develop relationships with other local retailers. Show the work of area artists in your store, use the local caterer for your after-hours socials, and provide treats from your local bakery. It’s a win-win situation: By supporting other retailers, they’ll support you. And you’ll both be reaching those Millennials who care about their community.

Millennials really aren’t the scary demographic you think. With a few simple changes, you can connect with this unique generation in ways that matter.

Interested in learning how to keep pace with the ever-changing retail market? Let us teach you how. Attend one of our Transform Tours. Click here for a list of dates and cities.

What’s your strategy for getting millennials in your store? Do you use any of these tips? Have some more of your own? Share them with us in the comments section.

1 Barron’s 2 Bazzar Voice 3 XO Group 4 Chicago Business

Lighting Is Everything!

Lighting is important. You never really realize how true this is until a snake crawls into a transformer during a stormy night, blowing out your entire apartment complex’s power in the middle of your late-night viewing of Friday the 13th. Oh, that’s just me?

Okay then, think about your favorite concert experience. Close your eyes and transport yourself back to the moment in time when the chords of your most beloved song started up. I’d be willing to bet that the artists weren’t up there all alone with just their instruments. I’d be willing to bet that there was some sort of light show to accompany them, possibly one that changed dramatically from song to song, mood to mood. Why do so many artists spend thousands and thousands on flashing lights? Why is it that when certain songs come on, lighters and iPhones light up?

Simple. Because well-planned lighting is powerful, and it connects people to the experience. Wham City Lights has actually capitalized on this by creating an app that allows performers to design a light show for a specific song at their event that every member of the audience can participate in. Talk about feeling like a part of the show! (Check it out here: http://www.whamcitylights.com/)

Let’s drill this down, though, before I get carried away. Study upon study has told us that a store’s lights can make a significant difference on the in-store experience. Is it making a difference in yours?

Shine a light on your jewelry display

We’ve spotlighted the top ways proper lighting can make a huge impact on your store experience, and more importantly, your sales!

  • Stuller’s high-quality LED lamps render color more vividly. Crucial for jewelry! Your customers need to see the sparkle in every piece of polished silver and the fire in every diamond.
  • Appropriate overhead lighting makes customers more comfortable, and customers who are more comfortable tend to stay longer and shop more.
  • Appropriate lighting enhances the appearance of customers themselves, rendering skin tones and hair in a more flattering light. This is especially important in apparel and jewelry retailing where the positive effects of socializing are enhanced when people look better.
  • Quality lighting creates a specific mood for a store that is an integral part of

    the brand of the retailer. It enhances not only the products but the entire experience of the store.

  • Research available on the positive effects of quality LED lighting in retail indicates that failure to adopt the most recent advances in LED technology puts retailers at a disadvantage. They’re at risk of missing the considerable ROI available from happier, more loyal customers, increased sales, and lower operating costs in the form of energy savings and lower replacement expenditures.

Better color? Lower energy bills? Customers stay longer? A store that makes my skin & hair look better? Hello! Sign me up. What are you waiting for? Lights, camera, action!


Take a look at Stuller’s Step Lamp Lighting solution for lighting that is sure to make your jewelry shine!


What are you tips and tricks for lighting up your showroom floor? Shed some light in the comments below!


The Boomerang of the Fashion World

My two-year anniversary just passed, and to mark the special occasion, I gave my wife her first strand of pearls. What made the gift so unique and special was that using Stuller’s service, I was able to pick out not only the perfect strand for her unique taste, but also the clasp and box. Of course she was thrilled with the finished piece, but more touched by the thought and personalization that went into it. And she’s not alone in her love of pearls – or of all things customized. In fact, she’s right on-trend.

June’s gemstone is pearl, and to help us celebrate the month, I sat down with Stuller’s resident pearl expert, Ashley Corley, to give us the low-down about what she calls the “boomerang” of the fashion industry.

Alex: Why do you think pearls are coming back strong into the industry?

Ashley: There’s been resurgence, culturally, among the younger generation longing for a style reminiscent of a more elegant time. Think about the gilded ’40s or the classic American style of Jacqueline Kennedy in the ’60s. In everything from architecture to fashion, we are seeing influences from these time periods. Pearls have always made a statement about class and sophistication.

Alex: What specifically have you seen around that tells you this?

Ashley: Have you seen any awards shows lately? The stars have been making some pretty big statements lately when it comes to pearls. Forget just wearing pearls as jewelry; designers have been making entire dresses out of pearls. At this year’s Oscars Lupita Nyong’s gown was adorned in over 6,000 of these gems.

Alex: Besides strands and studs (and dresses), are people wearing pearls in less traditional ways, too?

Ashley: Absolutely! From high fashion to everyday, pearls are displayed in numerous fashionable ways. Some of my favorites that we offer are half-drilled South Sea pearls with a simple bail that hangs on a black leather cord.

Since the price of gold is still comparatively high, juxtaposition of this expensive pearl with an non-traditional texture creates a lasting impression on the owner – and her pocketbook.

Alex: Okay, well, now that we know pearls are on-trend and extremely wearable, what’s so significant about Stuller’s offering?

Ashley: I love Stuller’s selection because of the range and type of pearls we have to offer. With over 600 SKUs and with sizes 1mm to 18mm, we’re sure to have what you need.  Plus, knowing that we offer A quality and up gives our jewelers all sorts of options to offer their customers.

Consider, too, that:

  1. Stuller offers all types of pearls: Akoya, freshwater, mabé, South Sea, Tahitian, even imitation.
  2. Shop by ShapeTo assist you in the jewelry-making process, we do offer half drilled and full-drilled pearls.
  1. Our South-Sea strands are the industry’s highest-quality pearls, which we carry in a variety of styles.Pearl Strands



Alex: What’s the most important thing a jeweler can do to help with the sale of pearls?

Ashley: Far and away the best approach to selling, especially to Millennials, is to educate consumers. One start, of course, is to read Elizabeth Raffel’s “Sell with a Story” series on gemstones. But we have numerous resources available where our customers can learn even more. Our Pearl Center has everything you need to know about different kinds of pearls and findings suitable for them. This is a great page that helps you navigate through the site and choose the perfect pearl jewelry.

Alex: Ashley, thank you for your time today. I want our customers to know what a great resource you are to them. Can they call you with questions about pearls?

Ashley: Of course! That’s why I’m here.

Now let’s hear from you. What are the ways you’ve seen pearls in fashion? Have you shopped our pearl selection? What are some of your favorite pieces or pearls? Are pearls popular in your area? What are your pearl best sellers? How do you educate your customers about pearls? Share your experiences in the comments section.

Three Bridal Styles You’re Probably Overlooking

We’ve all met today’s bridal customer. And I know we’ll all agree when I say she isn’t just any bride. Welcome to bride 2.0, right? She goes against the grain, lives through her smart phone, and doesn’t take no for an answer. And she just asked you to show her and her entourage your trendiest engagements. Gulp. Where do you start?

Don’t fret; Stuller has done the research. Our team has spent countless hours searching for what today’s brides are after, and here’s what we’ve found:

When scouring your cases for the latest in bridal trends, don’t pass this style up. History has officially repeated itself with the resurgence of the bypass style – with a new-age twist of course. These updated styles capture attention with asymmetry and a true retro feel. Not to mention that they touch on all the design features a bride could want – simple elegance, alluring and unusual diamond accents, and sculptural details.


Old is the new new. Vintage hasn’t been out of style for a while and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Getting the vintage vibe from your shopper? Show her options with meticulous details like hand-engraving, floral elements, delicate milgrain, and sculptural styles.2002606e7b07a8a-2cc8-4cf5-95c4-a3b900d0496e6586e32d-7189-40e6-887e-a41f01128d169ea87c10-bdc5-4d86-9df9-a41800a51a9f

Two Tone
Your bride can’t decide between white or yellow gold? Offer her items that feature a combination of the two. She’ll appreciate the contrasting metals that often highlight design details within the piece.174427258f7f9d2-8bdc-4171-95f9-a3fc01023a8ed8294c22-1161-4f30-a2d3-a34f01116067

Now you’re armed and ready. Her confident stride and millennial lingo don’t scare you. You’re the expert. You’re the jeweler.

Which bridal styles are attracting the most attention in your store? Share with us in the comments section.

Five Tips to Increase your CounterSketch Sales

If you’ve already used CounterSketch Studio, you know what a powerful tool this customization software is. You know, for instance, that you don’t have to lose another sale because what you have in your case isn’t quite right. You know you have a solution when your customer says, “I like it, but…” CSS is that solution.

With CounterSketch, you take an existing model and modify everything from the stone shape, head size, metal type, and shank. If you already own CSS, here are five tips you can use to increase your sales of customizable jewelry.

  1. When you practice using CounterSketch, you build your confidence and become an even better designer. So spend fifteen minutes here and there playing with the software. You’ll quickly pick up new tricks, and your customers will come to appreciate your skill and poise.
  2. There are literally thousands of beautiful designs in CounterSketch, but you need to know what your customer is looking for before you start clicking. You don’t want them to get bored or distracted – or worse – think you’re not listening.
  3. Don’t overwhelm or confuse your customer with all the different options that CounterSketch offers. Help guide the sale to exactly what they are looking for without distracting detours.
  4. The ring you have designed looks beautiful on the screen, but your customer wants to know what it is going to look like in real life. Translate the image on the screen into something tactile that the customer can understand. Use any of Stuller’s prototype selling systems, or features built into CounterSketch like try-on, any-gem any-color, render, and grid to bring their custom design to life.
  5. Really. Have fun. You’re not just designing a ring; you’re offering your customer an experience. And the more pleasant the experience, the easier it is to close the sale. So laugh with your customer. Trade stories. Be present. You might sell a ring, sure, but you’ll become a trusted friend in the process.

Looking for more information to increase your CounterSketch Sales? Want more information on how to use all the latest CounterSketch features? Join one of our free CounterSketch webinars offered monthly. Click here to register.

Have CounterSketch tips of your own? Share them here.