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Lighting Is Everything!

How to light your jewelry to sell more of it

Lighting is important. You never really realize how true this is until a snake crawls into a transformer during a stormy night, blowing out your entire apartment complex’s power in the middle of your late-night viewing of Friday the 13th. Oh, that’s just me?

Okay then, think about your favorite concert experience. Close your eyes and transport yourself back to the moment in time when the chords of your most beloved song started up. I’d be willing to bet that the artists weren’t up there all alone with just their instruments. I’d be willing to bet that there was some sort of light show to accompany them, possibly one that changed dramatically from song to song, mood to mood. Why do so many artists spend thousands and thousands on flashing lights? Why is it that when certain songs come on, lighters and iPhones light up?

Simple. Because well-planned lighting is powerful, and it connects people to the experience. Wham City Lights has actually capitalized on this by creating an app that allows performers to design a light show for a specific song at their event that every member of the audience can participate in. Talk about feeling like a part of the show! (Check it out here:

Let’s drill this down, though, before I get carried away. Study upon study has told us that a store’s lights can make a significant difference on the in-store experience. Is it making a difference in yours?

Shine a light on your jewelry display

We’ve spotlighted the top ways proper lighting can make a huge impact on your store experience, and more importantly, your sales!

  • Stuller’s high-quality LED lamps render color more vividly. Crucial for jewelry! Your customers need to see the sparkle in every piece of polished silver and the fire in every diamond.
  • Appropriate overhead lighting makes customers more comfortable, and customers who are more comfortable tend to stay longer and shop more.
  • Appropriate lighting enhances the appearance of customers themselves, rendering skin tones and hair in a more flattering light. This is especially important in apparel and jewelry retailing where the positive effects of socializing are enhanced when people look better.
  • Quality lighting creates a specific mood for a store that is an integral part of

    the brand of the retailer. It enhances not only the products but the entire experience of the store.

  • Research available on the positive effects of quality LED lighting in retail indicates that failure to adopt the most recent advances in LED technology puts retailers at a disadvantage. They’re at risk of missing the considerable ROI available from happier, more loyal customers, increased sales, and lower operating costs in the form of energy savings and lower replacement expenditures.

Better color? Lower energy bills? Customers stay longer? A store that makes my skin & hair look better? Hello! Sign me up. What are you waiting for? Lights, camera, action!


Take a look at Stuller’s Step Lamp Lighting solution for lighting that is sure to make your jewelry shine!


What are you tips and tricks for lighting up your showroom floor? Shed some light in the comments below!



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