Merry Metals: Prepare Now for the January Repair Rush

Are we really just 37 days from Christmas? There’s no doubt about it. And as each passing day unwinds ever faster, Stuller will get you what you need just in time.  

So far in our Facebook Live series, we’ve talked about jewelry, bridal, and findings. In this week’s episode, we’re talking about fabricated metals with Kurt Jagneaux. He’s one of our metals gurus who happens to be Executive Director of Production Operations for Metals. Watch and listen while he discusses the merry metal products you’ll need now and come January when repairs begin in earnest. 

Experience Matters 

Thirty-five years ago, Kurt was a welder by trade when a friend who worked at Stuller told him he might enjoy working there with precious metals. That’s how his Stuller adventure began. “When I started at Stuller, we were smaller, and I like to think I’ve grown along with the company. I’ve certainly learned a whole lot about precious metals, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve had to come up with solutions to the inevitable challenges that come when working with precious metals.” In short, working with these metals involves as much art as science.

Down to the Wire 

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And on the subject of time, Kurt says, “We fabricate more than 95% of our product here in our Lafayette, Louisiana manufacturing facility. So, during the holidays, we can get what you need fast, offering next day delivery on anything in stock. Our 40 different metal alloys produce about 5,000 SKUs, and at any given time, we have a lot of those available for shipping.”

January Repairs 

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Kurt mentions that this metals information will be just as relevant come January when repairs take center stage. “That’s one of our two busiest months,” he adds. “We’ll be ready with the sizing stock, solder, laser wire, wire, sheet, and much more, so you can take care of business with ease.” 

SCS Certified 100% Recycled Metals (SCS: Scientific Certification System) 

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Kurt talks about the growing importance of sustainable metals, “Our customers want this information because even if their customers don’t ask, sustainability is a strong selling point. Over the years I’ve been here, I’ve seen the sustainability issue evolve, and it’s here to stay.” 

Environmental and Social Responsibility 

Stuller’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility includes using 100% SCS-certified recycled metals. Our Clean Scrap program offers another path to sustainability. “With Clean Scrap, customers can recycle their precious metals and diamonds choosing from three payout possibilities. As a matter of fact, right now through November 30th, we have a fantastic promotion going on,” Kurt says. “You’ll receive 100% payout on your Stuller account. That’s credit you can put towards new product for your cases.”  

Determining Precious Metal Content 

How do we make this determination for Clean Scrap? “Historically, fire assay is the most important method,” Kurt says. “But sometimes we use x-ray certification. This method bounces beams off the various elements in the metal to provide a breakdown. If customers request this method, we use it, and the same goes when we’re backed up in fire assay.”  

COMEX Gold Bar Supplier 

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For those of you interested in investing in gold, we sell COMEX gold bars. COMEX stands for the Commodity Exchange, and the bars have to be 99.9% pure gold.

Custom Stampings 

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“We’re very excited to offer custom stampings thanks to new design technology,” Kurt says. “In the past, this wasn’t possible because you had to order dozens to make it affordable. Today, you can send us any type of file, and we can convert it to create one or more custom stampings. It’s an excellent way for you to offer pendants, earrings, and charms exclusive to your business.” 

Speaking of Time 

We want to remind you that during the holiday season, we’ll have extended hours on Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM along with our regular Monday to Friday 8 AM to 7 PM. Don’t forget you can place orders on 24/7 — it’s always open for business. We’ll be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. 

Join us next week when we’ll talk about Holiday Social Media Tips that will help you turn pictures into big sales.

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Earth Day 2020 and Stuller’s Commitment to Sustainability

As Stuller celebrates 50 years in the industry, another huge milestone is being celebrated: Earth Day, created 50 years ago today. Since that day in 1970, nearly 200 countries have joined the continuing effort to protect the environment through education and grassroots activism.   

Take a look at the first ever Earth Day celebrations:

Today marks the perfect time to look back on our history and the numerous milestones we’ve achieved. Among them, we’re proud to have earned the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Certification in 2019. 

Responsible Jewelry Council Member Logo

RJC certifies fine jewelry manufacturers for responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices throughout all operations. And just like other RJC members, Stuller commits to implementing continuous improvement processes to increase performance and achieve higher standards.

Read more about our RJC certification.


We are also proud to use 100% recycled materials in our manufacturing processes and are certified by SCS Global Services. According to the SCS website, “SCS is accredited to conduct RJC Code of Practices and Chain-of-Custody verification assessments.”   

SCS Recycled ContentSCS certification ensures recycled metals are used while conflict metals and other questionable materials are avoided. Stuller is honored to be a user and supplier of certified 100% recycled fine gold, fine silver, palladium, and platinum. Learn more about RJC, SCS, and Stuller’s commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices.

Read more about Stuller’s efforts to be a certified recycled metals source.


At Stuller, we are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Aside from using and offering recycled metals, we adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to sourcing diamonds and gemstones.  Gemstone Experience on Social Share

Stuller uses several practices to ensure the integrity of the gemstones we purchase, and we believe in creating an open dialogue about gemstone sourcing to be as transparent and trustworthy as possible. We work with trusted partners, visit our suppliers and cutters overseas to ensure proper procedures are being followed, and transparently disclose any treatment our stones have undergone.

When it comes to Stuller Diamonds™, we commit to upholding the highest ethical standards in the diamond industry through our membership with the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America (DMIA). SWAS Diamond History Social Share

We are committed to selling conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds, and all rough and polished natural mined diamonds sold by Stuller comply with the Kimberly Process.

Learn more about our diamond and gemstone sourcing here.


Our efforts go beyond the jewelry industry. We are also environmentally conscious throughout all of our facilities. Check out the video below to learn more about how we do our part within Stuller’s headquarters.

Since 1970, Stuller has worked hard to advance the jewelry industry by keeping sight of our main focus: jewelers. As we look to the next 50 years, and another 50 years of celebrating Earth Day, we will continue to look for ways to offer an even deeper impact to sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Stuller RJC Certification Blog Header

Earth Day News: Stuller Secured Its RJC Certification


It’s the perfect time to talk about the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a non-profit with headquarters in London, England. RJC focuses on responsible business practices in the gold, platinum group metals, and diamonds supply chain and it requires its member companies to achieve certification against its Code of Practices (COP) standard. The COP requires RJC members to meet the highest ethical, social and environmental standards to achieve RJC certification.


One more thing

RJC’s COP constantly evolves, growing more comprehensive while still being implementable as the industry gains new abilities to measure and set standards. Essentially, getting certified is a commitment to ongoing improvement. Members get recertified every three years to continue to demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices and to their customers. In short, RJC certification is an important way we, in the industry including all companies from mine to retail, can hold ourselves accountable.


Stuller’s RJC Certification

We achieved certification on March 20, 2019. This involved significant preparation including a robust independent third-party audit. Before the audit, many of us at Stuller attended a class to learn about RJC and understand Stuller’s commitment to responsible business practices and RJC certification.



Why get RJC certification?

I decided to ask Stanley Zale, Stuller’s Vice President of Diamond and Gemstone Procurement. His answer goes straight to the heart of the matter.
“Ethical sourcing, supply chain transparency, workplace safety, and other similar issues, are of increasing concern to more and more consumers and businesses. The RJC Code of Practices helps the jewelry industry meet these challenges.”



Does RJC set or get its standards?

Some of both. In addition to setting the Code of Practices standard for the mine-to-retail supply chain, it is also a member of the ISEAL Alliance, a global association for social and environmental standards. ISEAL members are committed to creating solid and credible standard systems that give business, governments, and consumers the ability to choose responsibly produced goods and services. As a full ISEAL member, RJC is committed to ISEAL’s mission and Code of Ethics and complies with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice. Membership of ISEAL helps RJC continue to improve the development and implementation of its standards, and share experiences and ideas with other sectors.



A little more about RJC

Created by the industry, for the industry, RJC was founded in 2005 by a group of businesses to address whole-of supply chain challenges and improve and restore consumer confidence and trust in the jewelry industry. Founding members included Cartier (part of Richemont), World Jewellery Confederation, Diamond Trading Company (part of De Beers), Jewelers of America, Signet Group, Tiffany & Co. and more.




“Achieving RJC certification was the result of Stuller’s ongoing commitment to conducting all phases of our operations in the most ethical, environmentally and socially responsible manner.” Belit Myers, Vice President Compliance, Inventory, and Information

Did you know?

For many years, Stuller has had extensive internal environmental standards throughout our business. Our commitment to environmental sustainability covers all aspects of our operations from the handling and disposal of chemicals, energy management, waste management, water management, and logistics to the recycled paper we choose for our catalogs. We continuously look for new ways to improve our commitment to environmental sustainability which makes our membership in RJC a perfect match.