2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions by Stuller’s Top Trend Experts

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Our world is driven by color. From Tiffany’s iconic robin egg blue to Coca Cola’s bold crimson, colors are ubiquitous in branding and business. Colors are also at the forefront of the jewelry industry, too. Gemstones nearly sell themselves thanks to their vivacity and saturation. Metal fashion is driven by bright white, yellow, and rosy tones. Even diamonds are graded by their color (or lack thereof). So, it’s no wonder why we’re anxiously waiting for the Pantone Color Institute to announce their choice for the 2019 Color of the Year.

We’re confident we’ll have the jewelry and gemstones to match whatever color Pantone throws our way. Are you excited for the newest color craze? We sure are!


Here are a few of Stuller’s top trend experts sharing their 2019 Pantone Color of the Year predictions—

Pantone’s Aspen Gold

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Aspen Gold

“My 2019 Pantone Color of the Year prediction favors a bright, saturated yellow marigold. Its sunny tone exudes bursts of bright energy, health, and overall optimism. Pantone’s Aspen Gold has a citrusy undertone that feels organic and from the earth. I’ve also noticed this soft shade in countless 2019 runway shows.”  Emily Graffagnino, Gemstones Director

Soft Yellow Gemstones

CitrineSpessartite GarnetYellow SapphireYellow Diamonds

Pantone’s Evergreen

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Evergreen

“Deep Emerald Green is everywhere— from home décor and accessories to high fashion. In fact, deep green even eclipsed pop culture this year with a key emerald featured as the major plot point in the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians. I’m betting on Pantone’s Evergreen since it pairs well as a sophisticated accent to neutral tones like cream, white, gold, and soft pink.”  Alix Gonsoulin, Executive Director of Product Development

Deep Green Gemstones

EmeraldTourmalineMalachiteTsavorite GarnetJadeRainforest Topaz

Pantone’s Pink Peacock

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Pink Peacock

“Super-saturated Pink Peacock fuchsia starred in many head-to-toe ensembles on the spring 2019 runways. This statement-making pink boasts cool purple undertones that layer well with warmer red and gold accents. Plus, pink has been hot this year! The Pink Legacy Diamond shattered price per carat sales records for colored diamonds. Also, Lady Gaga has been sporting a large Pink Sapphire center engagement ring. With all this exposure, Pantone’s Pink Peacock remains my top 2019 Color of the Year prediction.” — Emily Bute, Creative Design Director

Fuchsia Gemstones

Rhodolite GarnetPink TourmalinePink SapphirePink Diamond

Pantone’s Princess Blue

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Princess Blue

“The 2019 Color of the Year is a lot of FUN in home décor and clothes. But for longer lasting products like jewelry, I think it’s a tough trend to follow for credence. That said, I’d prefer to see blue as the 2019 pick. Blue is timeless. It’s the color of natural beauty like the ocean, the sky, and twinkling eyes. Blue gemstones can easily support Pantone’s Princess Blue. However, there’s much speculation about gold and orange for the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. Well, here’s the good news: orange and blue look great together when applied to a fantastic NFL sports team— the Denver Broncos!” — Ashley Brown, Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Bold Blue Gemstones

SapphireBlue TopazLapisTanzaniteZircon

Pantone’s Mango Mojito

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Mango Mojito

“No matter how vivid or muted, Pantone’s Mango Mojito is sure to compliment the earthy undertone palette seen across countless fashion weeks. With geometric-inspired designs still thriving within the fine jewelry world, I anticipate this trend to keep its momentum in 2019. While we have seen a literal play on open symmetrical styles this year, plan to see this trend carry over into next year with an elevated approach. Expect stones in various shapes and sizes pieced together to create colored geometric patterns. Imagine ombre color schemes — from earth tones to reds, pinks, greens, and blues — paired with complementary shades of yellow to complete each color story.” — Blaire Hovis, Fine Jewelry Director

Rich Golden Gemstones

Mexican Fire OpalPoppy TopazHoney TopazCitrine


What are your 2019 Pantone Color of the Year predictions? Let us know in the comments below! Then, find more of our favorite Pantone trends here.


Good Looks From the Golden Globes

Golden Globes Trends Blog Header

Last night, the 74th Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, broadcasted live from Beverly Hills and was viewed by an audience of over 20 million. The first big award show of the year featured an abundance of A-List celebrities flaunting beautiful gowns, stylish hair and makeup and of course, ravishing jewelry.

Our favorite looks came from Brie Larson, Lily Collins and Maisie Williams. We noticed trends of sparkling dresses, embellished capped sleeves and plaid tuxes from the men, just to name a few. Last night’s show previewed some of the year’s hottest trends and gave many cues of what to stock in your showcases. Here are a couple of notable looks we absolutely love:


Pretty in Pink

Pink was prominent on the red carpet this year. It appeared again and again in designs as different as perky pink ruffles and elegantly draped fabrics. We loved Chrissy Teigen’s chandelier earrings and felt these gemstone cluster earrings were a perfect compliment to her look. These pink pearl drop earrings also mirror those worn by Felicity Jones.

Curvy Ear Climbers

Did you see Naomie Harris’ ear climbers? They were hard to miss, running the length of her ears, shimmering with leafy accents. Following the trend, Regina King’s full-length climbers made soft curves as they shone in the spotlight.

Classic Pearls

Though considered a “safe” jewelry choice, classic pearls all but scream elegance and grace. Sienna Miller’s fabulous ensemble featured a strand of pearls, pearl bracelets and a ring to match. Carrie Underwood’s pearl drop earrings modestly adorned her warm, bright smile.

Teardrops of Joy

The teardrop green quartz earrings featured below, replicate Mandy Moore’s eye-catching kunzite adornments. Jessica Biel’s teardrop earrings also stood out from the crowd. Here are our takes on her textured teardrop earrings with a necklace pendant to match.

Trendy Hoops

National Jeweler said that hoops are the trend that will take us into 2017 and so far, their prediction proves true. Kristen Bell, one of the night’s best dressed, rocked a pair of diamond triple hoop earrings. Likewise, Viola Davis in her candy yellow gown wore diamond hoops similar to those shown below.

Timeless Emeralds

Bold emeralds have emerged as a red carpet mainstay with their timeless appeal and versatility. Jaimie Alexander paired her emerald and black dress with show-stopping emerald studs. Gina Rodrigue wore navy while Laverne Cox donned all white, both chose elegant emerald accents.


Who do you think was best-dressed last night? What were your favorite trends from the ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!