Join Us for Week Two of Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event

We are continuing with the second week of our two-week annual Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event on Stuller.com. It’s an exciting time to be in the jewelry industry and Stuller stands to help you discover the next great thing to take your business to another level. From new deals and products to Facebook Live events and educational resources, Stuller Connect offers something for everyone.

Facebook Live Preview: Week 2

We are ready to bring you another week full of content to connect you with Stuller’s product and service offerings. This week’s Facebook Live event schedule will feature more opportunities to interact with us, ask questions, and see products up close. Watch each event live or go back and watch at your convenience. All Facebook Live events will be held at Facebook.com/Stullerinc.

Check out what we have in store!


Make A Statement with Stuller Diamonds®

Wednesday, September 1 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Diamonds are an enduring symbol of commitment and quality that you can offer to your most loyal customers. Stuller’s Heather Fontenot walks you through our full natural diamond offering and explains what makes Stuller lab-grown diamonds stand out among the rest.

Discover Stuller Gemstones™

Thursday, September 2 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

With every color you can imagine and sourced from all over the world, Stuller gemstones are the perfect complement to any piece. Stuller’s Sam Larson explains how our gemstone team brings customers the widest variety every time.

Bridal Sales Soar in Year of the Wedding™

Friday, September 3 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Rescheduled dreams are coming true during Stuller’s Year of the Wedding. From the product additions in the new bridal catalog to new custom options for couples who know what they want, Stuller is the ultimate partner. Join Alex Stuller for a full rundown of our offering. As a bonus, Michael Bartlett from our CAD/CAM team will explain how to make fully customized pieces come to life.

One-on-One Attention

If you are looking for something specific to help your business and would like to talk to a member of our team, schedule a Stuller Connect virtual call. This allows us to match Stuller products and services to your business needs. To set up a Stuller Connect virtual call, visit Stuller.com/StullerConnect. 


Win A Stuller Account Credit

We will be giving away two $1,000 and three $500 Stuller account credits to customers during this event. There are two ways to be entered to win: 

  1. Schedule and attend a Stuller Connect video call by September
  2. Watch one of our Facebook live events and tag your business in the comment section 


Stuller Connect was created in 2020 as a means to connect with our customers without face-to-face interaction. Stuller Connect: A Virtual Event is a showcase of everything Stuller offers to help customers’ businesses succeed. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone! 

“We’re excited to bring back our second annual Stuller Connect,” says Morgan Waters, executive director of marketing communications. “We believe this event will be an excellent resource for our customers.” 

We look forward to connecting you with the right business solutions provided by Stuller. 

Stuller Inc. Hosts Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event

Stuller will host its second annual Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event on Stuller.com from August 23 – September 3, 2021. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone!

“2020 and 2021 have continued to impact all of us in unexpected ways with challenges and obstacles that seem never-ending at times,” said Danny Clark, Stuller President. “At Stuller, we have been so inspired by our customers’ resilience and agility as they have navigated the unknown with creativity and imagination that have sustained their businesses and delighted their customers.”  

Facebook Live Preview: Week 1

We want you to see and experience as much of what Stuller has to offer as possible. For this reason, we have a packed schedule of Facebook live events where you can interact with our team and see new products up close. Attend live to ask your questions or go back and watch later at your convenience. All Facebook live events will be held at Facebook.com/Stullerinc. 

Here’s a peek at what’s to come! 


Emily Graffagnino presents at Stuller Connect

Focus On Fine Jewelry 

Monday, August 23 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Join Stuller’s Emily Graffagnino for a look at the latest trends in finished jewelry. From 302® Fine Jewelry to Modern Brilliance® lab-grown diamond jewelry and everything in between, Stuller is your source for everything you need to stock up for holiday sales. 


Explore Popular Selling Systems from Stuller 

Tuesday, August 24 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Offering an interactive customer experience has been proven to drive sales. And Stuller has you covered with a wide selection of selling systems that have been designed for your cases. 


Tiffany Adams presents at Stuller Connect

Packaged to Perfection 

Wednesday, August 25 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Fine jewelry is meant to be treasured, so packaging that stands out goes a long way to make your product shine. Join Stuller’s Tiffany Adams for more ways to make your brand stand out with packaging and display favorites. 


Chris Leonard presents at Stuller Connect

The Perfect Tool for Every Job 

Friday, August 27 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

The best jewelers have a well-stocked bench to be ready for whatever job walks through the door. Stuller has you covered, and Stuller’s Chris Leonard will walk you through the latest tools and equipment to keep you prepared. 


One-on-One Attention

If you are looking for something specific to help your business and would like to talk to a member of our team, schedule a Stuller Connect virtual call. This allows us to match Stuller products and services to your business needs. To set up a Stuller Connect virtual call, visit Stuller.com/StullerConnect. 


Win A Stuller Account Credit

We will be giving away two $1,000 and three $500 Stuller account credits to customers during this event. There are two ways to be entered to win: 

  1. Schedule and attend a Stuller Connect video call by September
  2. Watch one of our Facebook live events and tag your business in the comment section 


Stuller Connect was created in 2020 as a means to connect with our customers without face-to-face interaction. Stuller Connect: A Vitual Event is a showcase of everything Stuller offers to help customers’ businesses succeed. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone! 

“We’re excited to bring back our second annual Stuller Connect,” says Morgan Waters, executive director of marketing communications. “We believe this event will be an excellent resource for our customers.” 

We look forward to connecting you with the right business solutions provided by Stuller. 

2021 Holiday Preparations and JCK Las Vegas

August 11, 2021

Dear Stuller Customers and Business Partners, 

2020 and 2021 have continued to impact all of us in unexpected ways with challenges and obstacles that seem never-ending at times. At Stuller, we have been so inspired by your resilience and agility as you have navigated the unknown with creativity and imagination that have sustained your business and delighted your customers. 

From day one, Stuller was built to support your every need as professionals in the jewelry industry with quality products delivered on time with a touch of south Louisiana hospitality. It is our joy to serve you, and we take the responsibility to be ready to respond in all conditions — storms and pandemics included — very seriously.  

Just this week, we have made the decision not to attend this year’s JCK event in Las Vegas. Stuller has been a long-term attendee and supporter of JCK, and we are disappointed that we will not be there to see you this year. With the recent resurgence of the Covid-19 Delta variant and its concerning spread rate in the state of Louisiana and beyond, we believe that we should limit the risk of exposure for both our associates and our customers at this time. Our focus is to be ready to serve you. 

And we will be ready! In July and August, we have released two new catalogs — Bridal and Findings — with hundreds of new styles, and we have made numerous enhancements to Stuller.com and its search capabilities to make it easier than ever to find the products you need. We have added additional staff to all service areas earlier than ever to meet your demands in manufacturing, customer care, and distribution.   

Thanks for your understanding on this difficult choice, and we wish you a fantastic holiday selling season and the merriest Christmas ever! 

Danny Clark

President, Stuller Inc

Gemvision Looks Ahead to JCK Las Vegas

Summertime is here, and that means it’s time for JCK. This year due to COVID, JCK will happen late in August.

We like to announce good news at JCK because we meet with so many of our customers and get their feedback about the new releases.

In the last months, Gemvision has worked on different fronts. I’ll review them one by one, so you can get an idea of what we’ll present at JCK.


MatrixGold JCK Updates

We have been working to adapt MatrixGold to the new Rhino7. After a BETA period, we can now release the official version of MatrixGold on Rhino 7.

This new version brings the robust QuadRemesh algorithm that creates a beautiful quad mesh from NURBS geometry or meshes. With this new feature, you can upload STL’s in MatrixGold and create a SUB D geometry on top of it. Once you create the geometry, you can edit any part of it.

We’ve also added new models to the Clayoo library, offering you more starting points when modeling.

And we’ve adapted the new render engine to MatrixGold, giving you the Denoiser option. This adaptation makes renders faster than on Rhino6  — in fact, faster than ever!


We also have news on CounterSketch Streaming, the subscription option Gemvision offers.

CounterSketch Streaming users will now have the option to import files within CounterSketch and export any renders they create from their models. This new feature will allow them to share their designs on any digital channel — and we all know how important is this, right?

On top of this news, we’ll also present our new website and the New Gemvision Forum!!!!

The Gemvision Forum is something that many customers have been asking for a while. We are aware that we serve a great community, and we hope that the forum will be the right place where everyone can meet and share their experiences about our software.

As you can imagine, we are excited to fly to JCK and hope you can attend too.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss Gemvision’s advances and the many ways they’ll help you work more efficiently and creatively.

Zale’s Tales: JCK Las Vegas 2019 Wrap-Up

Zale's Tales JCK Blog Header

It was great being back at the Sands Expo Center. If my memory serves me right, it’s been since 2010 that the show was last there. It took about half a day to become re-acclimated, but after that, it was like being home. That is if your home is full clanging slot machines, throngs of people, and the need to walk about 13,000 steps per day just to get around.

“I was in Vegas for six days, but it felt like a month. Yet it also went by in a blur,” Stanley jokes.


JCK Las Vegas 2019 Group Shot


Here are a few observations while JCK Las Vegas 2019 is fresh in my mind.


Source Origin of Loose Stones

This trend has been moving at an accelerating pace toward critical mass. We’ve been hearing about blockchain platforms, mostly developed for specific channels, for a few years. Now we’re seeing these platforms go mainstream, which will enable nearly all industry players to offer diamond source verification to their customers.

Add to that the GIA’s new Diamond Origin Report, which confirms the country of origin of polished diamonds. The original rough diamonds and resulting polished diamonds are submitted to GIA for analysis so that they can be matched to each other and for origin confirmation based off the information provided by the mining company.

And then there’s what’s happening with gemstones. The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is adding gemstones to its Code of Practices (CoP). As the industry works through this, it will result in greater transparency of the gemstone supply chain.

GIA Melee Analysis Service Diamonds Scoop


Speaking of the RJC, several of us participated on a panel discussion about sustainability, compliance, and supply chain transparency. These issues are of increasing focus and concern for many in the jewelry industry. Some key staff from the Responsible Jewellery Council were at the show, lending their insights at various forums and helping all of us navigate through a rapidly changing environment. Their website offers lots of great information.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds had their largest presence yet at this year’s show.

Whether or not you embrace them as a product for your business does not change the fact we all must deal with them at some level. That includes adding them to one’s product offering or, just as importantly, safeguarding your business against the possibility of undisclosed lab-grown diamonds making their way into your inventory.

We had a lot of discussions with jewelers about screening and detecting for undisclosed lab-grown diamonds. The GIA is a great educational resource for all of that, as is Project Assure, the initiative by the Diamond Producers Association.

Some questions remain about FTC guidance in regards to how lab-grown diamonds are described and marketed. It’s a complex issue with nuance, and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee remains the go-to resource for these and many other issues.

Rapaport also weighed in on lab-grown diamonds and source transparency at his annual breakfast presentation, which was well-attended.

And through all the discussions about web platforms, compliance, sustainability, and the other issues of the day, it can be easy to forget why we gathered in the first place: all of the beautiful product!

Okay, everyone — back to work!


13 New Releases From Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019 Blog Header

Put on your walking shoes — it’s time to visit Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019! North America’s largest tradeshow, JCK Las Vegas boasts all the latest trends, tools, and technology under one roof. Our best advice: wander purposefully. Before arriving, draw up a solid gameplan of the areas you’d like to scope out. Remember, it’s easy to veer off course amid the hustle and bustle.

Have questions? Our brightest experts are staffing the show to shed light on all Stuller has to offer. Swing by to see Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019 at Booth 13089 and lower level ETS 58055.

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas Elevators

Here are 13 exciting new releases to explore from Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019.


For the Digital Designers . . .

1. INTRODUCING CounterSketch® Streaming

Gemvision, a Stuller company, is unveiling a brand new way to design. Now, CounterSketch® users can subscribe to a monthly subscription option for the best-selling CAD software. The new CounterSketch Streaming service can be accessed from any Mac or Windows PC, anywhere. This cloud-based version allows users to:

  • Share real-time work sessions with customers remotely.
  • Obtain unlimited free access to online training.
  • Receive software updates automatically.

2. MatrixGold®

This year, we are proud to announce the next iteration of MatrixGold. Expect even more powerful new features like dynamic Booleans, parametric history, a library of content to use as a starting point with standard jewelry designs, and the ability to build your own model library. All in all, MatrixGold will bring efficiency to your design process.

3. New Gemstone Shopping Experience on Stuller.com

Have you noticed new enhancements to Stuller.com lately? Our diamonds shopping experience was updated earlier this year. And now, we’re debuting an all-new gemstone shopping experience on Stuller.com. Updates include:

  • Shopping pages for serialized gemstones with advanced filters and all-new visuals.
  • Comparison tools on shopping pages to compare multiple gemstones using 360° videos and key specifications.
Stuller at JCK Las Vegas MatrixGold Essentials Software Release

For the Fine Jewelry Fanatics . . .

4. A New Designer Bridal Collection

Visit Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019 to see our brand-new designer bridal collection including:

  • Must-have styles for today’s bride.
  • A refresh on traditional bridal styles.
  • Beautiful design features like updated halos, special finishes, scattered accents, and much more.

5. New Selling Systems

Stuller’s selling solutions allow business owners to display prototype and live product in their cases, backed by thousands of next-day delivery options. This year we’ve added three new selling solutions:

Religious Jewelry – This set features best-selling metal and diamond cross necklaces, rings, and earrings (live product).

Birthstone Crosses – We’ve added best-selling petite cross necklaces in a full genuine birthstone selection. The selling system comes in live 14K yellow gold necklaces at an attractive price point and ready to sell.

Personalization – Here you’ll find prototype selling solutions displaying engravable and initial jewelry. These can be ordered for next-day delivery to customer specifications.

6. New Men’s Fashion Assortment

For the first time in many years, the Stuller booth will host a men’s jewelry area. Stop by to shop new trendy watch straps, men’s jewelry and accessories, and of course— our newest men’s wedding bands.

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019 Unique Mens Wedding Bands

For Those Scouting New Stones . . .

7. New Pink and Blue Lab-Grown Melee

To meet growing demand, we are expanding our lab-grown diamond assortment to include melee sizes. We’ve also added pink and blue lab-grown melee to our assortment. These stones are offered in round diamonds only, ranging from 0.08 carats to 0.33 carats (2.8–4.4 mm) in size, and in four colors: blue, coral pink, peach, and lavender pink. Shop lab-grown melee diamonds here on Stuller.com.

8. Stuller’s Diamond Screening

As a major supplier, we are compelled to protect our supply chain, the jeweler’s reputation, and their customer’s confidence. Therefore, Stuller upholds a zero-tolerance policy for undisclosed lab-grown diamonds (UDLGs) through various internal operations.

  • Stuller Gemological Lab™ is an in-house diamond screening lab run by a full-time Graduate Gemologist with advanced instrumentation used by laboratories around the world.
  • Also, Stuller has a strategic services arrangement with GIA® via an in-house entity staffed by GIA specialists who use GIA’s proprietary technology to perform their work. GIA’s equipment screens round melee diamonds in sizes 0.005ct through 0.24ct. After screening, their technology sorts the stones by GIA color grade range.

For more on our screening stance visit Stuller.com/DiamondScreening.

9. New Gemstone Colors and Sizes

Our extensive gemstone assortment is expanding with new exciting colors and stone types! We now offer moonstones from Burma, Sri Lanka, and Africa, as well as pariaba tourmaline, apatite, and garnets in every color of the rainbow.

You’ll love the gemstone presentation this year, too. In the Stuller booth, we address gemstone origins, location, and ethics surrounding gemstone mining.

10. Rose Cut Moissanite

We’ve added new rose cut moissanite in an effort to expand existing moissanite selection. These include marquise shapes, cushion shapes, ovals, and pear shapes. Learn more about rose cut moissanite here.

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019 Moissanite Rose Cut Gemstones

For the Benchies and Builders . . .

11. The New Magnetic Ring Builder

The new Magnetic Ring Builder allows customers to mix and match different heads and shanks to create their own personal designs. Whether a striking fashion statement or an exquisite engagement ring, this countertop design center has something for everyone. Use this new prototype solution to simulate over 800 finished ring combinations right on the jeweler’s showroom floor.

12. Battle of the Benches® — The Winner’s Circle

The fourth annual Battle of the Benches competition was held this past March during Stuller’s Bench Jeweler Workshop. Over the course of two days, four contestants competed in several different challenges before the overall winner, Evgenii Fedko of Fedko Jewelry, took home the title.

13. New Tools and Equipment

From our tried and tested hand tools to laser welders and digital diamond and gemstone testers, we’re bringing the best products for you to demo. Here are a few notable newbies:

DiaTrue CS Scanner (29-3021) – Detects CVD & HPHT lab-grown diamonds, can also see CZ, Moissanite, and even CZ coated with CVD. This scanner also identifies stones on small jewelry like rings, unmounted diamonds, and melee parcels.

Ultra-Quiet Oil Free 15 Gallon Air Compressor (14-5036) Automatic desiccant air-drying system with drain and automatic tank drain.

RS Globus LTD Basic Set for use with Micro Ball Vise (26-4221)Made for stone setters and engravers by a master stone setter, this all-new Globus work-holding set adds multi-angle options to the micro ball vise and boosts efficiency.

Direct Flow Stand Up Enclosed Polishing System (47-8000) The Arbe floor model polishing system is an exclusive line of Super Flow Enclosed Polishing Hoods. The Super Flow Polishing System is designed to outperform any other enclosed polishing system that is available on the market. The Arbe exclusive Super Flow totally enclosed hoods are designed to properly direct air flow, as well as maximize dust collection and filtration.

Visit Stuller.com/JCKLasVegas to learn more about Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2019 Demo Schedule

Zale’s Tales: JCK Las Vegas 2018

Zale's Tales JCK Blog Header

As I write this, I’m still recovering from JCK. It’s amazing how in a week’s time we can go from feeling excited about the upcoming show to wanting nothing more than to get out of Vegas and head home. Besides the primary mission of seeing our customers, there was a lot of activity regarding some issues that are critical to our industry. Among those are:

1. Blockchain Technology

This seems to be everywhere these days, and JCK 2018 was no exception. Very simply put, Blockchain is nothing more than a web-based utility that allows for the secure storage and transfer of data. There are a variety of Blockchain initiatives swirling around the industry, some initiated from the supply and manufacturing side, another from the customer-facing side, and even initiatives in the midstream. But what does this all mean for the independent jeweler, whether traditional brick and mortar, web-based, or Omni-channel? Not a lot so far. It’s a new game, but the world is quickly adapting.

As it was explained to me, Blockchain is nothing more than a new internet protocol, which in a few years will be as ubiquitous as HTTP and SMTP, and none of us will need to know how it functions; it will just be! In the immediate term, we need to allow the various Blockchain developers to bring their initiatives further along to the point of easy adoption. At the end of the day, the benefit will be better transparency of the industry supply chain, which will serve to validate responsible sourcing protocols. And that is the underlying problem that utilizing Blockchain will help solve.

Here’s a quick overview of Blockchain technology


2. Screening for Undisclosed Lab Grown Diamonds (ULGDs)

This is a big topic, as it sits at the heart of consumer confidence. Along with my colleague Harold Dupuy, it seemed as though every time we turned around there was someone else with another screening device. Harold offers some great insight; all the instruments out there, for the most part, use one or some combination of the following six existing technologies:

1. UV Transparency vs Opacity

2. Infrared absorption spectroscopy (FTIR)

3. NIR absorption spectroscopy (UV-Vis)

4. Laser photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL)

5. Phosphorescence & decay speed

6. Fluorescence spectroscopy


To remain vigilant, Stuller has implemented the following advanced instruments into our QA process: IIDGR’s new AMS2, GIA’s iD100, and Raman, UV-Vis, and FTIR spectrometers. We’ve also welcomed GIA to Stuller to conduct independent melee analysis services.

Zale's Tales Diamond Testers Social Share

Shop diamond & gemstone testers on Stuller.com

Farewell, JCK Las Vegas 2018

At the end of the day, this is an industry of relationships, and what I value most about JCK is seeing old friends. Whether it was having morning coffee with someone I learned diamond sawing with (longer ago than I want to admit), attending seminars with a former colleague, or having dinner with my daughter Olivia — the fifth generation of our family in the jewelry business — it’s all about the people!

Oh, by the way…did anyone else hear a rumor that De Beers is now selling lab-grown diamonds? Okay, okay. I know that’s what everyone wants to hear about. Wait, what’s that? I’ve already exceeded my word allocation for this blog entry?

Sorry, I guess Lightbox will have to wait for another time.

9 Things to Expect from Stuller at JCK Las Vegas 2018

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas Blog Header

It’s that time of year again — JCK Las Vegas kicks off today! This year’s tradeshow promises rising trends, current styles, and the newest tools and technology. So brace yourself and pace yourself. Develop a game plan and know exactly what you’re searching for this year. Time flies when you’re on the hunt and it’s easy to get distracted. We hope you packed your walking shoes and don’t forget to drink lots of water on your desert excursion. Visit Stuller at JCK Las Vegas this year at Booth: B60046 & B62046.

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas Elevators

Here are nine exciting items to explore from Stuller at JCK Las Vegas this year


Selling Solutions

1. ever&ever® Wedding Bands

ever&ever®, Stuller’s turnkey bridal solution, celebrates its third anniversary this year at JCK Las Vegas. So to celebrate, we’ve added wedding bands to the ever&ever lineup. These superior quality prototype samples will join our existing bridal designs, bringing flexibility to the entire bridal set. Expect Stuller’s top-notch marketing collateral, modular displays, multiple metals and customization options to ride along with this new wedding band program. Drop by to see Stuller at JCK Las Vegas and check out all ever&ever has to offer.

2. 302™ Fine Jewelry Brand

We’re introducing 302 — Stuller’s newest fine jewelry brand. With five expertly curated collections and over three hundred different jewelry styles, 302 will electrify your inventory and dazzle your customers. Within 302, you’ll discover five distinct personality collections — the Sage, Ruler, Rebel, Explorer, and Innocent. These carefully curated collections deliver trendy designs at ideal price points. Explore the 302™ Fine Jewelry collection here.

3. Stackable Rings Collection

Visit Stuller at JCK Las Vegas to build your own 16-piece stackable rings collection. With nearly 100 options available in 14k gold, this solution is fully customizable and filled with new and best-selling bridal and fine jewelry stackable rings.


Stones & Screening

4. Charles & Colvard Moissanite

Charles & Colvard, the original creator of lab-grown moissanite, delivers a brilliant, environmentally and socially responsible product at an extraordinary value. Forever One™, their premium moissanite, is the epitome of created moissanite. Read more about Charles & Colvard’s Forever One™ Moissanite here.

Last year, Charles & Colvard introduced Exotic Gems to consumers. Exotic Gems offer fine jewelry enthusiasts the unprecedented opportunity to create the dramatic custom designs they’ve wanted for their collections. These grand Forever One™ gems are guaranteed to be colorless or near colorless. They range from six to 15.5 carats diamond equivalent weight and are available in a wide range of shapes like round brilliant, cushion, emerald, hearts & arrows, oval, elongated oval, pear and radiant cuts. Stop by to special order Charles & Colvard Exotic Gems from Stuller at JCK Las Vegas.

5. Diamond Screening

Expect lab-grown diamonds to be a hot topic at JCK Las Vegas this year, especially since De Beers just announced their new line of lab-grown diamonds. This reaffirms the importance of diamond screening and highlights the importance of integrity and transparency. We’ll have diamond screening tools available like Presidium®, GIA® iD100™ Gem Tester, and many more, along with details about GIA’s Melee Analysis Service located within Stuller’s headquarters.

6. Award-Winning Designs

The spectacular pieces forged during this year’s Battle of the Benches® competition at Stuller’s 2018 Bench Jeweler Workshop will be on display at JCK Las Vegas. Along with these beauties, our winning AGTA Spectrum designs will be on display as well.


Technology Tools

7. B&D Lasers

Our recent acquisition of laser equipment company B&D Sales makes Stuller the leading supplier of laser equipment in the U.S. This enables us to offer a more comprehensive selection of laser welders, engravers, and cutters, with budget-friendly options available as well. Stop by our booth to toy with these new lasers, speak with a vendor representative, or watch our live laser demonstrations.

8. Open Grow Resins

We’re introducing Stuller Open Grow Resins, specifically designed for compatibility with a full range of open source DHP and SLA 3D printers. These new resins will offer exceptional resolution and performance, paving the way to new creative horizons.

9. New CounterSketch® Features

CounterSketch is now available in eight different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Greek). Our new CounterSketch update allows jewelers to import available 3C styles to CounterSketch directly from Stuller.com. Other new features include new design stack options, improved filter accuracy, and revised slider names.

Stuller at JCK Las Vegas Schedule

Zale’s Tales: Lab-Grown Diamonds

Zale's Tales Blog Header Lab-Grown Diamonds

As I’m writing this, I’ve been back from Las Vegas for only a few days, and I think I’m finally settling back into my regular routine. A week at JCK is not a soothing experience, and the fact that I barely ever make it outside seems to be the least of the craziness. But all in all, it was a week well spent!

Of course, the primary reason we attend is to meet with our customers — to share with them what’s new at Stuller. Just as important is to learn from them what’s new in their world, so we can better serve their needs. Interspersed with all of that were numerous educational sessions and industry updates.


Lab-grown diamonds are still one of the hottest topics. It’s something we are addressing in multiple ways here at Stuller:

First, we offer lab-grown diamonlab-grown diamondsds starting from about ¼ carat on up. This is simply part of our product selection to help jewelers meet consumer demand.

The other aspect is the diligent effort we, along with the industry at large, are taking to ensure the integrity of the global diamond supply chain by thoroughly screening and detecting undisclosed lab-grown diamonds (ULGD’s). We’re undertaking many combative efforts in this regard, with more exciting news and updates to come.

Shop lab-grown diamonds on Stuller.com

I attended an industry-wide meeting about this the day before JCK opened, conducted a daily afternoon update at our booth for our customers, and participated in numerous conversations with a myriad of customers, competitors, and industry news organizations. What I’ve found is that the industry continues on its journey towards responsible sourcing, with the colored gemstones industry being the next hurdle to be tackled under the leadership of the Responsible Jewelry Council. Stuller is proud to be a member of the RJC, and we look forward to working with the industry to bring responsible and sustainable business practices to the entire industry supply pipeline.

The various industry organizations were also in full swing. From the Women’s Jewelry Association to the Diamond Empowerment Fund to Jewelers for Children, there was seemingly no end to the celebration of good works and opportunities to pick up market news and intelligence.

See Stanley’s live lab-grown update from JCK Las Vegas 2017


Women in the Industry

It all makes the old days of the summer JA New York show seem quaint. Back in the day, before the Javits Center, the summer JA New York show was THE industry buying event. Buyers floated between the Hilton on 6th Ave. & 52nd and the Sheraton a block away on 7th Ave. You could walk another block to the Carnegie Deli for lunch, though there always seemed to be a corned beef sandwich available for a customer at an exhibitor’s booth at the show.

We’ve evolved since then and come a long way as an industry since those days. Back then, the show was in New York because that’s where the jewelry industry was. Who could have imagined the geographical diversity we have today?

But that change in diversity is much more than geographical. Not only were there no female members of the 24 Karat Club of NY back then, women were not even welcome at the annual dinner in January.

Lab-Grown Maren Rosen VP Bridal & Finished Jewelry

Maren Rosen

Lab-Grown VP Findings Fabricated Metals & Tools

Tammy Kidder

Today I am proud to count Maren Rosen and Tammy Kidder among my talented co-workers. Maren is our Merchandising Vice President for Jewelry and Bridal, and a board member of the Women’s Jewelry Association. Tammy, our Merchandising Vice President for Fabricated Metals and Tools is an incoming member of the 24 Karat Club of the Southeastern US, as well as the Vice President of the Louisiana Jewelers Association.

We’ve come a long way, and the world continues to change. In order to stay current, we all have to adapt and change with the times. The next generation of professionals is here and it’s up to all of us to pass the knowledge, insights and even some of the traditions, all while learning along the way.

Speaking of lab-grown, check out this informative infographic detailing the basics of lab-grown diamonds.

JCK Las Vegas Wrap Up 2017

Every year thousands of retail jewelers flock to Las Vegas to shop the latest and greatest products and services from hundreds of vendors from all over the world. And much to our team’s delight, despite the fact the show moved from the weekend to the regular workweek, traffic seemed a bit heavier than in previous years.

Here are some of the hot topics buzzing around the Stuller booth:

Fine Jewelry and Bridal

  1. Our new “boutique” merchandising set up was a huge hit. We used a variety of our own displays and props and kept the jewelry out of the case for the first time. Customers enjoyed the interactive and inviting feel.
  2. On-trend styles with attractive price points put us all in the holiday spirit. And that’s exactly the goal of our new 302 Collections with an average price-point of $250.
  3. The selling solution superstar was the new stackable anniversary and eternity band kit. Customers liked the idea of giving their shoppers stacked inspiration. See it here.
  4. This year was all about interaction and our bridal area was no exception. Launching the new “4 ways to buy” our ever&ever® turnkey bridal program, the open trays and displays of new styles in that area provided a hands-on experience that our customers enjoyed.

Tool Time

  1. The benefits and opportunities of 3D printing were top discussions surrounding our new line of printers – Asiga®. Check out our video interview with Asiga expert Austin Green at the show.
  2. Personalization is always top of mind for jewelers. So, it was no surprise that our engravers drew lots of attention. And you guys were a huge help as well! We were showcasing a new model not available yet and asked for your opinion on At the bench; jckwhether or not to carry it. We’ll see what the tally results are in a couple of weeks.
  3. We have a couple of benches set up in our booth chock full of the newest tools for jewelers to try before they purchase. This is always a pretty hot area during the show. See the latest tools here.

“Jewelers are always looking for the latest and greatest bench tools to make their jobs more enjoyable.” – Tammy Kidder, VP tools and supplies

Diamond and Gemstone Brilliance

  1. Lab-grown diamonds remained a popular topic over the course of the show. Several organizations gave presentations on identifying, testing, disclosing, etc. synthetic stones. See our own G.G. Harold Dupuy, talk about lab-grown diamonds during one of Stuller’s live demos. For more video on diamond screening, see here.
  2. Responsible sourcing of not only diamonds, but also gemstones was on jewelers’ minds. The Responsible Jewelry Council gave a presentation on this topic during the show. See Stuller’s own gemstone journey here.
    gemstones; jck
  3. Color is making a comeback. According to our gemstone experts, jewelers asked more questions about colored stone options than they’ve seen in a long time. “They were excited to see what we had on display, which included some whoppers like a 10ct yellow sapphire and 8ct aquamarine. And they [jewelers] talked about how beautiful the stones would look in a custom design they had in mind. It was very positive overall,” says Gemstone Product Manager Ashley Corley. See Ashley talk about Black Box Gemstones® at the Stuller booth here.

Vegas wasn’t all work, however. We had a great time talking to Lauren Stuller about what the show means to her. Introduced first timers and discussed progress with vets. And not to mention the live demos and other great items launched at the show. See EVERYTHING you missed from Vegas here.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all that stopped by our booth. We love getting to visit with our customers. And in closing, we’d like to let you hear Matt Stuller’s thoughts on this year’s show. Until next year!