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Gemvision Looks Ahead to JCK Las Vegas

New updates and releases coming soon to JCK

Summertime is here, and that means it’s time for JCK. This year due to COVID, JCK will happen late in August.

We like to announce good news at JCK because we meet with so many of our customers and get their feedback about the new releases.

In the last months, Gemvision has worked on different fronts. I’ll review them one by one, so you can get an idea of what we’ll present at JCK.


MatrixGold JCK Updates

We have been working to adapt MatrixGold to the new Rhino7. After a BETA period, we can now release the official version of MatrixGold on Rhino 7.

This new version brings the robust QuadRemesh algorithm that creates a beautiful quad mesh from NURBS geometry or meshes. With this new feature, you can upload STL’s in MatrixGold and create a SUB D geometry on top of it. Once you create the geometry, you can edit any part of it.

We’ve also added new models to the Clayoo library, offering you more starting points when modeling.

And we’ve adapted the new render engine to MatrixGold, giving you the Denoiser option. This adaptation makes renders faster than on Rhino6  — in fact, faster than ever!


We also have news on CounterSketch Streaming, the subscription option Gemvision offers.

CounterSketch Streaming users will now have the option to import files within CounterSketch and export any renders they create from their models. This new feature will allow them to share their designs on any digital channel — and we all know how important is this, right?

On top of this news, we’ll also present our new website and the New Gemvision Forum!!!!

The Gemvision Forum is something that many customers have been asking for a while. We are aware that we serve a great community, and we hope that the forum will be the right place where everyone can meet and share their experiences about our software.

As you can imagine, we are excited to fly to JCK and hope you can attend too.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss Gemvision’s advances and the many ways they’ll help you work more efficiently and creatively.


Oriol Collelldemont

Gemvision Product Management Director

I've been in the jewelry trade my entire life – from working at the bench to managing • I live in Barcelona, though I lived in Australia for 4 years • I love to see the excited faces of those receiving a special piece of jewelry • When I'm not traveling, I love to stay with family and ride my bicycle with my group of friends (as long as we stop to have a good breakfast!)