365 Days and Counting: A Pandemic Reflection

I can no longer get my mind to lock in on exactly when I became aware of a new virus in the world. It must have been around February of 2020, and it seemed far away from me and us. Our 50th anniversary year started off in a great direction with your support, and then, as the news grew darker everything stopped. On March 23, 2020, Stuller closed its doors in compliance with the state of Louisiana’s “stay at home” order. We all wondered what was next, what we could touch, where we could go, and when things would return to normal.

From March 23rd forward we began to plan how we could get back to serving our customers ASAP. Stuller changed its everyday functions: temperature checks, face masks, social distancing, sanitizing all spaces (over and over) to create a safe environment for our associates. Once we all adapted to the “new normal,” we were hit with not one, but two major hurricanes.

But we did not let that stop us.

We worked hard, adapted, and overcame every obstacle in our path. Stuller associates never lost hope. In fact, these tribulations have only caused us to grow stronger as a family and stronger as a community. Knowing that packages never stopped going out, orders continued to be filled, and we served you each day — brings us the deepest satisfaction of all.

They say the darkest hours are just before dawn. I witnessed the truth of that statement firsthand. As a company we persevered, and because of that, we are only more hopeful, strong, and eager to work toward the future. Along the way, we learned new skills and new ways of getting things done to become a better company. Without you, we would not have made it through these trying times. It is truly a good feeling knowing our customers stand by our side through thick and thin. You can always count on us!

We are all blessed to be a small piece of an industry that makes the world a better place. With joy and gratitude, we thank you for allowing us to be part of that journey with you.

Danny Clark

Stuller Inc.

2021, Finally!

Ah, 2021! There’s something about a new beginning – that feeling of turning the page, writing a new chapter in our lives, and dreaming of the possibilities beyond the horizon.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were wrapping up 2019 here at Stuller, gearing up for a fresh start in a new year. We had hustled through the holidays, feeling that we achieved a great deal in partnership with you. We were excited about sharing our new products and services with your teams in 2020. At the top of our list was seeing you face to face at Bridge, Bench Jeweler’s Workshop, training events, trade shows, and in your hometown location during field visits. Everything seemed possible and in order at that time.

And then, the world stopped.

The year 2020 happened and everything that came before was defined anew and kept being redefined – over and over and over. In the years to come, I anticipate a lot of ‘this and that’ regarding the story of 2020. There will be historians and pundits trying to make sense out of what is hard to make sense of. It was stunning and unprecedented, and we had no roadmap. Part of me felt like Forrest Gump – Run Forrest, Run!

But we did not run. Instead, we stood together and faced the challenges in front of us. Zoom calls, curbside delivery, by-appointment visits, new safety protocols, and home delivery all jump started or expanded throughout the year. New skills, new ways, new everything.

We have incredible plans to help you grow your business in 2021, and believe it or not, we owe a great deal to 2020. The struggle has made us stronger, more agile, more interdependent, and more committed. The battle felt personal at times, and we had to constantly lean on each other to find light in the day. We had to fill-in, step up, hold-on, say our prayers, and have faith. Like you, we had our struggles, our ups and downs, and our wins and losses along the way. All the while, you kept on striving, fighting, and winning your own battles; and we are grateful that we were able to assist.

Thank you for supporting us.

Matt Stuller founded the company on what seems like a very simple premise today: If someone could have what the customer needs, at the right quality, in stock, ready to ship, and offer that product with a smile – that would probably be a pretty good business model.

We are grateful to be at your service in 2021: full of hope, energy, fresh ideas, lasting promises, and a new resilience that we earned together.

Danny Clark

Stuller Inc.