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Stunning Diamond Stud Earrings in 3, 2, 1!

Pick and choose classic diamond stud earrings for your perfect everyday style.

The days of diamond studs being only for special occasions are over. Diamond stud earrings come in all shapes and sizes, making it the perfect accessory for everyday style, as well as special events. We’re seeing diamond studs being worn in all different ways, from stacking to mix-and-matching, each trend speaking to each customer’s personal style. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into three diamond stud earring trends that are sure to be a hit for your customers. 

Classic Cocktail-Styles

When it comes to the classic diamond stud earrings, a cocktail-style is considered to be one of the most popular styles. Its name comes from the resemblance of a martini or cocktail glass when glanced at from its profile. The style itself is typically made of four prongs or three prongs. Stuller is happy to say that we sell both styles. A prime characteristic of this setting is its narrow base, whose design differs from that of a basket-style or the crown-style settings, and the diamond is set low in the frame, close to the ear. Setting the stone closer to the earlobe improves the balance of the stud whenever being worn. Making this a perfect classic diamond stud earring that can be worn every day. 

Shop cocktail-style diamond stud earrings here.

cocktail-style diamond stud earrings

Bold Bezel Settings

For the second classic diamond stud, a bezel setting is next on the list. This sleek style adds extra security to diamond studs, making them perfect for your contemporary and active customers. Although this setting is a modern and bold statement, bezel settings are among the oldest jewelry settings used throughout history. Because a bezel setting surrounds your diamond, it can also add to the circumference. This helps with the security of diamond studs while also giving the look and appearance of a larger stone. Today, these settings provide an ideal blend of old and new to create a fresh, modern, yet classic look to your diamond stud earrings. 

Shop bezel-set diamond stud earrings here.

bezel-set diamond stud earrings

Smaller Carat Sizes

The best pieces come in small packages! This can be true whenever it comes to diamond stud earrings. More petite and dainty diamond studs have become more popular for people that enjoy the look of a busy ear that’s full of diamonds. If your customer is someone who has many piercings in their ears and wants to adorn them with diamonds, a smaller carat size may be the best option in order to prevent overcrowding.  With a smaller carat total weight, creating the perfect ear stack is easy. 

Shop diamond stud earrings with a variety of carat sizes here.

diamond stud earrings

The options are endless whenever it comes to choosing the perfect diamond stud. Help your customers pick by shopping the wide variety of sizes, styles, and shapes we offer on  


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