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A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Chain [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Imagine a customer bursts into your store proclaiming, “I want a chain!” The following dialogue is sure to follow as you guide your new customer to the perfect chain selection–


“What style chain would you like? Well, there’s box chain, cable chain, rope chain, wheat chain — we have several choices. Okay now, which metal would you like? Hold on. I don’t think platinum is in your budget. May I suggest 14K white gold? Ahhhh perfect! Well, sir, I think a 16-inch chain might be a little short for you. How about 24 inches instead? Okay fine, let’s meet in the middle at 20 inches. Excellent! May I suggest a lobster clasp? Great! Now let’s pick the perfect pendant . . .”

Choosing your chain doesn’t have to be a hassle. Quicken the experience with these five simple steps:

1. Start with a chain style

Stuller’s four best-selling styles — cable, wheat, rope, and box chains — are the most popular styles. And we feature them in our chain kit making it an optimal selling tool.

For men: When choosing your chain, keep in mind that men generally gravitate toward wider widths such as 3mm and higher. Styles like Figaro and Curb are trendy favorites.

For women: When it comes to widths and styles, popular women’s choices are more varied. As a rule of thumb, average chain width for women is around 1mm and the most common styles are cable, rope, and wheat chains.

*Note: the four most popular chain styles mentioned are not gender-specific and are equally popular with both men and women.

2. Choose metal quality

Did you know that yellow gold tends to be the preferred metal choice for Stuller customers? However, Sterling Silver isn’t too far behind when analyzing demand. in fact, Sterling Silver is a reasonable alternative to gold when it comes to price point while remaining on-trend. And luckily, neither gold nor sterling silver is gender specific.

Choosing your chain metal types

3. Determine chain length

Our most common chain length sold is 18 inches. When it comes down to gender, women gravitate toward 16” and 18”, while men generally look for longer lengths like 20” and 24”.

Layering has become a huge trend, specifically when it comes to necklaces. By layering the varying lengths of a chain (with or without a pendant), customers can express their own personal style. From 14 inches all the way to 24 inches, the options are endless.

We also see choker chains resurface as a popular trend, which typically ranges from 14 to 16 inches in length.

Choosing your chain necklace lengths

4. Pick a clasp assembly

For a price point item, a spring ring is a suitable clasp choice. And for a more substantial chain, a lobster clasp is commonly used.

Clasps are versatile with both men and women’s chains. However, since men prefer a more substantial chain, Stuller offers an extensive line of heavier lobster clasps to support those larger chain dimensions. Lobster or barrel clasps would also suit larger chains while still appealing to most men.

Stuller carries a broad array of clasps, from very simple to ornately detailed. Of course, all of our clasps are stylish, but we particularly like 22560 208214012249 which have more decorative design detail and are available in many sizes to accommodate most chains.

Also, when choosing your chain, it’s important to keep different levels of clasp security in mind based on the customer’s needs.

choosing your chain findings clasps
From L to R: 2246327628833


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5. Pair with a pendant

At last, you’ve chosen the perfect chain! Now it’s time to pair it with the perfect pendant. We are constantly adding new styles to our assortment and the web is updated daily with the latest releases and trends.

Find all of our newest pendant and necklace styles here


Here’s a tip: Bookmark our Advanced Chain Search on This phenomenal resource allows your search to be as broad or specific as you need. Also, our new 2019-2020 Mountings Catalog has our full chain assortment, with millimeter widths, metal quality, and pricing. And best of all, every chain featured in the catalog is scaled to size!

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