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Pink sapphire and pearl earrings




Pearls are always a mainstay in fashion circles. Add in a pop of  color, such as the pink cubic zirconias in these earrings, for a fresh look.


Findings Used 

14kt White 1.7-2mm Round 9-Stone Cluster Top
           536              Round 9-Stone Top Plate

2.5mm Round Faceted Pink Cubic Zirconia
        CZ-SYN          Round Lab Created Pink Cubic Zirconias

14kt White 6mm Pearl Cap Dangle
        28576             Pearl Cap Dangle



cluster plate
1. Choose two opposite corners of the cluster plate and solder a jump ring to each.

cluster plate cubic zirconias
2. Prepolish your cluster plate, and set the pink cubic zirconias.

bishop hook
3. Assemble the bishop hook and dangle component. Solder the jump rings closed. Give it a final polish.

4. Test your pearls for proper fit. Adjust the drill hole if necessary to allow space for adhesive. Use a pearl specific adhesive to bond pearl and dangle together. Let it dry.


Tools Used

       26-4013              GRS Graversmith        Pneumatic Power Tool

1.00mm to 3.00mm Pearl Drill Set
         53-1200            Pearl Drill Set

         47-3297             Gray Star Rouge

      34-2242     Foredom® Jewelers Kit with H.20 Handpiece

          16-6056           Stuller Select Mounted Extra Soft Bristle Brushes

         26-6010      Devcon® Epoxy 330

Shawn Albert

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