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A Revolutionary Sterling Silver.

Lafayette, LA (30 August 2012) – Challenged to create a sterling silver that was anti-tarnish, bright white, cost effective and harder than any other on the market, Stuller is proud to introduce its new patent-pending silver alloy, Continuum™ Sterling Silver.

The metal is by far the hardest sterling silver ever developed by the prime manufacturer, containing more than 95% precious metal content and featuring a variety of benefits for the jeweler including:

  • Easy to work with
  • Exceptionally tarnish resistant
  • As-cast hardness of 95 to 115 HV
  • Strong enough to hold both large stones and melee
  • Can be easily age hardened up to 150 HV
  • Durable, wear-resistant and long lasting
  • Can be reused without costly replenishers

“The fact that Continuum casts 35% harder than regular sterling is what makes this metal truly unique,” says Darrell Warren, VP Merchandising. “It is comparable to the ‘as-cast’ feel of 14kt gold, establishing a new standard for sterling silver gem-setting.”

“This makes manufacturing intricate and light designs possible with exceptional durability,” continues Warren. “Tests have shown that even after soldering Continuum retains temper very well.”

Victor Joyner of H.D. Pattern Co. in Chicago is an avid user and advocate of Continuum, discovering he could use less of the metal than traditional sterling silver and still produce a higher quality result.

“In recent years, I’d been searching for a cost-effective sterling silver alloy as an alternative to gold and platinum to use in production. I needed the price point of sterling silver, but a metal hardness suitable for diamond setting– a combination difficult to find,” says Joyner. “After being introduced to Continuum, my search was over. It feels as though I am working with and setting in gold. I can achieve the look and strength I require using less than half the metal I would need with traditional sterling. This new alloy is a major milestone for fine jewelry and my jewelry manufacturing clients overseas agree.”

One major jewelry-manufacturing house in India has tested Continuum by casting findings and thin, delicate silver jewelry items. Pleased with the results, they’re eager to work with “such an excellent product”.

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Stuller, Inc. is headquartered in Lafayette, LA and was founded by Matthew Stuller in 1970. The DTC Sightholder provides a wide range of goods and services for jewelry professionals. Stuller’s core product categories include: diamonds, gemstones, finished jewelry, mountings, findings, bridal jewelry, tools, supplies and digital solutions.