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Gemvision Announces End-of-Production for the Revo540CX

Davenport, IA (March 13, 2014) – Gemvision’s mission to deliver current, relevant tools and services to jewelry retailers and manufacturers in today’s dynamic market is driven by change. For this reason, Gemvision is announcing the retirement of the Revo540 Milling System.

In August of 2003, Gemvision launched the first Revo540 mill, offering a turnkey CAM solution to complement its Matrix CAD counterpart. Gemvision led the industry first-to-market with a CNC mill specifically for the jewelry industry, boasting fixtures designed specifically for standard jewelry items, and it continues to be the industry leader to this day.

“We strongly believe that the Revo540CX ease-of-use, simple integration into existing manufacturing processes and low cost consumables is an ideal turnkey solution for manufacturing jewelers. But we also want to stay focused on how to provide the most value to our clients.” says Doug Kerns, Director of Sales for Gemvision.

As the jewelry business continues to evolve, so does the responsibility for leaders in all sectors of the industry. When trends emerge that others may perceive as problems, Gemvision confronts them as opportunities to deliver products and services that help retail and manufacturing-based jewelers.

“When we look to the future, we have to focus on tools and services that make the retail jeweler the hero,” says Jeff High, President of Gemvision and Chief Merchandising Officer of Stuller. “We will be concentrating Gemvision’s design and development efforts on providing tools and services that create a unique customer experience for retailers around the world. This allows jewelers to focus on their own businesses and customer’s, while letting Gemvision focus on what that same customer will demand next year, five years from now, and beyond.”

Gemvision will continue to offer warranties, support, and training on all Revo540 products. The Gemvision support team is standing by to answer your calls, assist with tool path creation, and offer training classes from basic to advanced levels, allowing developmental efforts to focus on creating the most robust tools for the future. Gemvision is imagining tomorrow’s technology today.