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Mix Pantone Pairings with Spring Jewelry Trends

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Sell with color by contrasting warm tones with cool colors

Six more long weeks of winter. That’s what Punxsutawney Phil predicted after seeing his shadow earlier this month. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel; spring is just a few weeks away, and you know what that means — spring fashion! Are you ready for it?

Spring Jewelry Trends Warm Desert Sunset Gemstones Spring Jewelry Trends Intrigue Gemstones

With London’s Fashion Week coming to a close, we saw eye-catching metallic and sequined textures along with many plaid and rainbow patterns. And not surprisingly, these looks translate into spring jewelry trends. We’re predicting lots of color for springtime, from chocolate-colored diamonds to Ultra Violet-colored amethyst. In fact, according to our current blog poll, rainbow-colored gemstone jewelry is increasingly popular this year.

After extensive review, here’s the merchandising game plan: sell colorful designs by contrasting warm tones with cool colors, creating unrivaled spring jewelry trends

Warm Desert Sunset Tones

Spring jewelry trends desert sunset color pairing

Springtime and sunshine go hand in hand. So what better way to create spring jewelry trends than with red-hot gemstones? We’re seeing a rise in organic, fluid shapes coupled with throwback stone shapes, like marquise. And of course, stackables are hot hot hot! Follow Pantone’s Desert Sunset color pairing to merge fierce stones like Mozambique garnet, Mexican fire opal, and citrine with fiery yellow and rose gold metals.

Cool, Intriguing Colors

Spring Jewelry Trends Intrigue color pairing

Keep it cool by pairing icy blue tones with Ultra Violet, Pantone’s 2018 color of the year. From the runway to the red carpet, everyone is embracing the layered trend. A stone cluster necklace layered with multiple strands lets customers take a simple outfit to the next level. When merchandising your cases, layer two necklaces on a neck form and your customers will fall in love with both pieces!

Celebrate color when conjuring spring jewelry trends this year!



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