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New Content in the MatrixGold Academy

All the information you need to know to make the switch.

It´s always a pleasure to put these blogs together and update our users on what is going on in the world of Gemvision.

We are in the later phases of the evolution of some Gemvision products such as Matrix® and RhinoGold®, so I am writing this letter to communicate where we are today and where we’re heading to support our loyal customers. We genuinely believe in a ‘No Customer Left Behind’ strategy, which is the main reason for this communication.   

Make the Switch 

We know that Matrix and RhinoGold are becoming more outdated as we have focused all of our development time on MatrixGold® and CounterSketch®. Matrix has become obsolete in many respects, from the written code to the lack of design tools such as parametric design. Therefore, Matrix and RhinoGold users will eventually need to take a step forward by adopting MatrixGold.   

Flagship products like Matrix have had a 20+ year run that has changed how we create jewelry today. However, this later evolutionary phase of Matrix and RhinoGold must be recognized early enough so that users can move to a newer CAD software without interruption to their business. The good news is that MatrixGold is an innovative software with a distinct workflow that Matrix and RhinoGold users will immediately recognize. 

From the Gemvision side, we are mainly focused on two different fronts:  

  1. The first one is to have a continuous improvement mindset by adding new tools and features for designers worldwide. It’s never complete, but it can be a mindset.  
  1. The second one is to communicate effectively with our customers and give them the most straightforward path towards transitioning to MatrixGold entirely. 

Updates to MatrixGold Academy 

As we all know, the Matrix Academy has always been considered the ideal learning platform to become a proficient designer in Matrix. Today, the MatrixGold Academy is at an equivalent level. We have been hard at work creating video content that takes you through designing specific styles in MatrixGold vs. how you would have completed it in Matrix. These videos have brought a sigh of relief to many that have successfully transitioned. In the coming days, we will upload more new content of the same structure. These videos will walk you through similar content and inform you of the advantages of the latest tools within the parametric design.

Matrix and MatrixGold Academy

Save While You Transition 

For the next 9 to 12 months, we will be offering ‘transitional pricing’ to those loyal customers that currently own Matrix or RhinoGold and would like to take the leap to the new and improved programs. Beyond the 50% qualified software discount, you will also be able to keep your older license of Matrix/RhinoGold and use both as you transition successfully without interruption to your business.  

If you are ready to move forward with MatrixGold, contact a Gemvision Solution Specialist by emailing them at to learn more and start a trial session. You will be given access to the MatrixGold Academy and will be able to discover more about the new MatrixGold.  

Talk to you next month! 


Oriol Collelldemont

Gemvision Product Management Director

I've been in the jewelry trade my entire life – from working at the bench to managing • I live in Barcelona, though I lived in Australia for 4 years • I love to see the excited faces of those receiving a special piece of jewelry • When I'm not traveling, I love to stay with family and ride my bicycle with my group of friends (as long as we stop to have a good breakfast!)