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it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s my dad

Jenni Moreau shares her favorite products for the man who does it all!

Dad. Daddy. Super hero. Mr. Fix It. Classic gentleman. You can pick whichever name you want to use, but they all apply to the same person where I’m concerned. I have a very special relationship with my father, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m 100% daddy’s girl and his princess. To me, my dad is the most amazing person in the world. He worked two jobs my entire life, and many times, he took on side jobs, too. We never went without, and he never complained. Instead, he is always the life of the room and could make anyone laugh with his odd ball sense of humor. He is always there for us when we need him.

If that weren’t enough, my dad was also an active part of our church. Every Sunday he would take the time to dress the part of a classic gentleman. He was not flashy, but he did have special touches like a freshly pressed shirt with a tie and nice tie bar. For Father’s Day, my mom would help us buy him new shirts, cufflinks, ties, etc. One special year, when my siblings and I were all working, we put our money together and got him a nice wrist watch with his initials engraved into the back. This watch has become my dad’s most prized possession, and it warms my heart every time I see him wearing it.

Thinking back on those fond memories prompted me to start a tradition with my own family. Every year, I buy my husband a fine jewelry accessory for our daughter to give him. She knows that when we go somewhere special, daddy will wear that unique watch or bracelet that she gave him. Part of their routine is for her to help him put the accessory on because that is what daddies’ little girls do.





Of course, I still buy something for my dad as well. What kind of a daddy’s girl would I be if I didn’t? Below, I picked out three of my favorite items that I would give to my dad. They lean more to the classy side, which is totally his style.

And, if your dad has a more modern style here are some pieces for you. These pieces below is what I would pick out for my husband.








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Do you do something special for Dad every year? Share your Father’s Day traditions with us in the comments section.


Jenni Moreau

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