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Gemvision® Virtual Summit 2024 — What To Expect

Discover what awaits you when you sign up for one of our most exciting online events of the year.

At Stuller, we continually strive to provide unparalleled industry knowledge and resources that will help elevate your jewelry business to new levels. From our products and services to our in-house expertise and digital customization solutions, our goal is to offer accessible resources that promote your growth in the jewelry industry.

From June 12–14, 2024, attend our 2024 Gemvision Virtual Summit to delve into market and jewelry trends and explore AI technology as an innovative solution for jewelry designers to enhance design creativity and refine production processes. Our three-day online event aims to equip attendees with actionable ideas and strategies to elevate their businesses in the jewelry industry.

Why Should You Attend?

Explore Industry Trends

Keep up with the newest industry advances, explore market trends, learn about AI technology as CAD assistance, and discover standout jewelry styles in Southern Asia and the United States. Learn about the digital solutions offered by Gemvision to expand your business.

Real-Time Interaction With Experts

Engage in real-time interactions with industry experts to gain fresh ideas and practical insights aimed at enhancing your business. Connect with Gemvision representatives to explore the best CAD solution for your business needs.

Get Inspired

Listen to the success stories of other customers and how they have increased their company’s efficiency and productivity — thanks to Gemvision’s digital solutions.

Featured Speakers

2024 Gemvision Virtual Summit Sessions

Delving Into Jewelry Industry Trends and Insights

Wednesday, June 12, 2024    

11:00 a.m.­–12:00 p.m. CDT (1 Hour)

Stuller professionals will provide important information and insights to help your company grow and guide you on the right path. Gain a comprehensive view into present and future industry trends, consumer behavior, and proven business strategies. We’ll uncover the obstacles and opportunities facing businesses, empowering you to confidently pave your path, drive your business ahead, and achieve success. 

Topics covered in this session include

  • Jewelry industry overview
  • Economy
  • E-commerce
  • Diamond dilemma
  • Custom bridal
  • Customer business case: Lauren Priori LLC, independent jewelry designer
  • Live Q&A

MatrixGold® and AI Technology — Inspiring Creativity and Optimizing Efficiency

Thursday, June 13, 2024   

11:00 a.m.­–12:00 p.m. CDT (1 Hour)

Mohsen Mohammad Vali, Gemvision educational partner in Thailand, will guide you through the transformative power of MatrixGold and artificial intelligence, unlocking new levels of creativity and efficiency in jewelry design. He will highlight specific AI-powered functionalities unique to MatrixGold, showcasing how they expedite and elevate the design process. Additionally, he will delve into generative AI tools that act as great assistants in generating design variations based on specified criteria, such as style, material, and customer preferences.

Topics covered in this session include

  • Integration of AI in jewelry design with MatrixGold
  • Use generative AI tools as powerful assistants in sparking creativity
  • Parametric modeling for customization and adaptability
  • Future trends in AI-driven jewelry design with MatrixGold
  • Live Q&A

Emerging Jewelry Trends in Southern Asia and Bridal Trends in the United States

Friday, June 14, 2024   

11:00 a.m.­–12:00 p.m. CDT (1 Hour)

Explore the latest jewelry trends in Southern Asia with insights from Avinash Singh, MatrixGold instructor at Cascade Star India. He will unveil top jewelry trends inspired by nature, animals, and minimalism, while Katelyn Meche, Stuller’s director of bridal, showcases trending styles in the United States. Discover how Oriol Collelldemont, Gemvision product director, seamlessly integrates MatrixGold and CounterSketch to create on-trend jewelry pieces.

Topics covered in this session include

  • Nature-inspired and minimalistic jewelry trends in Southern Asia
  • The impact of celebrity influence on jewelry trends
  • Asymmetry, double-row bands, and modern interpretation of a signet ring, among other trends in the United States
  • Creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using MatrixGold and CounterSketch
  • Live Q&A

How To Register

Attend Gemvision Virtual Summit 2024 and gain access to years of industry knowledge to elevate your custom jewelry business. Register now by clicking the link below or contact a Stuller representative if you need assistance. Please email inquiries to, or call 800-357-6272 for direct support.

Embrace. Transform. Empower.

To learn more about the benefits of attending, visit our registration website to begin your journey — and be sure to save the date! Join the conversation on social media by using #GemvisionSummit2024.


Yiset Lopez

Gemvision Digital Marketing Manager