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Family Ties

The Story of a Mother & Daughter’s Journey at Stuller

After more than 53 years in business, many generations have walked through the halls of Stuller. With such a large generational reach, it’s no surprise that several employees have found themselves working alongside family members. The family ties run deep and continue to grow as Stuller fosters a culture where people want to build a lasting career, allowing for many familial relations to overlap. From father and son to grandson and granddaughter to husband and wife, there’s relations across a variety of departments. Even Matt Stuller has the honor of saying he works alongside his daughters.

As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, I’d like to highlight one mother and daughter duo’s experience in particular — Dawn and Allison Provost. Let’s dive into their journeys at Stuller and how they enjoy the experience of working in the same building as the person who knows them best.

Meet Dawn Provost

Dawn Provost, mother of Allison Provost, has worked at Stuller for 3 years now. She works in the customer experience department as a senior customer experience learning & development and QA manager.

When asking Dawn’s peers what it’s like to work with her, the sentiment was unanimous. Dawn is viewed as someone who is kind, compassionate, and empathetic while being able to cultivate a creative environment that others feel welcome in. She has an attention to detail that continuously helps her team to raise the bar, and it is evident how much she cares for those she works with.

So, what does Dawn think of getting to work with her daughter nearby? Let’s find out!

What’s it like working at the same place as your daughter?

“I LOVE IT! We work in different areas of the campus, so we don’t get to see one another every day or even every week sometimes. When we do, it’s like getting an unexpected, sweet surprise. To see her smile and thrive professionally makes my mom heart deeply proud. Being with her — even for a moment — instantly and positively elevates the rest of my day.”

What’s one fond memory you have from working at Stuller together?

“I have two that instantly come to mind. The first — observing her focusing on configuring stones in our system for one of our customers. The second — having the opportunity to take a picture together for an 80’s day celebration.”

What’s something you’ve heard from coworkers about your daughter that made you proud?

“I have been told that she is very inquisitive. Any time she has asked for help, it has never been for someone to give her the answer. She wants to learn from what someone is telling her so that she can do the task on her own next time. She genuinely wants to help others and has such a great attitude.” 

It’s no surprise that this momma beams with pride seeing her daughter in a working environment, but what is the experience like from Allison’s side?

Meet Allison Provost

Allison Provost, daughter of Dawn Provost, has worked at Stuller for 10 months now — to the day! Allison works on the diamond and gemstone sales team as a diamond and gemstone service specialist.

While still getting accustomed to all the innerworkings of Stuller, Allison’s peers can already see the impact she is beginning to make in her role. They enjoy getting to work with her and love that she is so curious and eager to learn. It’s evident that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Let’s dive into her experience so far of working with her mom nearby.

What’s it like working at the same place as your mom?

“Working at the same company as my mom is the best! Of course, there is much comfort in knowing she is always there — but beyond that, I feel inspired by a side of her I get to see more clearly. I’ve always looked up to my mom, but now I’m able to admire the way she carries herself in a professional environment. Sharing a workplace like Stuller reminds me of how much better our days are spent together.”

What’s one fond memory you have from working at Stuller together?

We’ve made some great memories since I’ve started. My favorite memory took place during the holiday season last year. We were both working a half-day to help the Friday before Christmas Eve. My mom decided to make our extra time special by picking me up in the morning for a coffee run. That day went on to be one of my favorites thanks to all the Stuller employees who made it so warm and cheerful. We got to embrace all the decorated doors and carolers involved in making that day unforgettable. During my breaks, I visited my mom in her department and worked on Christmas trivia together. After our short workday, we wished our shared friends at Stuller a Merry Christmas and went on our way to continue spending the holidays together.”

What’s something you’ve heard from coworkers about your mom that made you proud?

“I’m proud to learn that many of our coworkers felt impacted enough by her smile to nominate her as a Stuller S.E.R.V.E. Star — an internal honor that is annually awarded to 5 people within the company who exemplify the pillars of our company culture. I’m forever proud to be her mini-me!”

It’s clear to see how much love is shared between these two.

A Lasting Bond

The level of love and support Dawn and Allison have for each other is undeniable. It is truly something special to be able to work in such close proximity to a family member and be able to support them while having your own professional success. Stuller is proud to be a home for so many pairs like Dawn and Allison and looks forward to continuing to foster a culture where family can build careers together.

As we acknowledge the special bond shared between Dawn and Allison, we’d like to wish all the incredible moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day who, like Dawn, continue to love and support their children in all aspects of their lives.

For anyone still in need of finding the perfect gift for Mom, let Stuller be your resource to provide your customers with a piece that shows Mom how much she is appreciated.   


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