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Find Your Bridal Era: Ring Pairings Inspired By Taylor Swift

find your taylor swift engagement ring

Check out these engagement rings and wedding bands reflecting Taylor Swift's record-breaking discography.

Have you ever done something and felt like it’s what you were meant to do? That’s how I feel writing this blog right now. Coming off the thrill of seeing musical sensation Taylor Swift (pardon me, that’s DOCTOR Taylor Allison Swift) live for her Eras Tour has left me completely in awe of this icon — a feeling I believe many can relate to. I simply had to make this experience a part of my personality and find a way to make it relevant at work.


Thankfully, I am not alone in this endeavor. Joined by fellow Swifties on the Stuller bridal team, I had a thought. This tour has been a sweeping sensation on social media. I mean, who isn’t setting an alarm every concert night for the approximate time she will be playing her surprise songs and jumping onto TikTok for the livestreams? I’ve also seen multiple proposals during “Love Story” circulating online — truly a fantasy of all our dreams. And where there are proposals, there are engagement rings. Thus, our work-relevant reason to obsess over Taylor Swift during our 9-to-5 took form.


Obsessing over a master of love, my bridal Swiftie crew and I began a search for not only the perfect Taylor Swift engagement ring but a true bridal pairing. We found that as Taylor has evolved through the years in her many eras, so has bridal jewelry. So, rather than finding one pairing, we were inspired by the many eras of Taylor Swift and the design features they reflect.


Travel through our round-up of Taylor Swift’s albums and see the bridal pairings we feel represent each era best.

How many Taylor Swift song titles and lyrics can I sneak into this blog post? Read through to the end and see if you can catch them all!


Hint: Album titles don’t count unless they are also the titles of a song. Section headers don’t count.

Taylor Swift: The Debut Album

Taylor Swift’s first studio album, which fans affectionately call the debut album, represents feelings of innocence, young love, and hope. It truly resembles her country roots. For this album, we loved the simplicity and sweetness found in an accented engagement ring with hidden accent stones in the gallery paired with a rope and milgrain edge classic wedding band. This elegant pairing puts the best foot forward and helps one Swiftie-loving couple find their place in this world.


The next era always stood out to me as a daring jump into being yourself while boldly in love. It’s a brave crossover of styles as she embraced more pop elements mixed into her country roots. Above all, it’s the sparkle and flash that make all eyes turn to you when you walk into the room.


Our ring pairing is just as fierce and fearless with a pear-shape accented engagement ring with a split-shank design. The wedding band also took a confident turn with a men’s solitaire style featuring a knife-edge shank and ornate detailing surrounding the center stone. I can’t think of many better ring pairings that just scream forever and always for a special couple.

Speak Now

The next album is my personal favorite. In truth, the best moment of my life was screaming the lyrics to “Enchanted” at the Houston stop of the Eras Tour. Don’t get me started on my excitement for the July 7th release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). For me, this album was a little experimental for Taylor. The style for this album would be outgoing and eye-catching.


To represent this era, we felt an engagement ring and wedding band pairing of contrasting design aesthetics would be most appropriate. For the engagement ring, we chose a crown-inspired ring (long live, my queen!) that’s reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period with its softer design features. In contrast, the wedding band featuring alternating oval and baguette diamonds represents the Art Deco movement. Let me tell you, sparks fly with this enchanting pairing.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling this next album and ring pairing. Red represents Taylor’s early adult years, where she learned all too well how to move forward after heartbreak. And like any woman with a bold red lip color, she stepped into her own and thrived.


To complement the strong feelings evoked in this album as well as the retro vibes seen in the visuals for it, we chose a vintage-inspired halo-style engagement ring featuring the boldest of Rubies paired with a three-stone anniversary band. Can you imagine wearing these rings? Wouldn’t you be the lucky one?


Her next album named after the year she was born has a style all its own. Assistant Bridal Product Manager Leighton Higbee loves this album because the chic, trendy, and glamorous feelings we are getting from it just scream “Welcome to New York”.


As such, we looked for the rings of our wildest dreams. Inspired by the trending shape, we selected an accented solitaire with a marquise-shaped center paired with an anniversary band featuring marquise diamonds.


Senior Director of Bridal Alex Stuller stepped up to the plate and was far from delicate when she helped make the pairing for her favorite album. Reputation is edgy, daring, and rebellious, so the bridal jewelry should reflect that.


Alex took a non-traditional route when making this ring pairing. The first ring is a men’s emerald-shape solitaire ring. Conversely, the second ring is a black Tungsten band set with imitation Black Zircon. Call it what you want — we call it gorgeous.


I know I need to calm down with this list, but I can’t help it! The next album took a complete turn and gave more of a romantic, whimsical, soft, and feminine vibe. Trying not to remember how bitter we all were to have missed Taylor’s Lover Fest tour experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we picked something a little better than the paper rings we made in those years.


It would honestly be foolish to pass up the opportunity to have a rose gold and heart-shaped stone moment with the Lover album. As a result, we paired an engagement ring and wedding band that are sure to stack well together and absolutely sparkle with love in the bright daylight.


During our pandemic exile, Taylor gifted us with the first of two surprise albums. Folklore represents an inner journey told through the plot of a story. There’s solitude, but not loneliness in the voyage to peace. Her visual aesthetic for this Indie album reflects cottagecore with strong natural elements.


While far from minimalist, Folklore was definitely more reserved than the previous Lover album. This more lowkey ring pairing is connected to our hearts with an invisible string. We adore the subtle scrollwork and dainty stones accenting both the engagement ring and anniversary band — the perfect symbols for a lasting and soft love story.


Evermore, our second pandemic surprise album, has a similar aesthetic as Folklore, but is still distinctly different. While Folklore had that woodsy, cottagecore vibe, Evermore has a more witchy, fairycore look. The songs themselves were individual stories she created that followed their own plots. Long story short, this was a continuation of Folklore but with a vibe of being comfortably nestled on a couch wrapped in a blanket — so, basically, my complete happiness.


The style of these rings certainly pairs well with the Folklore rings, but we wanted to find a little more whimsy to the design. This engagement ring and wedding band pairing features ivy-inspired scrollwork with non-traditional stone placement, such as the accents around the setting on the engagement ring and the east-west orientation of the oval-shaped diamond in the wedding band.


Dear reader, if you’ve made it through the labyrinth of Taylor Swift’s discography and stayed with me this far, you’re a true Swiftie at heart. Time for the final ring pairing inspired by the most recent album of this musical mastermind.


Midnights gave me feelings of nostalgia mixed with late-night adventures. This positively bejeweled engagement ring and anniversary band pairing has the perfect touch of vintage inspiration and sparkle to shine like the stars at night.

There we go! Ten ring pairings for the ten eras of Taylor Swift. Thank you for joining me on this journey that was truly a dream come true. As Taylor continues her worldwide tour, give some thought to how you think we did on these ring pairings. Would you have chosen something different? Did we hit the mark?

If you guessed 30, then you’re right! I know, the fact that it wasn’t 13 is a huge miss, but what kind of self-control do you think I have?


Taylor Dizor

Staff Writer

Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.