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Feature Friday – Sandy Hebert

Our innovative model manager

Myself and my daughters

I was 21 years old and working fast food and cashier jobs. Someone mentioned that Stuller Settings was a good place to work with great benefits and weekends off. I thought it would be a more stable place to work, so I applied for employment. I was interviewed, tried out in the manufacturing department of Stuller, and they hired me. On March 13th, 1995 my 21-year journey at Stuller began. I can remember being so nervous.

I worked in the Manufacturing Department prepping earrings and stayed there for two years. After the birth of my first child, a position opened up in stone setting. I thought it would challenge me, so I applied for the position. I will never forget my interview with Brett Northcutt. He asked me if I thought I could do this and I assured him I would try my best. He said since I had some experience with manufacturing he would let me try but warned me that I should be open to new ideas and constructive criticism. Boy was he right about that!

After my three months of training, I continued my job in stone setting, and it opened up a whole new world for me at Stuller. I became pretty passionate about it and made it my goal to be a Master Stone Setter. Quite a few coworkers inspired me and were willing to teach me everything they knew. I worked in stone setting for 10 years and moved on to join another great team as a master stone setter for New Product Development, also known as the Model Department. Being there for 10 years abled me to learn more than just stone setting. I was able to learn all aspects of creating jewelry from the very beginning stages.

I am currently in Management in New Product Design and Development department. I work with a talented team, and I am so grateful for the skills they bring every day and their constant dedication. I love being a leader and hope to inspire and learn with my coworkers daily. Knowing I must never let them down keeps me going. I have since reunited with Brett Northcutt. After many years of taking different paths through the company, we’re working together to develop innovative ways to manufacture new designs. My passion and interest in jewelry are just as strong today as it was on that very first day. There is so much more to Stuller today than ever before. Now we can open the minds and creativity of our customers by helping them to make their own designs through 3D printing and CAD/CAM.

My family in Jackson Square, New Orleans

Stuller has become more than just a job for me. It has enabled my career as a jeweler. More than just metal and stones, jewelry has become my art. I can apply my skills to help create a beautiful piece that will last for many generations. I love hearing success stories from our customers that tell me we are doing something great to help them be successful in their own business, or as Matt would say making them heroes. If I could give advice to the younger me, it would be: work hard, learn as much as you can and don’t be scared of trying something new that inspires and challenges you. Continue doing what you love, and you will be successful. After 21 years with Stuller, I know I still have many things to learn. The jewelry industry is a challenging, inspirational and beautiful world. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and skills for many more years to come.

Outside Stuller, I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I love being there for them in their daily activities which keep me busy. I enjoy the little things at home: relaxing and enjoying my family life. Perhaps one day I will take up a hobby, but for now, I feel that my life is full and complete.


Sandy Hebert

I have been with Stuller since 1995 • I am born and raised a true south Louisiana country girl • I'm pretty sure anyone would be able to tell where I'm from by my accent • I love watching lifetime movies and spending time with my girls • My heaven and favorite place to be is on the beach