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Feature Friday – Alex Graham

Alex Graham Stuller Associate FF Blog

The underwater adventuring author

In October, I celebrated my 5th year anniversary with Stuller. Five years – wow! While some may consider 5 years a blink-of-an-eye, and it certainly seemed to pass at that speed, it’s a significant chunk of my 26 years on this planet. While I feel very accomplished, I know there is so much more to do! (It’s a little intimidating to think that at my age, my Dad had already founded Stuller!)

I have worked in four different departments: an Events Team Intern, an Accounts Manager for Corporate Operations, a Merchandising Content Manager for Findings, Tools, Metals and Packaging & Displays, and now I serve as the Customer Events Manager in our new Customer Experience department.

Alex Graham Trade Publication
My first feature in a trade publication

It seems I have come full circle. So far, I absolutely love it. I, along with my wonderful and skilled teammates, help put on Stuller’s Events: Bridge, Bench Jeweler Workshop, Transform, Tradeshows and Trainings. My favorite aspect of my job is the energy. Sure, there are moments of high-stress, which occur in any job, but for the most part, the energy is electric. It’s our customers’ passion and love for their professions that overflows and ignites mine. They keep me knowledgeable and grounded. I love that at Stuller Events, jewelers come together and help each other face the enormous amount of change happening in the industry. Our events are where our employees get to sit down with our jewelers and have real conversations about how we can help them achieve their goals. It’s an honor to be a part of that.

Alex Graham Underwater Scuba DiverI get inspiration from everything: our customers, fellow employees, industry events. I particularly appreciate interacting with other “newbies” like me — 20-somethings trying to get into the game. It’s refreshing to know there are others my age who are just as enthusiastic about the opportunities in front of us. I also enjoy attending industry events for networking and education. There is always something new to learn.

Outside of work, I love to travel, write and scuba dive. I am a firm believer that the greatest joy in life can be found by submerging yourself in different cultures. It’s not always comfortable, but it is always, always worth it. You meet the most interesting people and see some of the most beautiful sights this amazing world has to offer. There is not a single plane ticket that I’ve purchased that I regret (I can’t say that about some of my clothing or meal choices). This year I plan on traveling to New Zealand and Prague.

Alex Graham Travel Berlin
Travels to Berlin

Writing is another passion of mine with fiction and personal blogging my main outlets. Scuba diving, however, will always be my number one love. There is nothing like it. You literally submerge yourself into another world, full of the most amazing and wonderful creatures you couldn’t even dare dream up yourself. Luckily for me, my three favorite hobbies often go hand in hand.

I’ve learned so much in these past five years and yet I know that I’ve only scratched the surface. I am beyond excited to be in this industry. The changes don’t scare me; they motivate me! I hope that in time I’ll achieve even half of what my father has. That goal, for sure, is motivation.

I trust in Stuller, I trust in our customers and I believe that as a team – the future will be D Flawless!

Alex Graham Matt Stuller Family

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