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From Picture to Perfection: How to Engage Using CounterSketch Software

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Drive traffic from Pinterest and Instagram directly to your in-store customization station

Pictures paint a thousand words. So, it’s no surprise that our customers scour Pinterest, lifestyle blogs, websites, Instagram, and more in search of their picture-perfect inspiration. This practice has become an integral part of their buying processes, especially when considering large purchases.

All this research may bring customers to your store with their minds set on a particular design. They come with screenshots, printouts, magazine clippings— the list goes on and on. So, on one hand, it’s great that they’ve made up their mind about what they want and have some clear direction. But now, the pressure is on you to concoct their desired item at a price they can afford.


The success of the sale is in your hands. Use CounterSketch software to engage and entrance your customers.


Start by Sharing on Social Media

You can be a part of customers’ research and discovery process by sharing, sharing, sharing on all your marketing channels. Use Pinterest to post your own daring designs. And feel free to pin other inspiring pieces as well. Use Instagram to flex your creative capabilities, too. Let all of Facebook know you have limitless power to customize any design through CounterSketch software. Keep your website updated with all your latest and most engaging creations. This way, customers will feel comfortable coming to you with their pictured inspirations, as you confidently take on their wildest ideas.

Step 1: Check Your Live Inventory

Once your customer has found their inspiration, it’s now your job to bring it to life. Take a look at your customer’s inspiration image. Then, check your showcase. Is there anything identical, or at least similar, that you can offer them to try on? This initial try-on can clear up a lot of confusion later. As a jeweler, you are trained to see a photo and translate that into a physical piece of jewelry. But your customers aren’t. Not to mention, that is why they came to your jewelry store . . . to try on jewelry!

Here’s a good example: Customers love the look of eternity bands in photos. But all too often, once they put the ring on, they don’t like how the stones feel between their fingers. Suggesting a similar item, like an anniversary band instead, could be a huge help.

This also sparks conversation around the particular design aspects that are most important to them. If you have exactly they’re looking for in stock, give your merchandising manager a high-five for predicting consumer demand. But, let’s assume you’re not that lucky. Let’s pretend your customer came to you with the earrings below. They want a similar ring with lots of stones.

CounterSketch Software Design Inspiration

Step 2: Check Your Online Showcase

Take your customer over to the computer on your sales floor. On your Stuller Showcase page, you can browse Stuller’s entire inventory using descriptive terms to narrow down the results. For example, in our bridal jewelry category, we have twelve initial categories available. Then, there are 60+ sub-categories to consider, and several have sub-sub-categories to refine your search further.

Once you’ve found the right design type, and then perhaps a similar style, you can use 3C models to modify the design to exactly what your customer showed you when she walked in the door. However, maybe something is missing. Maybe the ring below is almost what they’re looking for, but not quite their dream ring. Why make them settle for good enough when you can offer perfection?

Step 3: Co-create With Your Customer

Now, you can import that almost design into CounterSketch software to refine it further. Make modifications or add freehand parts to craft the design into your customer’s specific request. And the best part is that they’ll be at your side to assist with the entire design process.

Furthermore, if your customer’s idea is completely different from existing designs in Stuller Showcase and CounterSketch, fear not! Simply use your jewelry expertise to identify key attributes or aspects of the ring. Then, begin virtually assembling using CounterSketch Freehand Parts.

For this example, we have a plain band or shank, a marquise-shaped halo, a bezel-set ruby, and horizontal bars of gold. You can now work shoulder-to-shoulder with your customer to get the design just right. After all, you and your customer are in complete control using CounterSketch software. So, if a ring needs to be thinner or calls for fewer diamonds to meet a specific price-point, you can easily modify the design to fit their parameters.

CounterSketch Software Evil Eye Custom Ring


Step 4: For Even More Details…

The adventure doesn’t stop here. Maybe there are unique scrolls, script initials, or other meaningful details your customer just has to have. When this is the case, you can always turn to MatrixGold Essentials, Matrix, or RhinoGold to craft an even more intricate design. And if you’d rather have Stuller do the heavy lifting, simply submit a sketch to our CAD/CAM Services to deliver exactly what your customer wants!

So, next time you’re tasked with creating a unique design from a picture, no worries. Turn to CounterSketch software to create that picture-perfect piece!


Heather Kutzman

I've been with Stuller since 2013 • Before that, I ran a retail store • Lifetime jewelry lover; ears pierced at 3 months old • I love summer and own 25 pairs of flip flops • Will run for various worthy causes and food • My husband and I have three cats: Ritz, Holly, and Zeta • "Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance" ~Jon Franklin