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Earring Back Education

Learn more about all the earring backs that Stuller has to offer to fit your customers’ needs.

By offering your customers the option to choose a specialty earring back, you provide an extra level of customer service. Not only can you give them a secure option for their precious diamonds or sentimental gemstone earrings, but you can also offer them more comfortable options than what they may have been wearing in the past.

These earring back styles let you offer your customers a range of solutions that will meet their needs for security, comfort, and ease of use no matter their style preference.

Friction Earring Backs

These earring backs find the security needed through friction by gripping a notch at the end of its complementary earring post. Check out the options of these earring backs that Stuller has to offer.

The Earring Stabilizer Back (2000339) is our new supportive friction back. This back is made with a larger 8mm pad OD to help support and lift larger stones. Our supportive back fits all posts in the Stuller assortment but favors our .033 x .432-inch standard post 1800. This Stuller Made, die-struck back is offered in nine metal qualities, including 10K, 14K, 18K, sterling silver, and platinum. 

The Press Fit Earring Back (2000915) is different from your standard friction earring back because it’s made from tubing, goes through the ear lobe, and internally holds the post with tension. Not only does this earring back offer your customers a secure and comfortable hold, but it is also an easy-to-change piece of jewelry for standard lobe, cartilage, nostril, and other piercings. By soldering a decorative trim or earring setting onto a Press Fit post (2000973), you can give customers endless ways to showcase their individuality and quickly match their jewelry to any outfit or occasion. This Stuller Made, die-struck press fit back is available in 14K yellow, 14K palladium white, and 14K rose. Also available, for shopping convenience, we have the Press Fit Post and Back sold together under series (2001131).

Threaded Earring Backs

These types of earring backs use threaded nuts and posts with pitches to fit one another while adding security to your earrings. The threaded earring component cannot be pulled apart; they must be unscrewed from one another to disassemble. Check out the two types of push-on/screw-off earring backs that we offer.

The Push-On/Screw-Off Threaded Earring Back (24064) is an easy-to-use solution that is secure and comfortable. We suggest using the Threaded Earring post (24065). This die-struck product is available in multiple qualities.

Next we have the Lightweight Push-On/Screw-Off Threaded Earring Back (3517). This secure die-struck, Stuller Made solution is easy to use and is made specifically for series 3516, our push-on/screw-off threaded post. This earring back is available in 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, and Continuum® sterling silver. 

Safety Earring Backs

Safety earring backs find security through a two-part push and pull locking mechanism that pairs with a double-notched earring post for additional protection. Our comfort trigger backs are made with a larger pad OD to help lift and support. Here are a few options for these earring backs that Stuller offers.

The Protektor® Earring Back (22262) has an internal spring lock that grips the double-notched post securely and has a dual tab release for easy on and off. Our Protektor® Earring System offers a compatible post, 22261, and even has a post and back set that sells prepackaged together (22260). We offer this Stuller Made, die-struck earring back in various metal qualities including gold, sterling silver, and platinum. 

The Guardian II® Comfort Earring Back (23358) design requires limited force to achieve a comfortable, secure stud earring with its larger 7.1-millimeter pad and locking back. This die-struck piece helps lift and support larger stones while also being easy to use. Our post, 23357, was made specifically to pair with our Guardian II Trigger Back. It is also offered as a series (23356), a prepackaged post and back set.

We’ve made navigating our website easy when searching for your perfect earring post and back pairings. Shop all of our earring backs as well as their related posts and provide your customers with security, comfort, and stress-free use. Download this side-by-side comparison chart of our specialty earring backs featured in our Findings & Metals 2021-2022 catalog for easy viewing. 

For all of your findings needs, be sure to check out our latest catalog — Findings & Metals 2021-2022


Emily Hargroder

Product Manager, Findings

Emily joined the Stuller team with extensive experience in merchandising management and wholesale buying. As a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with degrees in Business Management as well as Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising, she uses her experience and education to provide jewelers with the right products for every job.