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Create a Custom Wedding Band Shopping Experience

custom wedding bands

Give your customers exactly what they're looking for with the Stuller Band Builder.

Did you know that custom jewelry creation goes beyond a one-of-a-kind piece? From beginning to end, the act of providing a customer with a unique piece is a customized experience in itself. Today’s customers want memorable experiences that feel personalized to them, and we as jewelers can make it truly unforgettable.

Wedding bands present the perfect opportunity to provide that experience. These rings are more than your everyday fashion jewelry. They are symbolic of a lifetime filled with commitment, love, and partnership. Why shouldn’t the experience of making a custom wedding band be just as significant?

Doing so is easy and seamless when you use the Stuller Band Builder. Choosing a design, metal, size, and other personalization factors is as easy as the click of a button with renderings appearing in real time. Building the ring side-by-side with your customers makes the entire experience that much more special. Let’s walk through how to use the Band Builder and how you can revolutionize your wedding band business with this engaging experience.

How to Use the Band Builder

1. Begin With the Basics

Take a look at the ring metal, profile, finger size — including whole, half, and quarter sizes — and fit options that dictate the interior shape of the ring and impact how the ring feels on the finger. The Band Builder comes with a range of 26 precious metal options and three contemporary metal materials including Titanium, Cobalt, and Zirconium.

2. Refine the Details

Next, browse the design details and millimeter width options that your customer can always pivot between for different looks or styles. Intricate or simple, big or small — your customer can have it all. Keep in mind that while not every option is available for every metal type or profile, the options are numerous, can cater to any style preference, and constantly evolve.

3. Add a Finishing Touch

Complete the custom wedding band with something that makes the piece stand out, such as a finishing or engraving. Finishings, such as a hammer or satin finish, change the outer texture of the ring and add an element of intrigue. Engravings give the ring something personal that makes it truly one of a kind. Currently, only precious metal wedding bands can include finishes and engravings in the Band Builder.

Designer Tip: Use the snapshot tool to save sample designs so your customers can compare different creations they might want.

Creating a Personalized Experience

Now that you understand the full range of capabilities with the Band Builder, it’s time to integrate it into your sales experience. Whether in person or online, let your customer have fun with all the possibilities using the Band Builder. Did you know you can put the Band Builder experience on your website using Stuller Showcase® and <iFrame> technology? No matter where they are, your customers can have their hand in designing and crafting their perfect ring.

custom wedding bands

Crafted With Quality in Mind

Each of our precious metal wedding bands within the Band Builder is individually created using SCS-certified 100% recycled metals. Their precision of design, durability, quality, and timeless appeal ensures a ring with lasting integrity — ready to be cherished for a lifetime.


Our contemporary metal wedding bands offer styles and options for the modern couple. They are also set at a price point ready to meet any budget.


Whatever your customers are looking for in a wedding band, the Band Builder is prepared to cater to their needs.

custom wedding bands

Prepare to Say "I Do"

Jewelers play a special role in a couple’s love story. These wedding bands will travel through their journey as a constant reminder of their commitment to one another. Make this part of their story something to remember with personalized care and a touch of jewelry magic using the Band Builder that only you can provide.


Nadine Savoy

Assistant Product Manager, Bridal

Nadine holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix. Her 17-year journey within Stuller and her in-depth knowledge and passion of wedding bands has made a pathway to become a wedding band expert.