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See the Advantages of CounterSketch Streaming for Small Businesses

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Our latest Software as a Service (SaaS) model makes CounterSketch even easier!

Gemvision, A Stuller Company, just released CounterSketch Streaming. The first question that may come to mind is, “why?” CounterSketch is already a great program that is easy to use. Why add this new option? As always, the motivation lies in helping our customers.

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CounterSketch Streaming software as a Service — or SaaS model — offers many benefits to our customers, including:

Lower Initial Cost

With CounterSketch Streaming, there’s no need to purchase a gaming computer, nor will you have to pay to maintain that computer over time. Since most CounterSketch customers are small businesses, we hope this pay-as-you-go model will bring advantages to your business. This new CounterSketch Streaming option provides you with world-class custom design technology for a manageable monthly fee.

Easy Access and Updates

Accessing CounterSketch Streaming is simple. Download a small launcher from our website and use your credentials to log in. Gemvision will ensure that your software is always up to date with the latest software updates, library updates, and the most current version of Rhinocerous (the platform that CounterSketch operates on).

Free Training

CounterSketch online training is included with your monthly subscription. Now, you can train your entire staff at no additional cost. Your team can go online at their convenience, watch videos, and take quizzes to test their knowledge of the software. New videos are added monthly. As we improve and update the software, your staff will always be up to date on the latest and greatest CounterSketch features.


As CounterSketch becomes a more critical part of your business, you may find that you need more licenses. With streaming, it is easy to get additional seats. This way, more of your staff can use CounterSketch Streaming with customers at the same time, for a reduced monthly fee.

Shared Remote Sessions

Customers can’t always make it into your store for a design consultation. CounterSketch Streaming allows you and your customer to connect for a virtual design consultation without requiring them to leave the comfort of their home or office.


Streaming will enable us to provide even safer platforms for you and your customers to conduct business. The new functionality will allow Gemvision to protect the integrity of its products.

If these benefits appeal to you, join us for one of our weekly CounterSketch demonstrations. Or, request a free trial today to see how CounterSketch Streaming can impact your custom design business today.

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