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Charm Jewelry: Getting Creative with Componentry

Model is wearing an 18" circle charm necklace (Item 88629:104:P) with a star-shaped hoop dangle (Item 2002090:101:P).

Explore a fresh perspective on one of the hottest jewelry trends with Stuller’s latest additions in creative findings.

In the ever-evolving world of fine jewelry, personalization has steadily maintained its popularity as one of the most enduring trends, and for good reason. More than ever, customers are looking for ways to tell and share their unique stories with the world, while staying true to their personal and evolving style.

While most personalized jewelry styles contain engravables, dazzling stone patterns and palettes, or symbols, another exciting — and somewhat nostalgic — trend that is becoming increasingly sought-after is reimagined charm jewelry

Charm jewelry can be both versatile and expressive, encouraging the wearer to represent a specific memory, milestone, or interest. So, how can your business set itself apart and bring this trend to life?

Read on as we explore endless possibilities for offering personalized jewelry with the help of Stuller’s newest hinged bail designs, link necklace styles, charms, and more, giving you an inside look at creative ways to implement them into the latest charm jewelry trend.

What Are Hinged Bails?

Products featured, in order of top to bottom: CH1095:620:P, JR45:101:S, 2002287:103:P, 2002003:102:P, and 2002419:102:P.

Let’s begin with hinged bails (also referred to as charm bails), and how they are a fundamental — yet often overlooked — component in jewelry design. Functional and fashionable, hinged bails allow you to combine charms, pendants, or multiple chain styles into one wearable look. But how can you inspire customers to use this simple component when creating a one-of-a-kind piece?

The beauty of hinged bails is their adaptability. They can serve as the bridge between your customer’s components and chain and allow for easy attachment and removal of stylistic elements to the overall look. By adding hinged bails to your selection, you can give your customers the option to transform a simple, dainty chain into a stunning statement piece or complement a core collection seamlessly, giving an entirely new approach to personalized jewelry.

Redefining the role of bails in jewelry assembly allows you to craft fresh, upscale finished looks to fit anyone’s request. Get started with Stuller’s growing assortment of charm bails that give you the perfect starting point in building your selection. These are available in eye-catching shapes, sizes, accented or enamel designs, and more.

Tell A Story with Dangles and Links

Products featured: CH1214:100:P, JR25:5001:S, 2002003:102:P, 688834:600:P, 88223:100:P, and 88000:100:P.

Numbers, letters, motifs — charms are at the heart of personalized jewelry, adding a special touch to any piece. They allow wearers to express their individuality, commemorate special moments, and showcase their passions.

Show your customers that the true magic of personalized jewelry by adding meaningful, curated combinations of charms, dangles, links, and pendants into your product offering or case. With these products, customers will have the chance to tell their unique life stories and build an emotional connection to their finished piece that they will be able to cherish for many years to come. 

And, with the flexibility and convenience of hinged bails, it’s never been easier for them to switch up or add to their style as they please. Browse Stuller’s complete selection of pendants, charms, dangles, and links that enhance your offering and establish trust with new and long-term customers.

Unsure where to start? Stuller’s curated dangle collection, Petite Pavé, offers numerous styles to suit your customer’s tastes. With 12 assortments to choose from, customers can easily mix and match or find a perfect addition for their current look. Our magnetic, in-store components display also allows you to hand-pick individual Petite Pavé dangles and guide your customers. 

Make A Statement with Chain

Products featured: CH1208:100:P, CH1095:604:P, 2000986:112:P, 2000402:614:P, 2002094:114:P, 2002239:600:P, 2002415:100:P, 2002417:100:P, 61-0289:100000:T, 2000886:112:P, 2002083:101:S, 2000982:105:S, and 2002003:105:P.

Chain has been a staple in the world of jewelry for centuries, and their appeal remains evergreen. Recent years have seen the emergence of layering and stacking trends, providing exciting, and nearly limitless opportunities for creative expression. A timeless staple in anyone’s collection, a customer’s choice of chain style can serve as a canvas for their pendants, dangles, and links, adding an effortless appeal to their finished look.

Diversify your chain necklace and bracelet selection with Stuller’s wide range of ready-to-wear styles that complement your customer’s taste. Ranging from delicate and subtle to bold and eye-catching, you can browse our complete selection by chain length, style, and metal type.

What Will You Create?

Personalized jewelry trends continue to be a strong, steady force in the industry and consumer landscape. By offering creative findings and components like hinged bails, a diverse charm collection, and a wide range of chain options, you can empower your customers to create unique pieces that speak to their individuality.

As always, Stuller remains dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date trend forecasts alongside the largest on-trend, and in-stock assortment of findings, components, and chain to keep you on your path to success.


Emily Hargroder

Product Manager, Findings

Emily joined the Stuller team with extensive experience in merchandising management and wholesale buying. As a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with degrees in Business Management as well as Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising, she uses her experience and education to provide jewelers with the right products for every job.