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Celebrate Tools Month With Us

Discover the best assortment of tools from Stuller.

It’s Tools Month here at Stuller, and we are so proud to be your trusted partner. We carry some of the most reputable brands known for their quality and reliability. We understand how important it is to have the best foundation for starting any job, and we see quality tools as just that, the foundation. That’s why we only offer products that our partners have tried, tested, and love.

Week By Week Breakdown

Week 1: Engraving & Stone Setting 

To start Tools Month off at Stuller, Week 1 will encompass engraving and soldering. Make every piece personal when you use any of our engravers and best-selling tools for stone setting. Best Built Engravers (14-2500) are the talk of the town when it comes to choosing an engraver to add to your tool collection.

tools month best built engravers

Week 2: Soldering & Welding

Week 2 will be all about how to solder and weld, along with tips, tricks, and our favorite items we use. You can depend on any of our most popular torches as well as our trusted Revo and Orion welders to finish any job you may have. The Orion Pulse Welder (14-0400) is a perfect option for the everyday bench jeweler and the more experienced.

tools month orion pulse welder

Week 3: Cleaning, Polishing, & Plating

Jumping right into Week 3 of Tools Month, we are making sure that your pieces of work are clean, polished, and plated perfectly. We want to ensure that your creations shine their brightest, thanks to the Best Built Mini Ultrasonic cleaner (23-5757).

tools month best built mini ultrasonic cleaner

Week 4: Casting & Mold Making

We are finishing up with everything casting and mold making for the last and certainly not least Week of Tools Month. Move into the future with us when you use our new processes to cast or create your molds for any project. Check out the NEW B9Creations 3D printers and XSIL – silica free investments (22-4799) to make any piece for your customers to help them visualize their final products.

tools month XSIL- silica free investment powder

Educational Training

We also want to make sure that you always know the ins and outs of your new equipment, which is why we offer educational as well as Stone Setting Training classes. These classes are here to help you become more comfortable with your gear while also getting the most out of your tools. 

Services Offered

Luckily, if something happens to any of your tools or equipment that causes you to need assistance, B&D Sales & Service is only a phone call away to help with any servicing needs. Not only can they help to fix any problem that you may have remotely, but they are also available to travel to you to resolve even the most challenging situations. Stuller’s Tools Teach Team is also available for your convenience.

If you would prefer to handle your problem yourself but need a little assistance, we also have articles listed to help answer the more straightforward issues that you may have. We have multiple categories for repairing tools such as soldering, chain and ring repair, welding, and more. 

If payment is something you are having problems with, Stuller also offers flexible payment options to help you make payments for your larger tool purchases if you need it. With investments of $3,000 or more, the choice of 0% financing with zero money down is available. 

Ensure that you look at all of our services and products that we will be highlighting throughout this month. Explore the Tools Month Page to check out our new products, videos, and articles that we created for your viewing pleasure. We are so excited to show off all we have to offer in the realm of tools.


Julianne Llewellyn

Former Staff Writer