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Ryan Koning
Software Marketing Manager
I’ve been with Stuller about a year and have 15 years of combined jewelry industry experience including design technology, retail innovation, and advertising • Love visuals and sounds, music and rhythm, playing drums and percussion • Working on a proper N’awlins street beat • Known to accidentally say “MegaPickles” when I’m really tired.

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Using Custom Design to Attract Media Attention

Tell your customization story with a little free help from media outlets

In an earlier post, Selling the Story of Custom Design, we talked about how your website can create a story. This time we’re focusing on telling your story using local media. In addition to creating visibility in your community, it generates free content that you can feature on your website, in read more…

Selling the Story of Custom Design

Tips to drive traffic to your store

Offering customized jewelry is no longer an exception, it’s expected. With The Knot reporting that 45% of grooms customize the engagement ring, how do you communicate that a visit to your store means getting the perfect personalized ring? Step 1 – make sure your website tells your custom design story. read more…