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Using Custom Design to Attract Media Attention

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Tell your customization story with a little free help from media outlets

Social media devices custom designIn an earlier post, Selling the Story of Custom Design, we talked about how your website can create a story. This time we’re focusing on telling your story using local media. In addition to creating visibility in your community, it generates free content that you can feature on your website, in videos, and through social media. Here are a few approaches that can connect you, and your custom design capability, with the right audience.

Be an EXCITING news story!

Jewelry stores and traditional media, especially network TV affiliates and their local news programs, have a lot in common. They don’t want to tell the same old news story, and you don’t want to sell the same old jewelry. That’s why you offer custom design — to stand out. Local news always looks for fresh, original stories that showcase new opportunities for the community, and represent the latest in trends. Talk to your entire staff and list all the TV channels, publications, website and blog outlets that would favor covering each of these themes:


Dive into innovative ways that your local businesses can serve the community. Here are a few related articles from some of our favorite small business blogs.


Keep up with the latest in bridal trends and jewelry fashion.


Learn how to incorporate 3D software and 3D printing technology into your business. Follow Gemvision’s Facebook and Twitter for customization and technology tips.


Once you have your list, reach out to each outlet and let them know your store has exciting new developments. Tailor your approach to the trend that will interest them. Just provide information at this stage, don’t ask for anything, and don’t expect anything. If you are interesting, and a good fit for them, they will see the “story” in it. Once you’ve pitched your idea, move to the next media outlet on the list.

If you have CounterSketch that lets customers participate in the on-screen design process, invite blog writers to your store to experience it for themselves. If you have CounterSketch, Matrix, or RhinoGold software, offer an invitation to a TV news broadcast team to visit and capture your innovative custom design process. Do your homework and offer it as an exclusive to the right outlet. Consider the on-air talent, who you want in your store, and consider looking for people that represent your market’s engagement ring demographics.

The right media coverage can establish trust and confidence with your community. They tell your story for free, but you must make the most of it. Feature all coverage on social media, promote the feature on your website, and ask the station if you can link to the video online.

Here’s a fine example of how local news coverage can highlight new developments in your store.


Be an EXPERT in the community!

Many media outlets want relevant, practical content and advice that can really benefit their audience. That’s what keeps them listening and watching! With your custom design experience and in-depth jewelry knowledge, you can be an expert for TV segments, radio shows, print publications, and events. Think about the ways you could offer valuable expertise:

  • Trend reporting for bridal publications.
  • Judging at competition events that showcase artistry and creativity.
  • Protecting and caring for treasured jewelry.
  • Providing or styling jewelry at fashion shows.
  • Bridal and wedding event panels and groups.
  • Tips on how to match jewelry to an individual’s lifestyle (especially engagement rings and wedding bands).
  • Seasonal trend and style reporting.
  • Diamond buying facts and myths.
  • Custom design facts and myths (no, it’s not expensive).

Contact outlets and events that you think would appreciate your expert help and offer assistance. If media and prominent events in the community look to you for expert advice, new customers will too. Remember to share anything that you do on social media.

Media coverage news custom design Media coverage news outlet custom design

Be an EXPERIENCE like no other in town!

If you have an area in your store dedicated to custom design and offer a unique in-store experience, use it to your advantage. Think of all the ways to get people in your store and the most eyes on your showroom design center. When most people see it, they will want to know more about it. But the first step is visibility, and there are many ways to approach this:

  • Host jewelry events at your store and invite the media. Of course, try the standard jewelry-related events like Gemstone events and ladies night. Also, consider hosting a men’s guide to jewelry event.


  • Try non-jewelry events too, like hosting local charity events, and invite the media. They may react positively, especially if it’s community-minded. Get creative. In fact, the more untraditional it is, the more local news may want to be part of the action in your store.


  • Offer your store as a setting for local wedding photographers and videographers. Invite them to come and see how you make jewelry personalized to couples and how your work is a significant part of the engagement and wedding journey. Remember, people are visual and appreciate a romantic story. Local coverage may love to shoot in your store, and you might even get some great video footage that you can use on social media and your website.


Your opportunities don’t stop there. Keep the local media informed about important happenings at your store. Let them know how you are continuing your education and innovation, like attending Stuller events and training for CounterSketch, Matrix, or RhinoGold. Explain your strides in helping the community celebrate life’s special moments through custom designed jewelry.


Share with us in the comments below what captures media attention in your market. Tell us about your success. We love to know what works for your store!


Ryan Koning

I’ve been with Stuller about a year and have 15 years of combined jewelry industry experience including design technology, retail innovation, and advertising • Love visuals and sounds, music and rhythm, playing drums and percussion • Working on a proper N’awlins street beat • Known to accidentally say “MegaPickles” when I’m really tired.