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Monica McDaniel
Communications Manager, Chatham Inc.
I grew up just outside our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. • I come from a Brazilian family, which is where my love of gems stems from! • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Parson’s School of Design • I’ve been with Chatham for 6 years and I truly believe in what we’re doing • The beach is my happy place!

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Chatham Lab Grown Opals Blog Header

Win Over Your Customers with Chatham Lab-Grown Opals

Backed by a lifetime warranty, browse Chatham's multi-colored beauties here

Looking for something to offer that will instantly revive any wardrobe for the summer season? Look no further than Chatham Lab-Grown Opals.   With so many options these days, customers are looking for something special and unique. Opals are the perfect opportunity to offer both. Growing Chatham Lab-Grown Opals Chatham has read more…

Chatham Lab-Created Gemstones Blog Header

Dazzle the Eyes with Chatham Lab-Grown Colored Gemstones

Let colored gemstones steer your sales this Valentine's Season

Heart candies are stocked, roses are plentiful, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes are everywhere. It’s that time again— love is in the air! Consider offering some of our favorite love-inspired looks featuring Chatham lab-grown colored gemstones. Pretty in Peachy Pink Chatham Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire is as versatile as it is romantic. This read more…

Chatham Halloween Gemstones Blog Header

Try on These Spellbinding Chatham Halloween Gemstones

This year, we're pairing bright Chatham gemstones with spooky holiday characters

Looking for some ghoulish glamour this Halloween? Look no further than Chatham’s colorful lab-grown Halloween gemstones to help you spook and sparkle! The Witch’s Alexandrite When you think of deep purple, it’s hard not to think about smooth, witchy velvet. Pair this with her glowing green face and broom and you’ve identified read more…

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Fall Palette Blog Header

Pair Chatham Gemstones with Pantone’s 2018 Fall/Winter Palette

Brighten the autumn and winter months with this striking seasonal palette

Each new season brings a fresh lineup of jewelry and fashion trends. This season’s shades — presented by the 2018 Fall/Winter Pantone® Fashion Color Report — unveils a color scheme that is anything but ordinary. Prepare for a fashion scene studded with bright and jovial shades in the months to come. Colored Gems are a read more…

Chatham Champagne Sapphire Blog Header

Chatham Champagne Sapphire: The Birth of a New Color

Chatham explains how their peachy pink sapphires come to life

Back in 2011, Chatham introduced Morganite to its list of lab-grown gemstones. The light peachy pink beryl is a highly desired color and quickly became the preferred gemstone alternative for engagement rings. However, a problem arose consistently growing Morganite in the lovely hue that gave it favored status for many. read more…

Chatham gem growing stuller blog header

Chatham – Architects of the Gem Growing Industry

Offering a wide range of created gemstones of the very best cut and color

A Legacy The 8th Wonder of the World We all took chemistry in high school. And while a small handful of us aced it with flying colors, I think it’s safe to say most were just happy we didn’t burn the school down! Well, did you know that back in read more…