CMO Vision: 5 Low-Cost Tactics to Drive Traffic to your Jewelry Website

CMO Vision Drive Traffic to your Jewelry Website

CMO Vision Kevin Metz Drive Traffic to your Jewelry WebsiteMeet Kevin Metz, CMO

In my role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Stuller, I’m exposed to thousands of customer websites each year. Time and time again, I’m amazed by what jewelers are able to accomplish through their individual websites and unique digital experiences. Top-selling superheroes are able to garner significant online sales while identifying and generating new customers via digital avenues, then drive them straight to their physical storefronts.

So, I thought it’d be interesting to create a series of blog posts over the coming months to offer some digital direction and point out a few specific Stuller customers that I think are offering an amazing digital experience.

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you build it, they will come”? If you’ve seen the 1989 movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, you may recall the story of his character hearing a mysterious voice one night telling him to build a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield after which the ghosts of many great baseball players show up to play ball. If only it were that easy in the real world.

In my last CMO Vision post, I discussed key areas of focus when building your brand’s web presence. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that this is only half the battle. Creating an awesome web experience — complete with all the bells and whistles — will generate sales and benefit your brand only IF folks visit your site.

CMO Flashbacks

A few years ago, I worked for a large national beauty retailer who wanted to significantly enhance their web presence with a state-of-the-art website to offer customers the ultimate online buying experience. The company was willing to make a significant investment in technology and consulting services to bring their dream to life; we’re talking about a few million dollars here. They believed that this NEW website would immediately drive online sales to a whole new level. They fell into the build it and they will come trap.

So, I faced a new challenge: convincing management they must spend significantly more dollars to create awareness and drive customers to the company’s shiny new website. It took some convincing as a result of the company management’s lack of prior digital experience at the time. I emphasized you must feed the beast (this powerful new website) if you want to reap the benefits (sales).

Ultimately, I was able to convince the company that establishing a new online presence required not only a great website experience but also an investment in marketing— online and offline.

Let All Roads Lead to Your Site

My work with customers at Stuller hasn’t differed much from my previous experience. Folks spend a lot of time and resources focused on what it takes to create an awesome website but fail to think about or realize the associated marketing plan, resources, and budget to drive awareness and traffic to new web presence.

Driving traffic to your new website doesn’t necessarily necessitate the need for a large marketing budget.  There are a lot of options available to you that won’t necessarily require you to break your piggy bank.

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Here are a few low-cost tactics to drive traffic to your jewelry website

1. Take Advantage of Your Physical Location Traffic

If you have a storefront, make sure you promote your website URL (or web address) with signage or a takeaway business card. You want to make sure that your customers are aware they can shop your assortment once they get home via your website. If you don’t have a website, send them to your Facebook or other social media pages. This approach is a virtually FREE method to drive traffic to your jewelry website.

2. Create an Email List

This will take a little more time, effort, and budget-planning on your part. However, there a few low-cost, easy-to-use email tools out there like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. If you already capture customer information like addresses and phone numbers, ask for email addresses too. Just make sure you get folks’ permission to send emails. This is a great, low-cost alternative to snail mail while still informing customers of new products and special promotions, all while you drive traffic to your jewelry website for details.

3. Google Business Listing

Listing your business on Google is not only a great free way to expose your store and brand locally to potential NEW customers, it’s also an opportunity to promote yourself and drive traffic to your jewelry website. Visit google.com/business for details. This is a must for every business.

4. Leverage Your Social Channels

As I mentioned in my last post, establishing a social media presence for your brand is extremely important. If you aren’t already promoting your website in posts, start doing so. Social media is a great way to tease and entice followers with additional content and new products available on your website. Facebook offers relatively low-cost options to boost or promote your Facebook presence based on a variety of criteria like geography and certain demographics — read more here. Raise your awareness on Facebook as a means to ultimately drive traffic to your jewelry website.

5. Use Your URL

If you don’t do any of the other things listed, do this one. Place your website address (www.joesjewelry.com) on everything and make it highly visible and prominent. Put it on your door to your store. Add it to your billboards. Put it on your receipts. Put it everywhere.

CMO Vision Drive Traffic to your Jewelry Website

These are just a few relatively low-cost ideas to drive traffic to your jewelry website. There are other approaches and ideas out there that require a bit more time, effort, and budget like Google paid ad word campaigns, digital display advertising, affiliate marketing, etc., all of which can be very effective. I hope to cover some of these in future posts for the readers who aim to become digital advertising experts.

Just remember, when considering creating or overhauling your website, we, unfortunately, can’t always take the Kevin Costner approach. If you want to invest in a new digital presence, don’t forget to set aside some time and funds for marketing.

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CMO Vision: 10 Steps to Blast Your Digital Experience Above and Beyond

CMO Vision Drive Traffic to your Jewelry Website

CMO Vision Kevin Metz Digital ExperienceMeet Kevin Metz, CMO

In my role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Stuller, I’m exposed to thousands of customer websites each year. Time and time again, I’m amazed by what jewelers are able to accomplish through their individual websites and unique digital experiences. Top-selling superheroes are able to garner significant online sales while identifying and generating new customers via digital avenues, then drive them straight to their physical storefronts.

So, I thought it’d be interesting to create a series of blog posts over the coming months to point out a few specific Stuller customers that I think are offering an amazing digital experience.

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Forge Your Digital Experience

Experience is everything — from your store’s appearance to how you personally greet and consult with your customers each day. Even the way you wrap that special purchase your customer just made for his bride-to-be evokes a particular experience.

As the digital world grows rapidly around us, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and all of the other apps individuals download are booming. It’s safe to assume almost every customer uses their smartphone daily to connect with their family, friends, AND their favorite stores and brands. You’ve likely also heard about millennials and how they’re BIG users of technology. Oh— and most of them love jewelry and are getting married at this time in their lives, too.

If you’ve already established your brand and are trying to provide your customers with a unique experience to reflect your brand with a physical storefront, by-appointment-only location, or through another face-to-face type of business, then I suggest you extend that experience into the digital space as well.

Decide Your Digital Starting Point

1. Social Media (Introductory)

Creating a digital experience for your brand doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create a website. I’ve seen countless successful jewelry brands leverage social media like Facebook and Instagram as an outlet and go-to location for their customers (and prospects). Social media allows you to express what your brand is all about. Try posting images of your jewelry stores, unique product designs, updates, current promotions, and even pictures of your customers and in-store pets. All of these things can help support and communicate the brand image and experience you aim to convey. Find more social media help here.

2. Sell Online (Intermediate)

If you want to go further by trying to sell online, start by creating a digital storefront using websites like Etsy. Amazon also launched Amazon Handmade as an outlet for artisans to sell their wares to over 250 million people— that’s a HUGE audience and customer base to work with. These are great places to get your feet wet with online sales and help to expose your brand to folks who visit these sorts of sites every day seeking that unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

3. Website (Experienced)

If you want to go all out, strive to build your own individual online presence with a personalized domain (example: www.yourstorenamehere.com). However, keep in mind the increase in time and effort this will require on your part. You must be cognizant of the involvement associated with creating and maintaining your own website, which can become significant.

There are many ways to approach this. You can create what I might call a branding website where you leverage content like pictures and text to convey your brand, products, and service offerings. Or, if you want to sell your jewelry online, you can create an e-commerce website. In this instance, the goal is to present the individual items you are selling and provide potential customers with the ability to purchase them online.

Start With a BANG!

Ramping up your digital efforts can be difficult. Whether you’re creating a Facebook page, establishing an Etsy presence, or creating your own website using WordPress, sometimes it just takes a little inspiration.

So, I’ll leave you with a list of ten concepts to consider as you contemplate your next digital direction—

1. Image is Everything

The perfect picture is the most effective mechanism for capturing someone’s attention. Make sure the first image visitors see in your digital experience is interesting, clear, and reflective of the brand you want to convey.

2. Simplicity is King

You may have heard of the KISS Principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid. Consumers are busy these days. They want things to be easy. So try to strive for simplicity in everything you do online. Don’t use too much text. Make things easy to read.

3. Consumers are Social

Don’t overlook the power of social media. Start with Facebook. Lots of traffic means more potential customers. Remember #1 on my list? Expand to Pinterest and Instagram if you have the time. These are VERY image-oriented platforms.

4. Keep it Fresh

Consumers are always looking for something NEW. If you want visitors returning to your digital experience, make sure you add new content on a regular basis.

5. Seek Help

Not everyone is an expert in all things digital. Don’t let that stop you. I mentioned millennials earlier. They are very good at social media and digital things. Look for part-time help from a local high school or college student to help maintain your social presence.

6. Feature Yourself

Show pictures of yourself and your employees. Consumers are always interested in who is behind the scenes of your brand.

7. Tell Your Story

Don’t forget to tell your personal story and how you became a jeweler. What is your inspiration? Where do you come from? What drives you every day?

8. Test it Out

It’s always a good idea to have your employees, friends, or trusted customers try out your digital experience before you present it to the world. Let them call out your errors and pain points. Capture their feedback and use it to enhance your digital experience.

9. Let Your Customers Sell You

Reviews are huge. Strive to capture and leverage as many customer reviews as you can. You should leverage review platforms like Yelp. Be sure to urge all satisfied customers to provide their positive feedback. Then, make sure to feature them on your Facebook page and/or your website.

10. Video 101

Video can go a long way. Don’t worry— it doesn’t have to be produced in a studio with high production value. In fact, rougher video can actually have a greater appeal. It’s raw and relatable. Don’t be afraid to shoot video on your iPhone. Try interviewing a satisfied customer. Do a simple walkthrough of your store or present product in your case. Post it on Facebook and see what happens. Bonus points for going live on Facebook or Instagram.

That’s all for now! I’ll come back next time with a couple examples of customers that are doing some killer things online. Stay tuned! In the meantime, read more about Kevin Metz, CMO here.

Feature Friday – Kevin Metz

I’m currently responsible for all things marketing, including print/catalogs, digital/Stuller.com, customer experience, content, events, social media, and PR. I love my role. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, primarily because I’ve been granted the opportunity to drive significant change in the way Stuller markets its brand. I have the latitude to apply my knowledge and experience to bring new ideas and concepts to the organization while building a super team of players, each with their own skills and experiences. Without them, we wouldn’t be as successful as we have been.


Stuller’s Marketing Division

I never fail to be inspired by my work. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more every day and to have a positive impact on both my team and the business. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth. I enjoy the constant strive to provide our customers with an easy, personalized, relevant, and satisfying experience that will hopefully, in turn, empower them to do the same for their customers so that they may continually see success and grow their businesses.

I was recruited by a professional recruiter for a newly created role within Stuller: Chief Marketing Officer. During my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to own and be responsible for many different things in the area of marketing ­- catalogs, digital, creative, and operations. This new role provided me the opportunity to combine all of these areas into one. This gave me the chance to leverage all of them at once to drive change and growth in an organization. Prior to this role, I worked in a wide variety of retail businesses including pharmaceuticals, sporting goods, apparel, beauty products, and gifts. While Stuller is more B2B in nature, my prior experiences and knowledge of retail B2C markets are easily transferable and have allowed me to bring many new ideas to Stuller, driving business changes and improvements.

While I’ve only been in the jewelry industry a for short while (less than 3 years), I’m amazed at the insurgence that technology has had on jewelry design. I believe CAD/CAM software, 3D printing, and new manufacturing techniques will continue to have a profound impact on the industry over the next several years. The companies that don’t embrace this soon will definitely fall short in meeting consumers’ desire for unique and custom-made items.

Personally, I love pop culture ­primarily the areas of art, film, television, and entertainment. I like to draw (when I have time). I enjoy spending time with my wife, Sandi. She’s definitely my better half and is always supportive in what I do. We’re the perfect match and are pretty inseparable. We love to travel and are always up for a great night out for dinner and drinks or a weekend art festival.

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To my Younger Self:

Always strive for good working relationships and develop strong partnerships. You’ll never be able to do everything yourself. Surround yourself with the best and give credit where it is due. It should never be about ‘you’ ­ It’s about ‘them’.