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Feature Friday – Kevin Metz

Stuller’s first Chief Marketing Officer

I’m currently responsible for all things marketing, including print/catalogs, digital/, customer experience, content, events, social media, and PR. I love my role. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, primarily because I’ve been granted the opportunity to drive significant change in the way Stuller markets its brand. I have the latitude to apply my knowledge and experience to bring new ideas and concepts to the organization while building a super team of players, each with their own skills and experiences. Without them, we wouldn’t be as successful as we have been.

Stuller’s Marketing Division

I never fail to be inspired by my work. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more every day and to have a positive impact on both my team and the business. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth. I enjoy the constant strive to provide our customers with an easy, personalized, relevant, and satisfying experience that will hopefully, in turn, empower them to do the same for their customers so that they may continually see success and grow their businesses.

I was recruited by a professional recruiter for a newly created role within Stuller: Chief Marketing Officer. During my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to own and be responsible for many different things in the area of marketing ­- catalogs, digital, creative, and operations. This new role provided me the opportunity to combine all of these areas into one. This gave me the chance to leverage all of them at once to drive change and growth in an organization. Prior to this role, I worked in a wide variety of retail businesses including pharmaceuticals, sporting goods, apparel, beauty products, and gifts. While Stuller is more B2B in nature, my prior experiences and knowledge of retail B2C markets are easily transferable and have allowed me to bring many new ideas to Stuller, driving business changes and improvements.

While I’ve only been in the jewelry industry a for short while (less than 3 years), I’m amazed at the insurgence that technology has had on jewelry design. I believe CAD/CAM software, 3D printing, and new manufacturing techniques will continue to have a profound impact on the industry over the next several years. The companies that don’t embrace this soon will definitely fall short in meeting consumers’ desire for unique and custom-made items.

Personally, I love pop culture ­primarily the areas of art, film, television, and entertainment. I like to draw (when I have time). I enjoy spending time with my wife, Sandi. She’s definitely my better half and is always supportive in what I do. We’re the perfect match and are pretty inseparable. We love to travel and are always up for a great night out for dinner and drinks or a weekend art festival.

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To my Younger Self:

Always strive for good working relationships and develop strong partnerships. You’ll never be able to do everything yourself. Surround yourself with the best and give credit where it is due. It should never be about ‘you’ ­ It’s about ‘them’.


Kevin Metz

Joined Stuller in 2014 • Inseparable from my beautiful wife and best friend Sandi • Amazon is my other best friend • If it involves art, movies, TV, music, or books, I’ll be there • I LOVE Pop Culture! • Have been to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, UK and Germany • Still waiting to meet the heroes of the Justice League • Closet-wanna-be comic book artist • Loved Purdue University so much I went for 8 years and got 3 degrees – Go Boilermakers! • Worked in NYC and I love the Big Apple • Always stay positive • I have THE BEST Marketing Team EVER!