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Chelsea Swank
Designer, Swank Metalsmithing
In 2011, I started hanging around the shop and quickly became enamored with jewelry making • We all do our own CAD designs and have our own unique aesthetics • I would describe my aesthetic as Gothic Bohemian with celestial tendencies • I draw inspiration from nature, pop culture, colors, shapes, and patterns • I aim to leave behind a legacy of high quality, original jewelry true to the Swank name!

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Feature Friday – Chelsea Swank

The second-generation creator of eclectic styles and eerie designs

In honor of Halloween, we’re featuring Chelsea Swank this week – a jeweler with an eclectic style and eerie designs.   Meet Chelsea Swank I am a second-generation jeweler from Portland, Oregon. I’d describe my design aesthetic as Gothic Bohemian with celestial tendencies. Our inventory, available on our Etsy shop, is read more…