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Alia Stelly
Former Bridal Assistant Product Manager
I've been with Stuller since November 2019 • I was born and raised here in Louisiana and without a doubt a TIGER fan• I graduated from LSU in 2017 and moved to Lafayette right after • Extreme love for running and biking • Wanna be a triathlete (one day)• I LOVE grocery shopping and the farmers market• Give me a day in front of some old Audrey Hepburn movies and my heart is happy!

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What’s New in Bridal?

Discover our new and trending 2020 bridal designs

I think most of us began 2020 thinking it would follow the general pattern of prior years. We had no idea that we would face a year of major and unexpected changes, which have brought all of us a sense of instability. What better time to remember our relationships and read more…


A Look at the the Top Movie Love Story Moments

Connect trending styles to these cinematic declarations of love

What is it that is so intriguing and appealing about escaping into the world of a movie, especially those old-time proposal scenes from our favorite romantic comedies? Are these ideas something we hope for one day, imagining the love of your life professing their love for you like in a pivotal read more…

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Top Celebrity Engagement Ring Styles

Offer color and elegance inspired by these stunning proposal pieces

Many of us are fascinated by the lives of celebrities, but it can take another level when they get engaged to another famous person.  The diamond cut, metal color, price point, carat weight—you name it, we want to know ALL the details of this group of engagement rings. They drive our read more…