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Thought Bench Jeweler Workshop Couldn’t Get Any Better?

2016's Battle of the Benches will prove you wrong

Based on feedback from our customers, Stuller’s annual Bench Jeweler Workshop is a tremendous success and a fantastic place to learn everything you need to stay abreast of the changes in the jewelry industry.

See what past participants have to say about Workshop.

With a few important additions to the program, 2016 is shaping up to be even better.

What is Bench Jeweler Workshop?

Good question. Let’s start at the beginning. In 2005, Stuller decided to host its first Bench Jeweler Workshop, where we hosted bench jewelers from around the globe at our headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. The event is a chance for professionals to network and to learn from our team of experts. It also provides an opportunity to “test drive” the newest and coolest products and to receive hands-on training with some of the most important tools in a jeweler’s shop.

So how’s 2016 going to be better?

Glad you asked.

To start, we’re debuting a number of new classes, including Diamond Market, where you’ll learn about the dynamics of the contemporary diamond market. We’re offering Visual Merchandising, which will show you tried-and-true design techniques to entice your customers. Also new in 2016 is our Digital Technology class, in which we teach you all about this ever-growing trend in the jewelry industry. And with your input, we’ve revamped a number of classes from last year, including Polishing and Plating, Platinum, and Jewelry Photography.

That’s good, but what else is there?

You ask such insightful questions!

B_o_B2016Here’s the pièce de résistance, the reason you absolutely can’t miss the 2016 Workshop: Stuller’s Battle of the Benches. Oh, that’s right. We did it. We threw down the gauntlet. And four exceptional bench jewelers – if any are brave enough – will be invited to pick it up. The contest will take place over the course of the entire Workshop. On the first day, all contestants will receive the exact same materials, tools, guidelines, and challenges. Each day will bring a new challenge. A winner will be chosen for each day’s tasks, and an overall winner will be declared on the last day.


What are the qualifications for entry?

Gosh, you are quite the student. To be eligible, jewelers must demonstrate:

  • proficiency in Matrix 8 CAD or comparable jewelry design software
  • the ability to create a renderable CAD design around the desires and needs of a customer
  • willingness to work in front of a live audience
  • the ability to transform a raw cast into a finished, ready-to-wear piece of jewelry
  • proficiency in prepping, assembling, polishing, and stone setting
  • the ability to use either a laser welder or traditional soldering methods

How does one enter the contest?

So you’re interested! Great! To enter, submit a brief biography and a three-stone CAD design by January 15, 2016. Note: Your model may contain multiple separate parts for assembly, but it must be in a single metal tone (14k white).

Judges and additional contest details will be released in the following months.

For complete details, visit

For more information about the 2016 Bench Jeweler Workshop, or to enter, click here.

Have you been to Workshop before? Tell us about your experience in the comments section!


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