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A Modern Resurgence in Body Jewelry

body jewelry

From the threadless nose stud to a round wire nose ring, discover established and trending body jewelry that are on the rise.

Using body jewelry as a means of self-expression is not exactly a new concept. This form of body modification has been popular in cultures that span the globe throughout all of history — from ancient, pan-Asian times to contemporary western civilization. And just like all other facets of the jewelry industry, you’ll see trends and popularity ebb and flow. Over the last year, we have definitely entered a flow for body jewelry and other forms of piercing jewelry.

According to Allure magazine, the affects of COVID-19 quarantine are being felt as piercing shops have reopened. Lifting restrictions has spurred on a renewed interest in experimenting with new body piercings, such as eyebrow piercings, nose piercings, and navel piercings. Along with the interest in new piercings comes the desire to use quality materials, easy-to-use components, and customization possibilities. That’s where those of us in the fine jewelry industry come in.

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Whether or not you specialize in body jewelry, it’s important to explore how you can capitalize on this rising trend. The first step is educating yourself on terminology, the best quality products, and the latest updates in the field. Let’s get started and see what’s new in the world of body jewelry.

What is Threadless Jewelry?

If you read our previous article on threadless jewelry, then you know that threadless body jewelry uses tension to hold the post and back together. This is one of the safest forms of body jewelry for a variety of reasons. Without threads on the post, there is a smaller chance of damaging the skin as it passes through the piercing, reducing the chance of infection. The tension also makes it more difficult for the jewelry to accidentally fall out.

From the perspective of the wearer, threadless jewelry pieces are also more comfortable and provide opportunities for personalization.

What is Press Fit Jewelry?

Press fit jewelry — an example of threadless jewelry — is an addition to Stuller’s findings components that we have expanded on over the last year. Primarily used for studs and similar to friction-back pieces, press fit jewelry uses the tension that is created when two components are pressed together. However, unlike friction-back pieces, you insert the press fit back from behind first, and then insert the pin (or post) from the front.

press fit jewelry

As previously mentioned about threadless jewelry, one of the greatest benefits of press fit jewelry is the options for personalization as well as efficiency. You can solder a variety of trims to the post to create a piece that speaks personally to your customer. From diamond and gemstone accented trims to countless symbols made of precious metals, there is an option for every wearer.

Discover Other Established and Trending Body Jewelry Options

Now that you are caught up on what is currently being discussed in the world of body jewelry, let’s look at options. To show you what we mean, let’s use nose piercings as an example.

L-Bend Nose Post: A Time-Honored Favorite

The L-Bend nose post (2000909) is perfect for new nose piercings and replacement studs. In fact, this is a primary component when you get an initial piercing and the most common nose piercing piece in the industry.

L Bend Nose Post body jewelry

L-Bend nose posts are only used for nose piercings, so what if you want a component with a little more versatility?

Round Wire Nose Ring Component: A Rising Trend

round wire nose ring body jewelry

The round wire nose ring component (2000911) features one side of the hoop being finished while the other side is unfinished. It was created to function in two different ways. First, you have the option to complete the circle by annealing the two ends together to create an endless hoop. Second, you have the option to solder a trim or setting on the unfinished side.

A major benefit to this kind of component is that it can be used on multiple types of piercings beyond just the nose, such as the ear, eyebrow, or navel — personalization meets versatility!

How to Expand Your Body Jewelry Business

Perhaps your business specializes in body jewelry, and you already know how to grow your business with these components. Perhaps you specialize in traditional fine jewelry but are interested in how to open your doors to a new group of customers. Either way, it’s important to realize that the body jewelry discussed in this blog can apply to a variety of jewelry business models and you should consider capitalizing on the topic’s popularity.

Piercers and wearers alike are looking for body jewelry created with precious metals, which is where jewelers can thrive. By expanding your offering to include the most current trends in body jewelry, you will see growth in your business.

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Emily Hargroder

Product Manager, Findings

Emily joined the Stuller team with extensive experience in merchandising management and wholesale buying. As a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with degrees in Business Management as well as Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising, she uses her experience and education to provide jewelers with the right products for every job.