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Feature Friday – Brandon Boudreaux

From the baseball diamond to custom designed rings

I started in my family’s jewelry business working Christmas and summers during college to learn the ropes. I always knew I wanted to become the 4th generation to lead Boudreaux’s Jewelers. In 2013, I came on full-time after playing NCAA baseball and graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans. After read more…

Throw me something, mister!

Stuller associates celebrate Mardi Gras, our favorite regional holiday

As if all the holiday excesses weren’t enough (oh, don’t pretend you didn’t eat too much at Thanksgiving), we Cajuns start celebrating Mardi Gras season on the Feast of the Epiphany – a mere 12 days after Christmas! It’s six weeks of rich, fatty (and therefore delicious) food, lavish carnival read more…