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Megan Whitmire
Marketing Manager, AGTA
I have been with AGTA since July 2013 • I started one month after graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas with a major in Fashion Marketing & Management • Color gemstones stole my heart quickly and ignited a brand new passion • This passion lead me to my current role, AGTA Marketing Manager, where I am responsible for handling all marketing and communications for AGTA including AGTA GemFair™ and AGTA Spectrum Awards™ • If I’m not geeking out over gems (AKA working), you can find me exploring new cities with friends or at home laughing with my family and puppy, Bevo!

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Sell With a Story: Zircon

Zircon combines a nearly adamantine luster with exceptional brilliance and a wide array of colors — striking blues, yellow, green, orange, brown, red, black and colorless.   Because of Zircon’s vibrant optical properties and a wide array of pleasing colors, it has become a darling for gem collectors. The stone read more…