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A Gemvision Narrative

When you think technical support, you may picture someone just picking up a phone, or answering an e-mail asking, “How can I help you?” Technical support at Gemvision could be titled differently in terms of how creative it is.


At my desk, helping customers, in the Gemvision room at Stuller.

At Gemvision’s Technical Support we receive, on a daily basis, design requests from users of our Matrix Jewelry CAD software. Their customer has come to them with a design they are wanting, but the Matrix user, or the Jeweler, isn’t sure how to go about fulfilling this design because of its complexity. So it is our job to show them how to create this design from start to finish, any problems they may run into and support them along the way. We don’t design the pieces and send them the finished 3D model. We become educators in that we record a video tutorial. The customer can then watch this video as they design their piece in 3D CAD space.

Gemvision, from the very start has always been a great place to work because it has never stunted anyone’s creativity, it’s been encouraged. Without creative ideas and creative testing, how can any new ideas ever be brought to the table?

I remember when I was hired at Gemvision. It starts with my twin brother, Darrin, who interviewed in 2010 at Gemvision. He listed his talents as having an extensive computer background and at the tail end of the interview was asked if he had any other talents that could be valuable. He answered, “My brother and I are making a Star Wars film.” At that time, we had just enough filmed that we had a short trailer to advertise this.

Jeff High instantly loved the creativity and of course, hired Darrin. Jeff began asking Darrin about his other half (his better half), Me! Jeff most likely wondered, “If you can do this stuff your brother must be able to do it also, because you guys are twins.”Yes, it was safe to assume that.

At the time, I was working as an IT Consultant in the field. I hated this job, especially in the middle of winter in the Midwest. As soon as I got the call to come work at Gemvision, I jumped on it.

danielsmith1At Gemvision, we were able to complete our film to some extent using the flagship jewelry design software, Matrix that I was hired to support. Jeff always encouraged creativity at Gemvision outside of the normal jewelry creation. The Matrix program allowed us to make each lightsaber custom to the character holding it in the film. I first built the blue prints for the lightsabers in Matrix, then ordered the aluminum that I needed. We brought the parts to the lathe that we had at Gemvision and created the hilts. I then assembled all of the electronics and we began making a bunch of them.

starwarsWe also used the Matrix CAD program to create in 3D space the place we were filming at. This allowed us to map out a lot of the choreography and stunts we were doing with the lightsaber fights. The Matrix program also created costume pieces, such as belt buckles and filigree for the armor pieces.

The film was only released as a glorified movie trailer, however there is a script to complete it sometime. It was a fun project that got me in the door to a really great industry.

I feel like my biggest passion is people. So when I was given the offer to move with Gemvision down to Stuller, where more creative people lived and worked, I couldn’t wait to officially tell them, “yes.” With the move I was able to help complete the Gemvision room we would all be working in, which again promotes open creativity.

My goal at Stuller, now that I’m here and mostly settled in, is to learn all that I can. When you get to know me more, you’ll find that I talk to everyone. I’m very interested in what people are working on and how they accomplish it. I’m acutely hands-on and deeply passionate about everything I’m involved in. Nothing is done halfhearted and I love to learn new things from people. I’m excited for my future at Gemvision and with all the new talent I am around. So I leave this first Stuller Blog post with an exhortation to everyone; GO CREATE!

Here is a link to a spot on my official website that has screenshots and trailers from the film my brother and I made aside from what was posted here.


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