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Chris Derouen Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Chris Derouen

The accordion player and systems administrator

Before my journey here at Stuller, I worked in retail. Soon enough, I realized that wasn’t the best long-term career path for me. A family member of mine advised I submit an application to Stuller. I was attracted to the company itself, rather than the jewelry industry specifically when beginning read more…

Katherine Walter Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Katherine Walter

A friendly face and gleeful gatekeeper

In 2006, my husband Steve and I moved back to Lafayette from Baton Rouge. I saw an ad in the newspaper for a Sales Associate position here at Stuller. I eagerly submitted my application, as I always heard Stuller was a great place to work! Once hired on, I started my read more…

Angela Zeno FF Header

Feature Friday – Angela Zeno

The friendly face of hard work and perseverance

Hard work and manpower brought me to where I am today. I was referred to Stuller for a temporary position while working at Target. After working for about three months, my superior Kathy recognized my hard work, friendliness, and easygoing personality. Kathy had Human Resources call me and I was hired read more…

Deirdre Collette Stuller Associate FF Blog

Feature Friday – Deirdre Collette

The dedicated employee with the last name nickname

Meet Deirdre Collette Can you believe that I am in my 32nd year of working at Stuller? In 1985, my sister worked for Stuller and called to see if I wanted to fill in for a week, due to the team being short-handed. I agreed. When I mentioned it to read more…

Feature Friday – Steve Schollian

Marine, National Guard, and Stuller Surveillance Technician

I’ve been in a uniform ever since I was a cub scout. Since then, I’ve served in two branches of the military. I signed up for the Marine Corps when I was 17 years old and served as a Machine Gunner during Operation Desert Storm. Later, I joined the Louisiana National Guard read more…

Feature Friday – Vanessa Jones

The Army veteran turned digital merchandiser

Stuller happens to be one of the largest employers in Acadiana, and jewelry happens to be the business. My older brother worked here for several years and so did many family members. He seemed to enjoy working here and spoke of Stuller often, so I decided to apply and see read more…

Feature Friday – Steve Miller

The Army veteran turned tools pro

I’ve always wanted to do something different. I wanted to see the world and what it had to offer. That’s how I ended up in the U.S. Army. I served on active duty for about 12 years and then spent time in the Reserves for a total of 22 years. read more…

Feature Friday – Andy Kroungold

The original "tool guy"

Folks have been calling me “the Tool Guy” for as long as I can remember. Before I found my true calling, I worked as a security guard at a buddy’s sidewalk sale. Over time, I became friends with the shop guys and they introduced me to the jewelry industry. I read more…

Feature Friday – Vicki Sagrera

Diamond Cutter Extraordinaire

I never really saw myself working with jewelry. I always thought that I would do something creative, but never once thought that might be jewelry. But, as it turns out, I do have a very creative job here at Stuller!   My journey to Stuller was much like others you’ve read more…

Feature Friday – Elizabeth Raffel

The life-long writer

When I was 5, my father gave me a hardbound black book with lined pages. I think it was an appointment calendar with hours marked along the side of each page. Instantly, it became my most treasured possession, a magical space for all my dearest thoughts and dreams. Soon after, read more…

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