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Socks, Ties, Underwear, and Jewelry

Offer your customers the best in Father’s Day gifts

I think that June is a terrible month to honor Fathers. Not sure if it’s the craziness of the break of the school routine, the start of summer, swimming pools, or vacations, but if you’re like me, I always forget about Father’s Day (sorry, Dad). I can remember one year actually having this conversation in my head: “Maybe I can get Dad socks. Well, Mom said he needed more underwear, or…what about a tie?!…” How lame.

Your customers are like me: They need ideas! And, jewelers, it’s up to you to give provide them! This Father’s Day, make sure your marketing reminds your customers that you have gifts for dads – and not just any gifts, but good gifts. Make sure they know that jewelry is absolutely a contender for top Father’s Day gifts.

In case your customer needs some convincing, here are some cool, manly facts about jewelry:

  1. Gold has been poured from the beginning of recorded time. In short: not a trend.
  2. Precious metals are fit for kings. (Okay, so moms might not appreciate this reminder, but they have their own day, after all.)
  3. And gold is mined from the ground. Really, how much manlier can you get?

I’ve selected some of my favorite Stuller Father’s Day gifts below. Be sure to get some free advertising when you post these pics or others to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


How about these rugged cuff links with a pop of bling? Nothing too flashy, but the perfect attention-getter and a way to show off that dad’s a details man.

131fa861-e996-4f6b-8e8f-a2dd00926b1fOr a classic money clip that looks just like the one my grandfather had. Man, I remember playing with that thing when I was a child. I couldn’t wait to get older and have one of my own (with money in it, of course).


Or if you want to get super fancy, let’s talk monograming! Stuller has tons of styles from rings to cuffs that are ready to be monogrammed with dad’s initials. They are classic and remind me of something Marlin Brando would wear.

Your customers look to you for inspiration. So remind them they’re not stuck with the same-old lame-o gifts. Stock up in time for Father’s Day; June 21st is just around the corner.

Below are some links to more of our product that we’ve merchandise specifically for Father’s Day and while you’re at it check out our Father’s Day Pinterest page, perfect for re-pinning.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.10.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.11.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.10.52 PM

Favorite Father’s Day memories? Post them in the comments section.


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