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Stuller Telemedicine Clinic Re-Grand Opening

Lafayette, LA (March 1, 2018) –In 2012, Stuller partnered with Lafayette General Medical Center and FiberCorps to launch the next generation of medicine in Acadiana. The first telemedicine clinic of its kind in the area, and today the group celebrates the re-grand opening of the newly remodel clinic.

Located within Stuller’s global headquarters, this project enables associates to remotely access and collaborate with a physician while at work, saving them time.

An on-site registered nurse greets patients and obtains their medical history. After updating the necessary information, the nurse checks vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, and respirations. Using state-of-the-art tools, the nurse facilitates the exam and serves as a liaison between the patient and the physician.

The physician is then teleconferenced using FiberCorps two-way audio and HD video technology. This allows the doctor to interact directly with the patient while remaining at his or her office.

“The newly remodeled clinic will allow associates to have more privacy when visiting,” says Jennifer East vice president of human resources. “In the past, associates would have to wait in the hallway to see the doctor. With the new expansion, there is now a waiting area and a restroom all inside the clinic.”

This clinic serves as a testament to the innovative expertise of FiberCorps, the advanced medical skills of LGMC, and Stuller’s commitment to wellness.