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Innovative cut displays brilliance and contemporary styling

Los Angeles, CA (14 January 2013) – Los Angeles-based manufacturer, Quadamas, Inc. and manufacturer, distributor, Stuller, Inc. are proud to announce their recent agreement surrounding the distribution of the all-new, patented line of Asscher Cut Princess® sapphires to the U.S. market.

Holding six U.S. patents, this cut combines Asscher facets on the crown with Princess facets on the pavilion, effectively doubling the number of facets in a single stone. The higher quantity of the pavilion’s facets produces greater scintillation and dispersion for additional sparkle, along with decreased fragility due to the cut corners. This creates a more durable stone resistant to possible daily wear fractures.

“We are delighted to infuse some excitement into the precious gemstone market,” says Israel Itzkowitz of Quadamas. “Lovers of colored stones now have a beautiful, new look to add to their fine jewelry wardrobe.”

“In always looking for ways to make our customers heroes, we feel that these brilliant gemstones have a unique look and great profit potential,” says Stanley Zale, Stuller’s vice president of diamonds and gemstones. “Furthermore, Quadamas and Stuller share the same high-quality expectations and above par standards in regards to the selection and distribution of our gemstones.”

The Asscher Cut Princess sapphires are available through Stuller in various carat weights and colors, including pink, blue, yellow and white. And to help with promotional efforts, a series of high definition videos will be available soon for retailers to use in marketing or for educational purposes.

For more information on the Asscher Cut Princess sapphires, contact Stuller at (800) 877-7777 and press 5.

About Stuller

Stuller, Inc. is headquartered in Lafayette, LA and was founded by Matthew Stuller in 1970. The DTC Sightholder has nine operations located on three continents around the world, and provides a wide range of goods and services for jewelry professionals. Stuller’s core product categories include: diamonds, gemstones, finished jewelry, mountings, findings, bridal jewelry, tools and supplies, and customized jewelry.

About Quadamas

Regarded as an innovator in the diamond and gemstone markets, Israel (Izzy) Itzkowitz is most known for his invention of the Princess cut diamond in 1980, now the second most popular diamond cut behind round. 

The patented Asscher cut Princess diamond, launched by Quadamas in 2009, has been described as “a mix of the best two classics with positive brilliance”.

Izzy is now bringing his highly regarded creativity to colored gemstones, sourcing only top quality sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for this new collection.