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Stacey Daley
Finished Jewelry Project Specialist
I started at Stuller in 2016 • I have two beautiful kids and two precious puppies • Former student of fashion merchandising at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette • I worked at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store on NYC's Fifth Avenue • Currently I am a correspondent for 337 magazine, a local lifestyle publication based here in Lafayette • Coco Chanel is my fashion icon!

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Party Like It’s 1985!

Bold trends from the 1980s are back in style

Remember the 80s? How could you forget! Think back to your wild hair days. You likely sported teased curls, Aqua-net bangs, or even a side pony-tail with a hot pink scrunchie, am I right? Whether it was Michael Jackson or Madonna, you were probably listening to some cool tunes on your Walkman cassette read more…

Father's Day Jewelry Header Blog

Father’s Day Jewelry For The Family Man

Subtle suggestions for wardrobe sophistication

He’s the baron of BBQ, the leading lawn-mower, and the king of the castle. When something needs fixing, he’s the man. Dads hold a special place in our families and our hearts. This Father’s Day, coach your customers on the importance of presenting Dad with something special. Sure there’s always read more…