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Mindi Courville
Diamond Product Manager
I've been with Stuller since 2002 • Currently majoring in Economics at the University of Louisiana Lafayette • Graduate GIA gemologist and certified AGS gemologist • If I haven't had my morning cup of coffee, you should avoid me at all costs! • My favorite vacation is taking a cruise to the Caribbean • I’m terribly afraid of snakes – even pictures of them give me panic attacks.

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Ethically sourced diamonds tracked from mine to market

Know your audience. Customers are placing more weight on purchasing environmentally conscious diamonds than ever before. And with the Internet only a click away, consumers have become well informed buyers as they spend more time researching their purchases. We’ve all encountered that customer who — after a 30-minute Wikipedia consultation read more…


North America’s diamond in the rough

When you think of Canada, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Would it be snow?  Cold weather?  Polar bears?  I’m willing to bet your first thought wouldn’t be about Canada being a major diamond producer. To learn more about the brilliant diamonds found up north, I’m Mindi Courville (G.G., read more…